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MOTORS, BICYCLES, ETC. -3 lines 1/6, each succeeding line 6d.; Saturday, 6 lines and over. 7d. per line.) ? fA -A-A. — OLIVEE W. STRANG MOTORS. Values unbeatable, easy terms, exchange 01 your vehicle as deposit, or will recondition can and repayable £l week. Here for service, satis faction assured. Chev. 6 Rdstr., £100 Oakland 1928, £95. Oakland Sedan, £05. Reo Wolverine, £85. Clyno Rdstr., £65. dyno Tourer, £88. Dodge 6 Rdstr.. £75. Dodge 6 Tourer, £65. Gray Tourer, £80. Hup. Tourer, £28. Ford T Rdstr., £85. Austin Twelve. £46. Essex Six, £28. Austin 7 Rdstr., £60. Several others from £15. Inspection invited. UTILITIES. Morris Minor Van, £65. Dodge 4 Van. £29. Ford T Models, from £15. Rugby Four, £30. Austin 20, £15. Durant, £20. Oakland 6, £35. Any car converted at low cost, and at short notice. TRUCKS. Exceptional values include Ford AA models, £55, £65, £70. Ford. 1033, with dual wheels and Mackay tip, £175. Chev. 6, 30cwt, £76. Peacock Model. £60. Morris Commercial, £110. Overland Crossleys, £35, £45. Ford Latest T Models. £20 and £25. MOTOR CYCLES. 1935 model Triumph, 2J, o.h.v., only done 1,000 miles, appearance as new, cost £98. Sac rifice, £65. A.J.S.. 1928. 8i, o.h.v.. He. e.L. perfect order, £17/10/. Ariel, 3J, o.h.v.. £30. Ariel, Si, s.v., £30. DouelaB, 1931, 2|, £18. Others from £5. include Excelsior. New Hud eon, Douglas, Indian. Levis, Rudge and a dozen others. Your present vehicle exchanged, traded as deposit or bought outright. MORE CARS WANTED. Highest prices paid. Cash on the spot. REMEMBER your deal is safe when with OLIVER W. STRANG (B9078), 153-165 Albany-rd., Victoria Park. Also the Victoria Park Dental Surgeries are next door (same buildings). 1A- ? YOUR TIME AND MONEY CANNOT BE SPENT TO BETTER ADVANTAGE. CARS INCLUDE: OPEN MODELS: FORD A TOURER. ESSEX SIX TOURER. AUSTIN 12 H.P. TOURER. ESSEX SIX, SINGLE-SEATER. BUICK SIX MASTER TOURER. CLOSED MODELS: NASH SIX SEDAN. BUICK SIX SEDAN. PLYMOUTH SIX 1935 SEDAN. CHRYSLER SIX C2.000 odd miles). TRUCKS: FARGO 80cwt.. CHEVROLET SIX 30cwt EASY TERMS. WENTWOBTH MOTORS, LTD., . n ? 414 Murray-street. ? |A . A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A. ?CAUSEWAY CAR SALES. CAUSEWAY CAR SALES. CAUSEWAY CAR SALES. Bear Causeway Service Station, Albany-road, Victoria Park. We have to offer the following SELECT RANGE of MOTOR VEHICLES. Every one a GENUINE BARGAIN, which can be purchased on the EASIEST OF TERMS, or we , will TRADE your old car or cycle as DEPOSIT. Graham-Paige Sedan, beautiful condition £140 Essex Tourer, perfect, all new tyres ... £i8 Chevrolet. Peacock Roadster, snap ... £60 Barley and Side Car, 1931, bargain . . £55 Pontiao Roadster, faultless ? £85 Amilcar Tourer, no faults, gift at ... £59 Essex Coupe, outstanding . ......... £70 Chevrolet Tourer, Capitol ........ £57 Dodge Utility, any trial ? £50 Catch No. 10 Tram and alight at first stop over Causeway Bridge. CAUSEWAY CAB 8ALES. B9939. ? B9939. ? B9939. fA — TRUCKS— **? REPUBLIC 6, 80cwt, excellent condition, well shod. MORRIS R.E., 80cwt, cab and table-top, first-class condition. FORD MODEL A, thoroughly reconditioned, low loading body. . CHEVROLET fl Utility, good mechanical condition, well shod. RUGBY, 80cwt, good order and well shod. LOW PRICES. EASY TERMS. BKTPPER BAILEY USED CAR DEPARTMENT, 900 Hay-street, Perth. fA . A. A. A. A. A. WHJTERBOTTOM MOTOR COMPANY, LIMITED, 199 St. George's-ter., Perth. Phone B5171. These cars are in good order and represent sound value. SINGER Nine Saloon, very small milage. TRIUMPH Seven Roadster, runs very well. CHEVROLET Six Sedan, late model, licensed. AUSTIN Seven Tourer, only city use. BUICK Eight 60 Sedan, as new, licensed. CHRYSLER 66 Roadster, very sound. AUSTIN 12 Saloon, only 5,000 miles. DODGE DP Roadster, well shod, licensed. EASY TERMS ARRANGED. '\ -A-A. A.A.A. SCOTT'S MOTORS, Easy Terms and Good Values. Erskine Sedan, perfect appearance. Willys 56 Tourer, good throughout . . . . £125 Standard Tourer, 1929. 6-cylinder, snap. Hupmobile Six Tourer, 1929 ? £75 Chevrolet Tourer, cheap ? £35 Essex Six, 1928 model, goid tyrea .... £76 Paige Tourer, make good utility... .. £75 Chevrolet Truck, Peacock model .. .. £50 Ford A Truck, reconditioned, cheap. More Cars Wanted- We Pay Cash. 351-3 Wellington-street. B3933. ? A —ECONOMICAL AND 8MAKT: TRIUMPH ROADSTER, thoroughly overhauled, ex cellent mechanical condition. CLYNO 9 ROADSTER, good condition, well Bhod AUSTIN 7 TOURER, good condition, well shod. LOW PRICES. EASY TERMS. SKIPPER BAILEY USED OAR DEPARTMENT 900 Hay-street, Perth. 0r= zz RETREADING — TYRE REPAIRS. VULCANISING — TUBE REPAIRS. ALL WORKMANSHIP GUARANTEED. WESTERN TYRE DEPOT, LTD., 4 Milligan-street, Perth. B2767. - 13 Queen-street, Fremantle. FM1481. A' 'MALVERN STAR'— B.S.A. throughout — 'The World's Super-Cycle' costs no more than an ordinary bicycle! Ladies' or gent's models, guaranteed in writing for 10 years from £7/10/.. Write for your FREE Art Cata logue to Bruce Small Pty., Ltd.. 80 Forrest place, Perth. AMalvern Star Ladies' Utility, B.S.A. through out, high pressure tecalemit greasing, all equipment, nothing extra to buy, guaranteed for .ten yean and only £7/10/, 10/ deposit, 8/6 per week. Victor L. Williams, 4 Co, Ahern't Arcade. Perth. ANOTHER Malvern Star bargain, slightly markpd, but almost brand sew, all equip ment, Eadie Coaster bub, ten years' guarantee, £7/10/, 10/ deposit, 8/6 per week. Victor L. Williams & Co., Ahern'a Arcade, Perth. ? ANY make of New Tyre on Terms at usual prices (no interest). SeweU and Poole, 894 ? Mnrray-st ? I A RMSTRONG BICYCLES. 1«. FURTHER SUCCESSES. T. WOOLLER and F. TAYLOR, RIDING ARMSTRONG TANDEM, LOWER NORTHAM-PERTH PROFESSIONAL TANDEM RECORD BY 3 MINUTES. TANDEMS BUILT TO ORDER, From £20. THE ARMSTRONG CYCLE & MOTOR AGENCY, Perth. ? Kalgoorlie. AT SHAWS. 801 Wellington-street. International S24 Truck, like new. £175. Chev. 6 Truck. £110. Chev. 4 National. 4 for xrard gears. £100 Ford A. 6 gears, £90. All these trucks are solid jobs, ready for work and are faithfully represented. AT 834 Beaufort-stT~Fiat 508 Tourer, lic . ensed, £90; Ford, 1930, Canadian Sedan. £125; Morris Roadster, £95. ? [ATTWOOD MOTORS (1984) LIMITED, 22-82 Stirllng-st. Perth. B1915. ? MORE SPECIAL FEBRUARY PRICES. Victory 0 Dodge Sedan ? ? . . 185 Chrysler Btg 6, American body Sedan. Cost over £600, now ? .. 325 Morris Isis. English body, Sedan .. .. .. 14S Oakland 2 -door Sedan . . . . . yV^, ? 120 Bover 9 Tourer, well shod, good condition, licensed ^ ... - ? 40 Peacock Chevrolet Utility, needs a few ad justments ? ...... 40 Peacock Chevrolet Utility, good condition 65 Terms May Be Arranged. ATTWOOD MOTORS (1934) LIMITED, 22-32 Stirling-st. Perth. B1915. FOABY Citroen, Sports Roadster, o.h.v., ex LD ceptionally sound and smart, snap, £50; another, had one owner since new, £85, trade larger car. 87 Parry-flt, Perth. B1812.

