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Swan Districts' Second Win.

At the Fremantle Oval on Saturday before a small crowd. Swan Districts proved its right to rank with the leading clubs by winning convincingly bv 16

points trom south flremantle. South Fre mantle, winning in the air and faster to the ball, had much the better of the first quarter, when Swan Districts appeared to be all at sea. The latter was seldom in attack and was faced with a deficiency' of 3-^1 at the end of the first quarter Leaving the short pass and difficult hand ball to South Fremantle. Swan: Districts employed shock tactics, and with improved form all round, reduced South Fremantle's advantage to three points by half time, after which it gradually forged ahead Superior pace, stamina, and team-work, with particularly dashing play by Grieve. Krepp, Mosey and Parks enabled it to hold a lead of four points at the last change. Swan Districts' sequence of five goals es tablished a lead sufficient to withstand South Fremantle's recovery towards the close of the match. The teams were:— SWAN DISTRICTS.— Backs: — Perham, Reilly, Pemberthy. Half-backs: — Ford, Zilco, Clarke. Centres: — Mosey, Grieve, Krepp. Half-forwards: — Cook, Parks. Bee. Forwards: — Hellmrieh, Gorn, Dawes. Ruck: — Forbog, Millwood, Daly (rover). Nineteenth man: — Lewis (replaced Millbank at end of third quarter). SOUTH FREMANTLE. — Backs:— Back, Jen niiiRs, HaRan. Half-backs:— Wylie, Edgar. Brown. Centres:—.!. Doiir, A. Richardson. Miiruel. Half-forwaids: — W. Smith, E. Lawn. Whitmore. Forwards: — Carpenter. Jones. Peud. Ruck: — Ditchburn, R. Richardson, Caratti (rover). Nineteenth man: — Edwards (did not play). UMPIRE. — J. Tanner. The Swan Districts players began slowly and were frequently penalised, South Fre mantle's first two goals coming from free kicks. Edjiar broke up attempts by Swan Districts to score, and South Fremantle was superior in the air, and in pace to the ball. Jones was playing excellent foot ball in attack, and a goal by this player raised South Fremantle's score to 3.5. A further goal for South Fremantle set Swan Districts a heavy task. Towards time, an improvement was noticeable in the play of Swan Districts, but Gorn wns its only representative to score a goal before quarter time, when South Fre mantle led — 1.5 to 1.4. In less than a minute, Swan Districts scored a goal through the agency of Dawes. South Fremantle had adopted short passing, and was using hand-bal) excessively. Excellent football by .Parks was crowned by a goal. Back was relieving in dashing style for South Fremantle, and though it added two goals, South Fre mantle was showing signs of deterioration. Jennings in goal made several serious emus. Corn twice goaled, and a further score by Cook brought Swan Districts al most in lino with South Fremantle at half time, when the tallies were:— South Fipinantle. 0.9: Swan Districts, 6.6. A magnificent goal by Lawn marked the lesmnption of play, but a fine chain of marks by Swan Districts offset South Fre mantlc's success. Swan Districts defin itely rose superior to South Fremuntl? Better at evqry bounce, and showing the greater determination, Swan Districts swept opponents aside. South Fremantle's attnek failerl completely against Zilco. and Swan Districts led at three-quarter time— 11.6 to 9.14. The marked superiority in pate and power soon told heavily in Swan Districts'

favour. The team proved altogether too fast and clever for South Fremantle. which was outclassed to such an extent that Swan Districts kicked the first five goals of the quarter. South Fremantle steadied towards the finish, but three goals in succession left it 16 points in ar rears. The final scores were: — SWAN DISTRICTS . 16.10 (IO6pts.) STH. FREMANTLE . 12.18 (DOpts.) Goal-kickers. — Swan Districts: Gorn (5), Parks (3), Dawes (2), Cook (2). Mosey. Bee, Daly and Hellmrieh. South Fre mantle: Jones (41. Caratti (2). Lawn (2), Whitmore (2), Wylie and R. Richardson. While every player on the Swan_ Dis tricts side earned his place, Grieve, Krepp and Parks were outstanding. At centre, Grieve played so well that he had mat ters all his own way. Krepp continued the oninion that he ranks with the best wingers in league football. while I'arks was dashing and sure in attack. Mosey completed a powerful centre line. Jn de fence, Zileo's reach enabled him to serve the side with lii-rli niaikiug. His main support came from Ford and JVinbertliy. The whole of the attack rendered yeoman service. Forbes was invaluable in the ruck. Daly roved with skill, and Bee was an inspiring captain. Siuth Fremantle's best player was Back, whose rushes in defence and sure handling of the ball contrasted strongly with the fumbling and follies of most of his comrades. Edgar played excellent football in the first half. Though beaten, J. Doij; and Miguel were occasionally no ticed. Apart from a now player in Jones, South Fremantle's attack was poor. Jones marks and kicks well.