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East Fremantle Wins EatUy.

Playing jalmoBt flawlessly as a ??team, East Fremantle won from Subiaco with ease at Subiaco Oval on Saturday. Over whelmed in1 the first half of the (tame,

Subiaco. .played with' greater dash m tne second stage, but its lack of . co-ordination and its weakness in the key positions militated against success. Some of its men were ^responsible for occasional pas sages of excellent individual play but these were generally rendered ineffective by a palpable weakness in the forward divi sion and the ? absence of any attempt on the part of the players to assist each other by shepherding and backing up. East Fremantle, on the other hand, relied on. co-operation. It was faster to the ball, better in the air and much more certain in attack, G. Doig and Fordham giving the opposing defence few chances of res pite. In addition it won across the centre. Although he was closely guarded, G. Doig kicked nine goals. Subiaeo replaced Mer son and R. Toll with Bowe and Mills. W. Doig (indisposed) and Taylor (injured ankle) were omitted from the East Fre mantle team. The teams .were:— ' EAST FREMANTLE. — Backs: C. James, Woods, F. Mann. Halfbacks: Enrifcht, Jarvis, Munro. Centres: N. Doift. C. Doig, Truscott. adf-forwards: Martiensen, Fordham, Migro. For wards: Prosser, G. Doig, Reynolds. Ruck: W. James, G. Mann. McGlinn (rover). 19th man: Jensen (replaced W. James In the last half.) SUBIACO. — Backs: Strack, Rodger, Snashall. Halfbacks: Ahearn, Roe. Davies. Centres: Mac kay Richardson, Bowe. Half -forwards: Mills, Green. F. Brophy. Forwards: Mullineux, Jen ninRs, Kelly. Ruck: Daily, L Toll, Smith (rover). 19th man: Stehn (did not play.) UMPIRE. — L. Trotter. ; Playing with perfect understanding East Fremantle started brilliantly. Three goals were scored in the first six minutes of play, .Reynolds being responsible on each occasion. Strong in the ruck East Fre mantle swung the ball about the ground leading wide from the centre. Subiaco was completely without system. Its first goal was scored by Jennings from a free kick close to the posts. East Fremantle bombardsd the goal, Martieusen and G. Doig scoring twice. On the few occasions that Subiaco went forward, the East Ire mantle half-back line, led by Jarvis, proved too Btrong. The scores at the close of the quarter were:— East Fremantle, 7.3; Subiaco. 1.2. Fumbling, lack of pace and a pronounced weakness in the ruck prevented Subiaco from finding its feet, while liast I re mantle scored without difficulty. Ihe Subiaco backs found Fordham a constant source of menace and the East treinantle players backed up well. In almost every position on the field the East Fremantle man was always in front of his marks man. About the middle of the quarter Subiaco found something of its best form and. forcing its way forward more by sheer pace and persistency than team work, it scored twice. Subiaco's wild kicking was in marked contrast to the effective passing of East Fremantle. Even Bowe, a renowned stab-kick, could not find a man. A long period of up and down play preceded a goal from Jennings, but on many other occasions the East Fre mantie defence held firm. East Fre mantle's strong position was a triumph to team-work. The half-time scores were: —East Fremantle, 12.6; Subiaco, 4.5. In an endeavour to stop Fordham, Su biaco placed Daily at centre half-back when the third quarter commenced. W. James, the East Fremantle follower, did not re-appear and Jeusen replaced him. Playing with greater spirit, Subiaco's centre-line held the opposing division and the backs, among whom Daily was out standing, prevented the fast-moving East Fremantle attack from doing any consider able damage. A liberal interpretation of the holding-the-man rule resulted in seve ral hectic passages of piay. Subiaco con tinued to fight hard, but its task was made more difficult through fumbling and ragged passing. After ten minutes battling a goal came from Mackay (one of the few Subiaco men to play consistently good football). Marking well in a pocket, kelly goaled as the bell rang with the scores at:— East Fremantle, 15.7; Subiaco, 7.6. With the game well within its grasp East Fremantle started the last quarter with great dash, but Fordham was not so reliable at half-forward as hitherto. It was to Subiaco's credit that it continued its uphill fight in the face of great odds but much of its spirited play was nulli fied after the centre line was passed. Mills scored his second and the team's eighth goal from a mark in front, and Jennings goaled a minute later. East Frcmaiitle goaled three times before thf h'ual bell rat.g with the scores at:— EAST FREMANTLE 18.15 (I23pts.) SUBIACO ? 10.7 (67pts.) Goal-kickers.— East Fremantle: U. Doig (9), Reynolds (4), Martiensen (3). Ford ham and Prosser; Subiaco: Jennings (4). Mills (2). Mackay, Richardson. Toll and Kelly. Fordham at centre half-forward perhaps stood out from his teain-matea. lie was

particularly brilliant in the first half. 'Jar- vis played at the top of his form, and his performance was almost equal to that of Fordham. On the centre line, C. Doig and W. Truscott (a polished player) gave the team a great advantage, while Reynolds, in addition to kicking four goals, made many opportunities by clever pass ing G. Doig and Martiensen were two strong links in a sound forward division. Subiaco fielded many players below form, Mackay being a striking exception. He played in great heart and his work on the wing was the feature of the team's play Mills battled hard in the ruck and Toll was one of the few men on the side who played consistently well in every quarter. F. Brophy, Rodger and Kelly were the best of the others. Bowe showed glimpses of his true form lint he i9 ob viously short of match practice.