MOTORS, BICYCLES, ETC. A USTIN METEOR SPORTS. In perfect mechanical condition. Smart appearance. Well shod. PRICE £115. CASH OR TERMS. Owner has good reason for selling. Apply 25 'ALVAN-STREET, Mt. Lawley (near Ladies' CoUege.) B. — ROWLES & BIGNELL'S CAR SALES, 11 Milligan-st, next to Hay-st. Corner. FOR SOUND USED CARS ON EASY TERMS. CHEVROLET 1933 Touring Car. CHRYSLER Four Touring Car. CHRYSLER Six Touring Car. DE SOTO Six Touring Car. DURANT Six Touring Car. FORD A Sports Roadster. FORD A Touring Car. BABY AUSTIN 1930 Saloon. BABY AUSTIN 1927 Roadster. HUMBER Nine Touring Car. CHEVROLET Peacock Tourer. TRUCKS AND UTILITIES. FORD A Closed Delivery Van. FORD A Milk Delivery 'Runabout CHEVROLET Four Runabout. HILLMAN 14 Utility Truck. CHEVROLET 30cwt. Truck. BEDFORD 2-ton Truck, with cab. CHEVROLET Peacock Ton Truck. ROWLES & BIGNELL'S CAB SALES. We Do Not Misrepresent. 11 MiUigan-st., next to Hay-st. Corner. Look for No. 11 on our Windows. Look for No. 11 on our Windows. EAN 80cwt Truck, | cab, good body, engine, etc., perfect, for sale or exchange. 812 Onslow-rd., Shenton Park. BEDFORD 2-Ton Truck for Sale, long wheel base, duals. Cash or terms. 6 View-st. North Perth. BEFORE YOU RETURN TO THE COUNTRY. Before You Return to the Country run in your car and let us make a thorough examination of the Radiator, with the object of putting it into perfect working condition. It may not cost very much but it will certainly improve and reduce costs of the running and general over head, to your complete satisfaction. Be sure to call before you leave Perth. A. F. H0ARE and SONS. 10 MiUigan-st., Perth. ? Phone B5283, B6947. ? EffiSSL = SSSS = 3332 BUY YOUR BIKE FROM GORDONSONS And Save 20/ to 30/. NO AGENTS EMPLOYED! Bikes from £6 upwards. GOBDONSONS have the largest stocks of bi cycles in the State. Boy.' Bikes from £6. Men'i ???«? from /U10i6i Udie8- Bic^» «™ L?'t ??d the **muus electricallly equitfpw model ''O,' fitted with Dunlop 'Oceani?1 m Barnet Glass 'Apex' tyres and Wright's 16 &1n£i'?.'£5?-,at £8 each- s^ecM GORDON SON RACERS (straight stays) from £8 each. EASY TERMS, from 4/ weekly, and 10/ deposit. »..„ « GORDONSON CYCLE WORKS. 840-842 Wellington-st, near Pier-st Perth, ONE AD^^O^I'-l^^rAGENTS, ?OICYCLE3: 'Excel' gent.'s Roadster, axed tfn*.Za'£5J,9/l;Jatch*t BP/ocket and brake, £6/17/S: J?*dle hub- £8/7/^; Sports model, ?KCMoi5'Bdte!Jllld pedaU- two-tone enamelled. l\£,tL6Uj**?e modeL ***?*» J-ub, £6/15/! PAiivDa CO. ICYCLES. 8.H. and Rebuilt, men's, women's, children's, all makes, Malvern Stars, Aussie, etc., bedrock for cash only, country inquiries welcomed. Jackson, 107 Pier-st., corner Wel lington-st. ? BICYCLES: Every Aussie Bicycle is Indi vidually built, not mass produced, and pricea range from £6/10/. Send for catalogue. Aussie Cycles. 269 William-st. Perth. BICYCLES. Wheelman cycles, quality machines, only 10/ deposit. 4/ weekly. Laurie Fry, Fry's Cycle Works Roki-bv-rd.. Suhiaco B8496 BICYCLES, 8.H., rebuilt, enamelled like new, guaranteed throughout. 50/, 60/, 70/ Regal Cycle Works, 417 Hay-st., Snbiaco. ICYCLE Racers, £3/7/6, £3/12/6. N^jw Calliper Brake free both bargains. 213 Bulwer-st., Lear William-st. ? BICYCLES: Today's specials, two extra good s.h. Cycles on easy terms. Congress Cycles, 124 Barrack-si. ? BICYCLE, in new condition, ownjr going away, £3/10/, or best cash offer. 548 Newcastle st.. West Perth. ? BICYCLE, like new, pump, mudguards, bell, £2 /16 /. 25 Oswald-st, Victoria Park, near Causeway. -S.A. Blue Star, 3J o.h.v., 1934. original tyres, £70 or nearest. 42 Newcastle-rd.. Midland Junction. ? BUICK Six Utility, perfect order, well shod, new battery, piston rings, any trial, offers invited. Tudman. Mahogany Creek. BUICK 4-Cyl. Tourer, in good order and con dition, ready to drive away, £26. Dixon'9, cor. Pier, Murray sts. B7735. ? piAR AND TRUCK OWNER8 ANY SPARE PART YOU REQUIRE FOR YOUR VEHICLE CAN BE PURCHASED FROM US AT A FRACTION OF NEW COST. NOW WRECKING: SIX FORDSON TRACTORb CAR WRECKERS, LIMITED. 1000 Hav-street ? B9352. ? CARS Hired from 10/, anywhere, any time. Delivery arranged, suitable wedding parties. etc Sedans, ton.irs, B2491. 121 Hay-st., Sub.uco CARS Hired, drive yourself. Ford VS's at lowest rates. Guaranteed mechanically. liendry and Sons, 116 Goderlch-st., B8994. CARS: Drive yourself, 1935 Ford V8 Sedans. 1986 Vauxhall Sedans and Tourers, from 10/ a hire. Tivoli Garage, B7103. CHEVROLET 1927 Tourer for sale, £75, or \J exchange Light Car. Apply Friday, after 5 p.m., Saturday afternoon, Sunday morning. 15 Twickenham-rd.. Victoria Park. CHEV. 4-Cyl. Sedan, genuine Peacock model, oversize tyres, licensed, etc. Bargain, quick Bale, £85. Dixon'g, cor. Pier, Murray sts. B7735. C CHEVROLET National Tourer, £110; Chev J rolet Capitol, £85; Rugby Six, £75; Mor ria Bullnose Tourer, £55. 334 Beaufort-st /CHEVROLET 4 Tourer, new tyres and hood, \J eood appearance, mechanically good. £37/10/; licensed. 104 James-st ? /CHRYSLER Airstream, latest model, demonstra \J tor, 2,000 odd miles, guaranteed excep tional performance, economical, licensed, big re duction. WENTWORTH MOTORS, LTD.. ? 414 Murray-street. ? /CHRYSLER Plymouth, two Tourers, £12.0, \J £90. Rugby 6. £75. Dodge. 1927, Tourer. a beauty. £76. Bhaws, 801 Wellington-st. /^CHRYSLER. 4 -cylinder. Sweater, engine just \ i overhauled, licensed, good tyres, bargain, £57/10/ cash. WN26, this office. Perth. ? DODGE Utility, perfect condition; Cleveland Utility, good and cheap, American Body Sedan, 1929 model, wants about £5 spent on it. £140; Graham Paige Tourer, ready for the road, at 145 Hay-st., Subiaco. ? DOUGLAS, 1928, Motor Cycle, electric, tyres o.k., fair condition, £7/10/. 229 St. George's-ter., Perth. ? DOUGLAS 2}, 1930 model, saddle tank, any trial, £14/10/. Phone 4892. 227 Nichol son-rd., Shenton Park. ? URRANT Light Sedan, licensed, well shod, £45; also Chev. six Radiator. 70 Queen Vlctoria-st. Fremantle. FM2752. EDISON-SPLITDORF, THE PLUG WITH A REPUTATION. From ths mighty Thomas A. Edison Inc. Laboratories. A Model for Every Car, Truck and Tractor. Edison-Splitdort Distributors for W.A.: COVENTRY MOTOR REPLACEMENTS. 