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West Perth's Last Quarter Effort.

A dashing, though for the most part unsystematic display of football was pro duced on Saturday at Leederville Oval in the match between West Perth and Clare

mont-Cottesloe. Springy turt, glorious weather and a hid in the air afforded an opportunity for a vigorous game, in whicn the astonishingly rapid, if unco-ordinated moves, keyed up both players and spec tators with unexpected excitement. An impartial judge, indeed, could only have forecast a comfortable victory for We9t Perth, and in consequence a small crowd attended. But for three-quarters of the match Claremont-Cottesloe held West Perth in check and appeared to have a good chance of winning. Only in the last quarter, when Anderson took over the goal front position, where he domina ted the piny, did West Perth reveal it self in its true colours to win comfortably by 28 points.' Claremont-Cottesloe's per formance was mo9t encouraging and a con siderable improvement on its earlier dis plays. The central umpire (C. Cook) gave a good exhibition with the 'whistle, and penalised ^.only flagrant breaches of the modified rules. The teams were: — WEST PERTH. — Backs: Grepjr, Benton, Me Gucken. Half-backs: O'Keefe. Tetley, P. Walsh. Centres: Drew, Moriran. Dalzeill. Half-forwards: Green, Anderson, L. Walsh. Forwards: N. Mc Diarmid, Tyson, Kenna. Followers: Marinko, Ford, RainoldL Nineteenth man: Roberts (did not play). CLAREMONT.— -Backs: Buzzard, Batt. John. Half-backs: J. White. Clarke. Gough. Centres: Neilson, Oliver, Garside. Half-forwards: Harris, O'Reilly. Maloney. Forwards: Edmeades, Sheri dan, Skinner. Followers: Oliff, Williams, Stew ard. Nineteenth man: Swain (did not play). UMPIRE.— C. Cook. A quick forward move produced a point for Claremont-Cottesloe at the' commence ment of play. Ford then transferred the ball to Tyson who goaled for West Perth from an angle. A few minutes later N. McDiarmid stab-kicked another. Play was already exciting, with P. Wabh and Ben ton defending brilliantly for West Perth; and Hough playing cleverly for the other side. West Perth's poor disposal lost it several opportunities which proved seri ous when Steward snapped two goals for Claremont-Cotesloe and scored another a few minutes later from a mark in front. The quarter ended with Claremont-Cot tesloe leading 3.4 to 2.4. The unsystematic character of the play on the resumption was redeemed by the pace of the game. West Perth went for ward with goals from Tyson and Green. P. Walsh and Tetley at one end and S. Clarke and Buzzard at the other, were doing excellent work in defence, but spiri ted, scrambling football continued. West Perth went further ahead with a fine drop kick from N. McDiarmid. Just before the bell, Skinner reduced the leeway for Claremont-Cottesloe, when the scores were:— West Perth, 5.8; ClaremontCottes loe, 4.4. Ford and O'Keefe repulsed Claremont Cottesloe'a early attacks in the third quar ter, but when West Perth'' went forward two goals were registered by Anderson and Rainoldi, who was roving dashingly. Sheridan then shone for ClaremontCottes loe and kicked two goals in the space of a few minutes, after good work by Harris. Play had now improved considerably, and C. Cook's umpiring had much to do with the maintenance of the pace. Hams- and Steward goaled for Claremont-Cottesloe. and Tyson snapped another for West Perth right on the bell, leaving the scores: — West Perth, 8.9; Claremont-Cottesloe. 8.12. Anderson, now goalsneak, \sent West Perth ahead with a fine drop-kick goal at the start of the final quarter, but Wil liams's goal regained the lead for Clare mont-Cottesloe. In spite of wonderful 'de- fence work by B. Buzzard, who rose to great heiarhts, West Perth moved forward again, Anderson and N. McDiarmid (twice) scoring goals. McDiarmid had played bril liantly on the forward lines throughout the match. O'Reilly's shot for Claremont Cottesloe struck the post, but his team was generally overshadowed during this term. Before the final bell Tyson scored his fourth goal, making the scores: — WEST PERTH ? 13.17 (95pts.) CLAREMONT-COTT. . 9.13 (67pts.) Goalkickers:— West Perth: Tyson (4), N. McDiarmid (4), Anderson (3), Rainoldi and Green. Claremont-Cottesloe: Steward (4), Sheridan (2). Williams, Skinner and Harris.

In a game m which individual efforts were more, pronounced than ? team work, several players distinguished themselves. For West Perth, Ford, fullowing, and P. Walsh in defence, played magnificent foot ball, characterised by great dash, high marking and long kicking. Benton. O'Keefe and Tetley were other fine de fenders, Rainoldi roved brilliantly, and Anderson, Green and N. McDiarmid^ were fine forwards. For Claremont-Cottesloe, Brian Buz zard's exhibition, in the final term, par ticularly, was that of an inspired player. In a, back pocket he played dashing foot ball, marking well, and 'disposing of the ball to advantage. S. Clarke was again prominent, and Steward, Hough, Harris and Batt were perhaps a little more ser viceab.e than a very good remainder.