882 Hay-street, Perth's Leading Motor Accessory House. TfSSEX Six Tourer, licensed . £65 0 6 MOEBIS C0WLET Roadster, lie £97 10 0 WHIPPET Four Tourer, lie. . . £85 0 0 CHEVROLET Peacock Truck, lie . £90 0 0 RUGBY Four Tourer, licensed .. £85 0 0 COMET MOTORS, LTD., 918 Hay-street, Perth. SSEX 1929 Challenger model, licensed, well shod, everything works. £76, £30 deposit. El week. Dixon's, cor. Pier, Murray sts. B7735. ESSEX Six, good appearance, four new tyres, new hood, licensed, bargain, £45. Phone (892, 227 Nicholson-rd., Shenton Park. [EXCELSIOR Two-stroke, electric, 1930, Tn CJ fairly good order, £11 for quick sale. 86 3utram-st IjVJK SALE. TRAILER, 4 wheel, fitted with new tyres, :te. LONSDALE MOTORS. LTD., ? 981-3 Hay-st. B9351. ? [TOR Sale, Chevrolet Tourer. Capitol, excep L rionally smart, licensed, perfect order, sell ng privately. WN16, this office, Perth. ? S'OR Sale, Morris Cowley Sedan, very good con C dition, private owner will trade block ol and. WN16, this office, Perth. ? FOB Sale, 1934 Standard, single-seater, very - economical, licensed 30/6/36; give terms. VN19. thiB office. Perth. ? PR Sale, Whippet finger tip control, good mechanical condition, any trial. 11 Wood rjlle-st., North Perth. ? 7*OR Sale: Baby Austin Car, £75. cash or - terms. Northam Broadcasters, Limited. 23 Vllliam-st.. Perth. ? 7*OR Sale: Indian and Sidecar, first-class order, - £35. cash, terms. Bohemia Service Station, turray-st ? PIREMANTLE Buyers of - REMAXTLE USED CARS or TRUCKS ?REMANTLE Please inquire at ?REMANTLE SYDNEY ATKINSON MOTORS. 'REMANTLE LTD., 7-9 Qucen-st. 'REMANTLE Telephone FM2040. ? HILLMAN MINX Saloon, appearance and mechanical condition faultless, brand new yres, private sale, cash or terms, £230. Ring Ivans. BB678.

MOTORS, BICYCLES, ETC. /GENUINELY GOOD CARS ? Here are a few of the GENUINELY RECONDITIONED Cars included in our present stocks. They are thoroughly reliable, represent excellent value, and each one carries a pledge of THREE DAYS' FREE TRIAL. CHEVROLET MaBter Sedans, from . . ? £295 CHEVROLET Standard Sedans from ? £265 FORD V8 Sedan (1934) .... £265 FORD V8 Tourer (1934) .. £225 BUICK S.A. Sedan (1929) ,. . . £195 MARQUETTE Sedan (1930) . £195 CHRYSLER Plymouth Sedan (1830) ? £185 DODGE Victory Sedan (1928 29) ? £175 SINGER Saloon (1934) .. . £235 BUICK Coupe (1930) .. . £235 CHRYSLER 75 Tourer (1930) £185 PO.VTIAC Tourer (1928) .. £130 BUICK Tourer (1928) .. .. £135 ERSKIXE Tourer (1930) .. £135 CHEVROLET 6 Tourer (1980) £140 And a Good Selection of Others. SYDNEY ATKINSON MOTORS, LTD.. Reconditioned Car Department, Temple Court, Perth, and Queen-street, Fremantle. ENUINE Bargain, Whippet 6-CyL Tourei only done 18,000 miles, condition aa new £110. Dixon's, cor. Pier, Murray sts. B7736. HAVE THOSE DAMAGED MUDGUARDS 01 PANELS Repaired at BOLTON'S MODERN FACTORY. Corner Sutherland and Stone street*. ? West Perth. ? INDIAN Scout, good appearance, easy starting balloon tyres, £16 cash. Apply 17 Wrighl St., Beaconsfield. KEN Bugden will pay spot cash for your mote cycle. Write or calL Inspect anywhen 338 Wellington-st. ? LATE Model Whippet, finger-tip control, fault less condition, economical and roomy, an; trial given and terms considered. Owner, 6 Elteabeth-st. North Perth (off Charles-st). M. SPROCKETS. Owing to our having made special ar rangements with the makers, we are now able to widen our already huge range of Sprockets to embrace every make and model in W.A. . . . We Are the Sprocket People. THE ARMSTRONG CYCLE ft MOTOR AGENOJ ? 650 Hay-st. Perth. B8197. ? M.— E. B. GEOBGE ft OC 10R4 o.h.v. Big Port A.J.S., new conditioi £40. 1986 o.h.v. XO Triumph, as new, elee. £47/10/ Indian Scouts, good, £32/10/ and £17/10/. 4 h.p. Douglas, elee., suit mechanic. £10. Royal Enfield Twin, late model, elee. £45. Indian and Harley Repairs. 483 Murray-si MANOLAS BROS. Repair, Exchange. Buy to spot cash, or sell yon a guaranteed S.E Motor Cycle. 97 James-st. McENCROE'S MOTOR GABAG1 92 Stirling-st., Perth. B2426. PLYMOUTH Sedan, excellent condition. DE SOTO Tourer, licensed. CHRYSLER Tourer, 4-cyl., licensed. CHEVROLET 6-cyL Tourer, perfect order. NATIONAL Tourer. CHRYSLER Tourer, 6-cyl. tourer. PEACOCK Tourer. J McENCROE, J. HcENCBOI 92 Stirling-street. B2425. ORRIS MINOR Roadster, smart and soun throughout, snap £87/10/. Will trade mi dium weight Car, reasonable value, with cas adjustment. WHITE, WHEATLEY MOTORS. ? 1032 Hay-st. B2786. ? ORRIS COWLEJT, 4-seater, licensed June faultless engine, 35 m.p.g., take £50 cad WN36, this office. Perth. ? JLTOTOR CYCLISTS. MOTOR CYCLISTS When you want SPARE PARTS, let ub do your worrying We are specialists in all your requirements. ALL PARTS NEW AND SECONDHAND. CHARMAN & WILLIAMS. LTD., 996 Hay-st, Perth. The Original Motor Cycle Wreckers. jl/TOTOR CYCLES WRECKED Thousands new and used Parts. If It's to motor cycles write now — if it's in Perth we hav Complete Machines, all makes, for sale, fron Save time and money by getting In toucl with us. SPENCE'S. 'THE MOTOR CYCLE PEOPLE,' ? 897 Hay-street ? MrOTOR CYCLISTS! We'll sell it for you, am . get the best price in town. We won't trj to talk you into a part exchange; we'll sell 1 on commission only or buy it outright for spa cash Ring, wire, or call at Armstrong's Moto Cycle Division, 862 Hay-st B819B. ? 14/TOTOR H«ods covered £8/10/. Hood Cloth ill. 6/6 per yard. Cars re-upholstered and sidi curtains made. NELSON BROWN, ? 69 JAMES-ST.. PERTH. ? OTOR Garage Proprietors and Used ci Dealers, in city or suburbs, we buy Hin Purchase Agreements or finance motor car, cycle and truck sales for you. See us and get ou terms. SECRETARY. TIVOLI GARAGE. OTOR Cyclists: We claim to be the State' Leading Motor Cycle Craftsmen. A tria will convince. Manolas Bros.. 97 James-st R8490. For prompt and efficient service. jypJTORISTS. ? MOTORISTS HAS IT EVER OCCURRED TO YOU: THAT we carry over £30,000 worth of car ane track parts of all models. THAT we 'are out to serve the motorist ant serve him well. Every satisfied customer is a standing advertisement for us. THAT we dispatch country and goldfleldi orders on first train leaving Perth. THAT we refund money in full If the parts an not to your satisfaction. THAT we are the largest CAR WRECKERS ii Australia. GIVE US A TRIAL. WE WILL DO THE BEST. WE ABB OAB WRECKERS. UNITED MOTORS, 978 Hay-street. ? B9351 (four lines). ? ' XTEW TRUCKS Ws can give Immediate Delivery. WILLYS 8, 80cwt, 2-ton. GUT 'WOLF.' 2-8 ton. long and short wheelbue. BEO S-Sft ton, long wheelbue, BEO 15cwt Utility. Let as know your requirements. W« bars ? range for every purpose. ADAMS MOTORS, LIMITED, . Murray-street Distributors for Willys, Graham, Reo tad Guy. TV — Whj pay Cash when you can buy Tyres VS at the surne price on terms. Sewell & Hoole. 394 Murray-st. O~ .K, Supreme, o.h.v., 250 c.c. Flying Cloud, electric, as new. Owner buying truck, £60. Aubrey Melrose, 169 St. George's-ter. ? 'T)ERFECTA' Cylinder Boring Machine foi X Sale. Latest type. Secondhand, bat con dition as new. Complete with all cutters and ools and self-contained motor for Perth current Low price, cash or terms. Win. Adams Co., 432 Murray-st, Perth. ? RHODES MOTOR WORKS. HODES MOTOR WORKS. 102 James-street, BS944. Established 40 Years. DEAL WITH THE FIRM THAT IS HERE TO STAY. THE BEST OF QUALITY CABS ARE OFFERED TO YOU. CHEV. 1934 Master Sedan, 7.000. £265. CHEV. 6 Tourer, good order, licensed. £110. AUSTIN 10 Sedan, as new, licensed. £225. FORD 8 Coupe, 1034, perfect. £246. WHIPPET. 1927 Tourer, very smart. £75. FORD 8 Sedan. 1934, 16.000. £245. WHIPPET, 1927 Tourer, very smart, £75. DODGE Std. 6 Tourer, all orieinal. £110 RUGBY 1928 Tourer, good, licensed. £65. CHEV. 6 Sedan, 1930, very classv, £165. CHEV. 4 National Tourer, cood. £95. OVERLAND Manchester Truck. £55. CHEV 4 Tourer, new tyros, £37/10/. KORD T Utilitv, good tyres. £17/10/. CHEV. 4 Utilitv, new tyres, £37/10/. WE MUST HAVE MORE STOCK. IF YOU HAVE A POPULAR MAKE TO SELL. YOU CAN GET CASH IMMEDIATELY. OVER S.S., 9 h.p., 4 new tyres, good mechani cal condition, 40 m.p.g., must sell, £60 Sing F1969, after 0 p.m. or week-enda.

MOTORS, BICYCLES, ETC. ?pECONDITIONED TRUCKS ? X\ When you want a Truck you car really rely on, come to 8ydney Atkin son's. The stocks are the largest In the State, and every Truck is honestly priced. Here are some of the many that have already been GENUINELY RE CONDITIONED. MORRIS 1930 S0CWT. TRUCK. Cab front, body In excellent con dition, original spare, four new tyres. A gift at £155. CHEVROLET 1933 TRUCK. L.W.B. 40-50ewt. model, full cedan cab, «teel disk wheels, 82 x 6 on front, 84 x 7 on rear, all tyres good, genuine milage 24,000. Absolutely ready foi the road. £273. MAPLE LEAF 24-TON DUAL-WHEELS. 1934, original tyres, in excellent order, genuinely small milage, readv foi any amount of hard work. £310. BEDFOBD 1984 80CWT. TRUCK. Fitted full sedan cab, small milage, well shod, thoroughly sound proposi tion, ready for road. £285. CHEVROLET 1085 30CWT. PANEL VAN. Only done 8,000 mile*, condition absolutely as new. £340. CHEVROLET SIX 80CWT. TRUCK. Well shod, reconditioned throughout, ? Brood, reliable Job at a low price, £165, FOBD 1929 SOCWT. TBUCK. Table top and canopy, two new real tyres, general condition good, a cheap unit at £96. ♦!,.£ fc'ddltlo° *° **«?? «? have several othen 2?f v» e £ot let ^ '^conditioned and what intent suit the mechanically-minded buyer. These include Chevrolet. Ford. Graham. iionU wart*. popnlar ?'*?». Priced 'rom «0 up! SYDNEY ATKINSON MOTORS. LTD.. Reconditioned Car Department. Temple Court. Perth, and Queen-etreet. Fremantle. gECONDHAND SPARE PARTS ALL CARS AND TRUCKS. .Having Purchased the entire Used Parts stock of a well-known motor business, we can now supply any parts you require. Now Wrecking: DJL Dodge and Jewett Cars. Essex Six and Rugby Cars. Federal and Chevrolet Trucks. New 6-Tolt Batteries, 27/6 (guaranteed). COMET MOTORS, LTD., 918 Hayttreet, Perth. SECONDHAND Motor Truck, Chevrolet pre ' ferred. Particulars to B59. Q.P.O., Perth. SULENCERS AND EXHAUST PIPES AND - BOXES MADE AND FITTED TO ANY CAR OB TBUCK. No delay. Every Job finished same day. COPPERSMITHS (1931) LTD.. ? 880 Hay-st B9851. ? SINGER, 1988, in perfect order, done small mil age, original tyres, for sale. 68 Stirling. highway, cor. Vaucluse-st, Claremont SMALL Deposit and a few shillings weekly secures Tyres (sny make), at SeweU and Poole. 394 Murray^t ? QPARB~ parts *J For WILLY8 OVERLAND. WILLYS KNIGHT. WHIPPET. FIAT, MANCHESTER, and GUY PRODUCTS Always on Hand. Write for Our Latest Price List ADAMS MOTORS, LIMITED, c , ™ 438-446 Murray-st, Perth. Sole W.A Distributors for Willys, Graham, Fiat Reo and Guy Products. CTUDEBAKER 6-cyL Car, excellent condition. O well shod, licensed, £45. Ballantyne & Co.. nL?KtlonaJ MntUtl Bld«i-- 81 K- Geoige'e-tw. o5970« T- ? TYRES ON TINY TERMS. TYRES ON TINY TERMS. A SMALL DEPOSIT A SMALL DEPOSIT If you lire within 25 miles of Perth And A PEW SHILLINGS WEEKLY A FEW SHILLINGS WEEKLY BUYS BRAND NEW TYRES. Any Make— Any Size. USUAL PRICE. USUAL PRICE. NO INTEREST CHARGED. COUNTRY CLIENTS. GET OUR CASH PRICES. SEWELL and POOLS, 804 Murray-streM. Tel. B6906. Of' Course, OUR PBICES FOR CASH ABB UNBEATABLE. rfiRUCK Tyres on Tiny Terms at Sewell and X Poole. Usual prices — no Interest ? rpTRES — — — TYBES ? TYRES. X YRES ? TYRE8 — — TYRES. DON'T lOSS THIS OPPORTUNITY. For this week only we are offering the following BETBEADED TYBES. THE BEST VALUE IN PERTH. THE BEST VALUE IN PERTH. 29 x 6.25 . . 17/6 88 x 4.96 . . 17/6 27 x 5.25 . . 12/6 80 x 5.25 . . 22/6 80 x 6.00 . .22/6 80 x 5.00 . . 20/ 81 X 4.95 . . 22/6 29 x 4.75 . 17/6 29 x 4.96 . . 10/ 81 x 6.25 . 25/ 28 X 5.50 . . 22/6 82 X 5.00 . 22/6 30 x 6.75 . . 22/6 765 x 105 . 17/6 28 x 4.75 .. 17/6 815 X 120 . . 17/6 34 X 6.00 . . 22/6 26 X 4.00 . . 20/ 83 x 6.00 . . 25/ 20 x 4.60 . . 17/6 32 X 6.00 . . 25/ 28 x 6.50 . .22/6 81 x 4.40 B.E. 22/6 25 x 8.00 . . 12/6 29 x 4.40 . . 22/6 80 X 4.50 . . 22/6 27 X 4.40 . . 20/ 81 X 6.20 . . 22/6 29 x 6.00 . 17/6 81 x 6.60 . . 22/6 81 x 6.00 . . 22/6 27 x 4.00 . . 17/6 29 x 6.S0 . . 17/6 26 x 8.50 . . 15/ 80 x 6 . . 85/ 82 x 6 . . 59) 28 x 6.25 . . 17/6 AT THE TYRE EXCHANGE. THE TYBE EXCHANGE. 1003 Hay-st, Perth (Near George-st. left-hand side travelling West). THIS WEEK ONLY. TYRES and Tubes, Hundreds of all sizes from Cycle Tyres to Bub Balloons. RETREADED TYRES are purchased from uo at a fraction of New Cost, every one carries out unconditional Guarantee. WHEEL CONVERSIONS. We convert any ca« or truck to take a modern size tyre. If it is Anything in the Tyre Line. See Us. ASCOT TYRES. LTD.. ? 963-5 Hay-st. B9854. ? TYRES, lot useful tyres £1 each, Retreadine. 10/ cheaper than elsewhere. Roberts Tyres. 897 Hay-st, Subiaco. B2283 ? [TTILITY Chevrolet 4, new tyres, panel bodv *J good condition, licensed, f 37/10/, bar gain. 104 James-st

MOTORS, BICYCLES, ETC. nTYRES TYRES. TYRES. WE ARE WE ARE TYRE SPECIALISTS. TYRE SPECIALISTS. TO HAVE a Tyre Retreaded with the most upto date equipment, and the job guaranteed by a reputable and old-established con cern. TO HAVE a Tyre Repaired by the use of a special repair mould made for that purpose. TO HAVE a Tube Repaired — not ht the old-fashioned method of putting on a patch, but bj vulcanising with the finest materials that give a lasting job. TO BUY a Retreaded Tyre that is guaranteed tc give you cheaper tyre milage than nen tyrea COME TO WESTERN TYRE DEPOT, LTD., WESTERN TYKE DEPOT. LTD., 4 Milligan-st., Perth. B2767, (Near St George's-terrace). 18 Queen-st, Fremantle. FM1481. TTSED CARS AND TRUCKS We are being offered all makes of Can an- Trucks as trade-ins on Willys, Graham am Reo. There may be something among then that may suit your requirements. We natur ally are not prepared to trade everything, bu we assure yon of bargains if you keep in toucl with our Used Car Department ADAMS MOTORS LIMITED, Murray-street SUAL Price and no interest for tyres 01 terms (any make). Sewell and Poole, 894 Murray-Et W. W. W. W. W. W. W. W WE BUY FOR CASH OR SELL FOR THE LOWEST RATE OF COMMISSION. RICHARD NANKIVELL MOTORS. 816-320 Murray-st., corner Queen-st ? B5842. ? VTTANTED TO BUY FOB CASH GOOD USED CARS AND MOTOR CYCLES. WE WANT MORE CARS AND MOTOR CYCLES. WHY WASTE YOUR TIME AND PETROL HAWKING IT? WE PAY CASH. HARRY GEDDES. Sales Manager, Tivoli Garage, Hay-st and St. GeorgeVter. B7103. \\TANTED ? OARS ' RECENT MODELS. WILL PAY FROM £100 TO £200 AND £250 CASH. CASH ALWAYS HERE FOR VALUE FOB ANY KIND. NUMBER OR PRICE. O. W. STRANG. B9078. 153-165 Albany-rd.. Victoria Park. WANTED, URGENTLY, AUSTIN SEVEN Cash Waiting. CENTRAL CAB SALES, B3479. ? 396 Murray-st., Perth. ? VfTANTED: 25 to 30 cwt Truck, perfect '' order essential. Must be solid value. DP88, this office. Perth. ANTED immediately, Tourers or Utilities, in any condition; also Motor Cylces. We will pay spot cash, n-ithout delay. Causeway Car Sales, Victoria Park. B9939. ? WANTED, Wanted, Today, Cars and Trucks, any make or model, spot cash, full value given. Dixon'B, cor. Pier, Murray sts. B77S5. WANTED today a reliable Ligfht Car, Tourer, or Roadster, fair appearance, about £50 cash. 87 Parry-st, Perth. ? ANTED by cash buyer. Car, up to £100. State particulars to KW64. this office. Perth, giving phone number. ? WANTED, 1934, 1935 Tourer or Sedan, Dodge preferred, cash proposition. Apply NB27. this office, Perth. ? - ? WANTED, Baby Tourer or Roadster, in good order. About £60. Cash waiting. KW84. this office. Perth. E BUY FOR CASH: CARS, TRUCKS, TRACTORS AND MOTOR SALVAGE. WE ARE CAR WRECKERS. UNITED MOTORS, ? 978 Hay-st B9351. ? WILL accept Ton or SO cwt. Truck as Depo sit on good sound eight-cylinder Tourer. Apply by letter, KW29, this office. Perth. [THOUT a New Tyre I'll never be. SeweU and Poole's termB will always do met OU will sell that Car, Truck or Cycle at best figure for spot cash. No humbug. OLIVER W. STRANG MOTORS. (B9078). New Showrooms, 153-165 Albany-road, Victoria Park, 800 yards from Causeway. PUBLIC NOTICES. (6/ per Inch; 7/ Saturday. Minimum jln.) A ? A. A. A. A. A. A. SIGHT TESTING AND PRACTICAL OPTICIANa _____ 1 LAUBMAN AND PANK. 64 Barrack-st, and 14 Newspaper Arcade. Perth. Oculists' Prescriptions Promptly Attended. Expedite Repair Service. Sole Agents Western and South Australia for 'SONOTONE.' The Master Aid to Hearing.' A .A.— APPEARANCE. A remark pasted last week by a patient of Uasaey-Crosse, Denture Specialists, was as fol lows: — 'If people only knew that artificial teeth could be made so perfectly natural and to restore the shape of the mouth so well they would not be satisfied with the usual kind of set and you would be so buBy that you would be unable to cope with the work; I would not have thought it possible for teeth to so alter and improve appearance.' If you study your appearance only to Massey Crosse, Denture Specialists, will you entrust the important matter of making^ dentures for you. MASSEY-CROSSE, Denture Specialists and Exodontists, 85 William-street (upstairs), near Regent Theatre. 'TAMOUS FOR PA1NLESSNESS ALSO.' A- ? RETREADING — TYRE REPAIRS. VULCANISING — TUBE REPAIRS. ALL WORKMANSHIP GUARANTEED. WESTERN TYRE DEPOT. LTD.. 4 Milligan-street, Perth. B2767. 13 Queen-street, Fremantle. FM1481. A A. A. A. A. A. 'MOTOR HOUSE,' FOR THE MOTORIST WILL BE OPEN IN A FEW DAYS. ? COME AND SEE IT. ? /COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA. O ? ? THE BANKRUPTCY ACT, 1924-1933. IN THE MATTER OF HERBERT FRANK RACHSE. FARMER. OF KWELKAN. NOTICE OF INTF.NTION TO DECLARE DIVIDEND. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that it is my in tention to Declare 11 First and Final Dividend in the above matter. Dividends will be payaMe to those Creditors only, who 6hall have signed or assented to the Deed of Assignment All Creditors who have not lodsed their claims are requested to do bo on or before March 7. 1936. Dated thiB 21st day of February. 1936. A. E. WESTON, Trustee. ALBERT E. WESTON & COMPANY. Char tered Accountants (Aust), Airways House, St Qeorge'6-terrace, Perth.

PUBLIC NOTICES. ANOTHER CONVINCING ORDER FOR AMAT-ICE. CANNING VALE DAIRY (MR. O. KIELMAN) NOW INVESTS IN AN AMAT-ICE MILK BAR. Considerable significance was attached to the fact that three years ago Mr. Kielman, an ex perienced user of refrigeration, discarded an old type Refrigerator and installed an AMAT-ICE Six Cylinder Unit to care for the complete re frigeration requirements of the Canning Vale Dairy. Note, after having enjoyed the boon of AMAT ICE for the past three years, without any ex pense whatever for service or repairs, Mr. Kiel man has invested in an AMAT-ICE Milk Bar for his new Premises in Albany-road, Victoria Park. An impressive feature of AMAT-ICE patron age is that it is the experienced user of re frigeration who shows such definite preference for AMAT-ICE. It is quite natural for anyone, in the absence of investigation, to assume that all refrigerators are alike in their performance, but if you are inclined to believe this you should remember that since AMAT-ICE Refrigerators were first installed In Western Australia nearly' five years ago no user has been charged anything for ser vice or repairs. Have you ever beard of equal performance f Sole Distributor of AMAT-ICE Refrigerators in W.A., A. J. BAKER, Corner Hay and Irwin streets, Perth. NYONE knowing where a better bargain than Lucas's Bikes can be obtained, will be give a free bike. The Lucas Semi-Racer, £4/19/6. The Lucas Racer, £5/15/. The Lucas Ladies' Tourer, £5/6/. ? And many other Models. ? /COUNTRY VISITORS CALL AT THE ROYAL HOTEL BOrTLE DEPARTMENT Whilst you are in town for the Country Cricket Call and get our prices per bottle for Whisky, Brandy and Wines. You'll find them to be very keen in deed, and it will be worth your while to take a bottle or two home with you. For instance: — Best Australian Whisky, Rep. Qts., 8/6. First-class Australian Brandy. Qts., 10/. First-class Australian Gins, 8/6. Special Bundaberg Rum, 8/6. Auldana R.G.S. Port Wine. Imp. Qts., 2/9. Cramps Orlando Muscat. imp. Qts., 3/6. Royal Special Port. Imp. Qts., 8/6. Royal Gold Label Port, Rep. Qts., 2/. Royal Gold Label Port, Imp. Qts., 8/. Special attention given to eountrj clients. All goods are carefully packed and placed on rail. ROYAL HOTEL. Corner Wellington and William sts., Perth. M. E. COOMBS, Proprietress. Phones B4205. B8924. ?twissolution of' partners! THE YARDIE CREEK PASTORAL COMPANY. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the partnership heretofore subsisting be tween ALEXANDER CAMPBELL and ERIC ARTHUR PAYNE in the business of graziers and pastorallrt* under the style of THE YARDIE CREEK PASTORAL COMPANY was dissolved by mutual consent on the 28th day of January, 1936, and the business will in future be carried on by the said Eric Arthur Payne solely. DATED this 17th day of February, 1936. A. CAMPBELL. E. A. PAYNE. HARDWICK, FORMAN & SLATTERY, SollcV tour, the Bank of Adelaide Chambers, corner High and Pakenham streets, Fremantle. ? DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP To whom it may concern. The Partnership existing between HECTOR BENNETT SNELL and ARNOLD VICTOR IN GRAM, of Subiaco, is dissolved as from the date hereof. The Business will be continued and conducted by Hector Bennett Snell, to whom all debts must be paid and who will be answerable for all liabilities to date. Dated at Subiaco this 20th day of February 1936. H. B. SNELL. ? A. V. INGRAM. ^lOLDFIELDS. NORTH-WEST AND COUNTRY VJT VISITORS TO PERTH Requiring Dental Attention see RALPH PQTTS. RALPH POTTS. RALPH POTTS, RALPH POTTS, RALPH POTTS, RALPH POTTS, RALPH POTTS, The Dental King, At His Surgery, 768 Hay-street, Right opp. Foy'a. 50 years' practical experience at your Service. My work has stood a lifelong test Full Upper or Lower Dentures from £2/2/. All British material. Life-like natural appearance. Dentures made in 24 hours. Repairs in three hours. Painless Extraction. Painless Fillings in gold, etc. Inspect Our Workmanship. Compare Our Fees. Laboratory. 800 William-street Phone, Night or Day, B8353. I ¥. SCHRUTH, Newcastle Club Hotel, Perth. All Wines, Spirits, and Beers at this Hotel Cooled by ? AMATICE REFRIGERATION. ? ^ EALTH INSTITUTE. Wellington Bldgs., William-street LADIES. If your health is causing anxiety, call and see us. Herbal remedies for all ail ments. The original and only business, established in Perth over 36 years. M. M ell wraith. Principal. IN THE SUPREME COURT OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA. IN THE MATTER of the Will of the RIGHT HONOURABLE JOHN BARON FORREST of Bunbury in the Commonwealth of Aus tralia and of Forret in the County of Fife in the United Kingdom late of Perth in the State of Western Australia a Member of His Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Coun cil Knight Grand Cross of the Most Dis tinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George and a Doctor of Laws of the University of Cambridge, deceased. And IN THE MATTES of The West Australian Trustee Executor and Agency Company, Limited Act 1893 and amendments. TAKE NOTICE that this Honourable Court will be moved on Tuesday the 8rd day of March, 1986, at the hour of 10.80 o'doc . In the fore noon or so soon thereafter as Counsel can be heard bv Counsel on behalf of John Forrest of Mount-street Perth in the State of Western Australia Pastoralist and Charles Frederic John North of Forrest-street CotTesloe in the ssld State, Solicitor the executors to whom probate of the will of the abovenamed the Right Honour able John Baron Forrest, of Bunbury in the Commonwealth of Australia and of Forret in the County of Fife in the United Kingdom late of Perth in the State of Western Australia a Member of His Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Council Knight Grand Cross of the Most Dis tinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George and a Doctor of Laws of the University of Cambridge deceased was granted by this Honourable Court in Its probate jurisdiction on the 5th day of November, One thousand nine hundred and eighteen and the 16th day of July One thousand nine hundred and nineteen respec tively for an order that the Court consent to the appointment by the said John Forrest and Charles Frederic John North of The West Aus tralian Trustee Executor and Agency Company Limited to perform and discharge all the acts, duties, powers and discretions of the said John Forrest and Charles Frederic John North sa such executors and as trustees of the estate of the said deceased in the place of the said John Forrest and Charle* Drederic John North AND that the cost of and incidental to such motion and such appointment be allowed to the said John Forrest and Charles Frederic John North as between solicitor and client out of the said estate, DATED the 18th day of February, 1936. NORTHATORE, HALE. DAVY & LEAKE, of Halsbury Chambers, Howard-street, Perth, Solici tors for the said John Forrest and Charles Fre deric John North. ? IN THE SUPREME COURT OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA. PROBATE JURISDICTION. IN THE MATTER . of the Will and Estate of PERCY GEORGE BARWOOD DAVIES. late of 37 West brook -street. East Kew, in the State of Victoria. Draper, deceased. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that all creditors and other persons having claims or demands asainst the estate of the abovenamed deceased, are requested to send particulars in writing thereof to the administrator with the Will. The Perpetual Executors Trustees and Ag»ncv Company (W.A.), Limited, of comer of Saint George's-terrace and Howard-street. Perth, on or before the 14 th day of March, One Thousand nine hundred and thirty-six, after which date the said Administrator with the Will will pro ced to distribute the assets- of the said deceased among the persons entitlrd thereto, having regard only to the claim and demands of which it shall then have had notice. DATED the 5th day of February. One Thous and nine hundred and thirty-six. PARKF.R & PARKER. 21 Howard -street, Perth. Solicitors for the Perpptiml Executors Trustees and Aeency Company (W.A.) Limited, the Administrator with the Will of the estate of the said deceased. ? ALGOORLIE: Young man WANTS SEAT IN CAR eoing to Kalgoorlie at earliest oppor tunity. NB74, this office. Perth.

PUBLIC NOTICES. FTHE SUPREME COURT OF WKTORN AUSTRALIA. PROBATE JURISDICTION. IN THE MATTER of the WILL of MAUD MIRIAM McMAHON, late of 36 Salisbury-street, Leederville, in the Stat« of Western Aus tralia, Married Woman, deceased. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that all personf having any claims of demands against the estate of the above-named deceased are required to send in written particulars of such claims and demands to THE WEST AUSTRALIAN TRUSTEE, EXECUTOR AND AGENCY COMPANY, LIMITED, of 135 St. George's-terrace, Perth, in the said State, the Executor of the Will of the above named deceased, on or before the 7th day of March, 1936, after which date the said com pany will proceed to distribute the estate of the said deceased amongst the persons entitled there to, having regard only to the claims or demandi of which it shall then have had notice. Dated this 30th day of January, 1936. GORDON B. D'ARCY, of Warwick House, St. George's-terrace, Perth, Solicitor for the Exe cutor. IN THE SUPREME COURT OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA. PROBATE JURISDICTION. In the WILL and ESTATE of FREDA REIS HARDT, late of Acton-avenue, Belmont, in the State of Western Australia. Spinster, deceased. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that all Per sons having Claims against the estate of the abovenamed deceased are hereby required to Send Particulars thereof in writing to the Perpetual Executors, Trustees & Agency Co (W.A.), Ltd., of St George's-terrace, Perth, the Administrator with the Will, on or before the 14th day of March, 1986, and that at the expiration of that date the Administrator with the Will will distribute the assets of the said deceased among the persons lawfully en titled thereto having regard only to such claims of which the Administrator with the Will shall have had notice. Dated the 5th day of February, 1936. NORTHMORE. HALE, DAVY 4 LEAKE, Hals bury Chambers, Howard-street, Perth, Solicitors for the Administrator with the Will. ? IN THE SUPREME COURT OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA. PROBATE JURISDICTION. IN THE MATTES of the Will of ALEXANDEB WUiLIAM FEBGUSSON, late of Goomalling, in the State of Western Australia, Fanner, deceased. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that all persons having claims against the Estate of the above named deceased are required to send particulars thereof in writing to the Executor THE PER PETUAL EXECUTORS TRUSTEES AND AGENCY COMPANY (W_A.), LIMITED, of 91 St George's terrace, Perth, on or before the 28th day of March. 1936, after which date the said Executor will proceed to distribute the assets of the said deceased amongst the persons entitled thereto, having regard only to those claims of which particulars shall have been given as aforesaid. DATED this 19tb day of February, 1936. ROBINSON. COX, McDONALD & LOUCH. 20 Howard-street, Perth. Solicitors for the Executor The Perpetual Executors Trustees and Agency Company (W.A.), Limited. FTHE SUPREME COURT OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA. PROBATE JURISDICTION. IN THE MATTER OF THE WILL of JOHN LANSDOWNE, late of Coombe-street, Kal goorlie, in the State of Western Australia, Engine Driver, deceased. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that all persons having claims against the estate of the above named deceased are hereby required to send par ticulars thereof in writing to the Executor THE WEST AUSTRALIAN TRUSTEE, EXECUTOR AND AGENCY, COMPANY, LIMITED, of St George's-terrace, Perth, on or before the 28tb day of March, 1936, and that at the expiration of that date the executdr will distribute the assets of the said deceased among the persons lawfully entitled thereto having regard only to such claimi of which the Executor shall havp had notice. DATED the N'inpteenth day of February; 1936. NORTHMORE, HALE, DAVY & LEAKE, Hals bury Chambers, Howard-street, Perth, Solicitors for the Executor. ? IN THE SUPREME COURT OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA. PROBATE JURISDICTION. In the Matter of the WILL of FANNY LOETTTIA WYNDHAM. otherwise FANNY LETITIA WYNDHAM. late of Market-street, Guild ford, in the State of Western Australia. Widow, Deceased. ALL CLAIMS against the Estate of the above named FANNY LOETITIA WYNDHAM. other wise Fanny Letitia Wyndham (deceased), must be 6ent in to the Executrix, care of the under signed, Solicitors on or before the 21st day of March, 1986, after which date the said Executrix will proceed to distribute the assets of the said deceased among the persons entitled thereto, having regard only to the Claims so sent in. Dated the 17th day of February, 193«. DARBYSHIRE & GILLETT. of Commercial Bank Chambers, 42 St. George's-terrace. Perth. SolTcitors for the said Executrix. ? FTHE SUPREME COURT OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA. PROBATE JURISDICTION. IN THE MATTER of the WILL of JOSEPH TUIA, formerly of Corrijrln. in the State of West era Australia, Miner, but late of Wooroloo. in the said State. Farmer, deceased. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that all personB having any claims or demands against the estate of the abovenamed deceased are required to send in written particulars of such claims and demands to THE WEST AUSTRALIAN TRUSTEE EXE CUTOR and AGENCY COMPANY, LIMITED, oi .135 St. Geoijre's-terrace, Perth, in the said State, the Executor of the Will of the above named deceased on or before the 21st day of March. 1936, after which date the said company will proceed to distribute the estate of the said deceased amoncst the persons entitled thereto, having repard only to tbe claims or demands of which it shall then have bad notice. DATED this 17th day of February, 1936. GORDON B. D'ARCY. ot Warwick House. St Geonte's-terrace. Perth. Solicitor for the Exe cutor . NEILSON. J. NEILSON. Optician. Optician, AND ALL OPTICAL SUPPLIES. ESTABLISHED 33 YEARS. 28 FORREST-PLACE, OPPOSITE G.P.O., PERTH. PHONE B1616. TESTING FREE. ALL WORK DONE IX OUR OWN WORKSHOP LADIES' COLLEGE OF HEALTH. — Every wo man entitled to good health. 11 Padbury Buildings. The only original business. Estd. 40 years. Call or write for booklet enclosing 3d. stamp. Box G489, G.P.O. Good results. Sister France, Manageress. MR. K. E. DRAKE-BROCKMAN wisheB pub licly to THANK all those friends who worked wholeheartedly, and /or voted for him. Those who read this notice will know for whom Jt is truly meant. K. DRAKE-BROCKMAN. Solicitor. Perth. r\KD HALEIANS' ASSOCIATION. OLD BOYS' DAY At W.A. CRICKET ASSOCIATION GROUNDS, MONDAY, FEBRUARY 24. at 10 a.m. CRICKET MATCHES. Old Boys v. Present Boys. Country Old Boys v. Town Old Boys. Intending players kindly ring Hon. Secretary. B1918. LUNCHEON at Grounds for aH Old Haleians at 1.16 p.m. ASSEMBLY will be held for Old Halelans at the School Hall, Havelock-street, on Monday morning at 8.60 o'clock. ANNUAL MEETING AND SMOKO win be held the same evening at the School Hall at 8 o'clock. All Old Haleians are Invited to make a special effort to be present at these functions. E. S. SAW. Hon. Secretary. (\XFOKD MOTOR CYCLES \J GUARANTEE SATISFACTION AT PRICES TO SUIT EVERYONE. Written guarantees are willingly given as I am sure each machine is in first-class condition after they pass through our workshop, during which time everything is attended to by our expert mechanics, who are themselves motor cycle enthusiasts. Now Selling: ARIELS, B.S.A.'s, HARLEYS, A.J.S. OUTFITS, DOUGLAS, 50 of all sorts always in stock from £5 to £66. No Junk ? 928 Hay-street. ? PLEATING. HEMSTITCHING, BUTTONa MACKENZIE BROS.. The Perfect Pleaters. 70 William-street. Perth. ? Phone B7486. ? T-EFRIGERATION. REFrTgeRAtToT FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY. RECONDITIONED REFRIGERATORS. Including DISPLAY COUNTERS. DOMESTIC CABINETS, REFRIGERATED ICE CHESTS. ALL OFFERING AT ATTRACTIVE PRICES. CASH OR TERMS. BLACKMAN and LAW. LTD.. 843 Hay-street ? Perth. ? T'HE COMPANIES ACT. 1893'. THE EASTERN EXTENSION AUSTRALASIA AND CHINA TELEGRAPH COMPANY. LIMITED. NOTICE is hereby given that the Registered Office of The Eastern 'xtension Australasia and China Telegraph Company, Limited, will as from the 24Ui day of February. 193C, be situated at Warwick House, 63 St. George's-ter., Perth. Dated the 18th day of February, 1936. E. F. BIVEN. Attorney for the said Company in Western Australia. DARBYSHIRE & GILLETT. of Commecial Bank Chambers, 42 St. Geon*e's-ter., Perth, Solicitors for the said Company in Western Australia. TODAY, and tomorrow until 1 p.m., onlv left to secure your Charities Ticket. They're selling like hot cakes, and doir't be left without one. You'll' never save £2.500. Win it with a lucky Ticket from J. GLEESON, 667 Hay-street.

PUBLIC NOTICES. rpHE CITY TAILORING CO., A 73 Barrack-street, Perth. ORDER YOUR NEW SUIT NOW. A Very Large Range of New Materials Available for Selection At THE CITY TAILORING CO., ? Next Cecil Bros.. Barrack-street ? O WHOM IT^ MAY CONCERN. ? I will not be responsible for any debts con tracted by my wife. Lilian Maud Cook, as from this date. ? (Signed) GEORGE COOK, Boulder. TRANSFER OF LAND ACT, 1893. (Sections 121 and 122.) APPLICATION 189/1936. TAKE Notice that Perth Benefit Building In vestment and Loan Society (Permanent), of Barrack-street, Perth, the proprietor of Mort gage registered in the Office of Titles on the 5th day of October, 1928, and Numbered 9S3U 1928 has made application to tbe Commissioner of Titles for an order foreclosing the right of Mortgagor to redeem the land hereinafter, de scribed and that by direction of tbe said 'Com missioner of Titles I hereby offer for Private Sale the following parcel of land, viz.: — All ? that piece ot land being portion ot Swan Location W, being Lot 43 on Plan 1557, and being the whole of the land comprised in Certificate ot Title, volume 1003 folio 566. And further take notice that on or after the 31st day of March, 1936, I will issue to the applicant an order tor foreclosure in re spect of the said Mortgage unless in the inter val a sufficient sum be obtained by the sal* of the nid land to satisfy the principal and interest moneys Secured by the raid Mortgage together with all expenses occasioned by tbs sale or by any other proceeding rightly taken by the applicant for the enforcement '?of the said Mortgage or the protection of the Mort gaged property. Dated at the Office of Titles, Perth, this 6th day of February, 1936. ? E. E. FEWINGS, Registrar of Titles. STONE, JAMES & CO., Perth. Solicitor* for the Applicant ? rpRANSFER OF LAND ACT, 1893. (Sections 121 and 122.) APPLICATION 167/1936. TAKE notice that Westley Bellingham Maley, formerly of St George's-terrace, Perth, now ot 27 Ord-street, West Perth, Gentleman, and Frank Torrens Maley, of St. George's-terrace, Perth, Solicitor, the proprietors of Mortgage registered in the Office of Titles on the 4th day ot May, 1929, and numbered 4448/1929 have made application to the Commissioner ot Titles for an order foreclosing the right of the Mortgagor to redeem the land hereinafter described and that by direction of the said Com missioner of Titles 1 hereby offer tor Private Sale, the following parcel of land, viz.: — All that piece of land being portion ot Swan Location 816, being Lot 7 on Plan 2324. and being the whole of tbe land in Volume 1008, Folio 95. And further take notice that on or after the 11 Hi day of April. 1936, I will issue to the applicants tn order for foreclosure in respect of the said Mortgage unless in the interval a sufficient sum be obtained by the sale of the said land to satisfy the principal and interest moneys secured by the said Mortgage together with all expenses occasioned by the sale or by any other proceeding rightly taken by the applicants for the enforcement of the said Mort eacre or the protection of the mortgaged pro perty. -. Dated at the Office of Titles, Perth, this 12(p day of February, 1936. ? f E. E. FEWINGS, ! Registrar of Title*. - JACKSON, LEAKE, STAWELL ft CO.. Perth. Solicitors for the Applicants: TRAVEL BY AIR. WILCNA Via KALGOORLIE or MT. MAGNET. Book 'AIRLINES,' Warwick House. Perth. ? Telephone B1924 (2 Lines). ? U.A.O.D. NORTH FREMANTLE. Result of Raffle of Charity Tickets: First prize. No. 1240; second, 1256; third, 2333. Seller ot winning ticket, W. Bathuret O. a ANDERSON, ? Social Secretary. WANTED. WANTED. SEAT IN CAR GOING WILLIAMS, Saturday afternoon. ? FM1I08. ? VILEST PERTH FOOTBALL CLUB. INC. The ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of tha West Perth Football Club will be on Friday, March 6, 1936. at 8 p.m., in the Leedervilla Town Hall. Cambridge-street BUSINESS: Presentation of Annual Report and Balance Sheet, and Election of Omcen for Season, 1936. Nominations for the position of President General Committee (six), Committee — Players' Representatives (two). Honorary Auditor, Ttub tees (three). Honorary Treasurer and Honorary Secretary, close with the Returning Officer, Mr. A. McLeod, Leederville Hotel at 5 p.m. on Friday, February 28, 1986. Admission to meeting on presentation of 1935 Membership Badge and by joinlnar%p for season 1936. also invitation. T. C. REID, Hon. Secretary. TtTESTERN AUSTRALIA. THE COMPANIES ACT, 1893 PERTH HAT MILLS. LIMITED. Notice is hereby given that the REGIS TERED OFFICE of the abovenamed Company is situated at the Office of R. F. RUSHTON, Third Floor, Airways House. St George'ster race, Perth, and is open to the public from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Monday to Friday inclusive, and 10 a.m. to 12 noon on Saturday. Dated the 19tb day of February. 1*936 JACKSON, LEAKE. STAWELL, & CO., Atlas Building, Esplanade, Perth, Solicitors for the said Company. TTTESTEBN AUSTRALIA. IN THE MATTER of THE COMPANIES ACT, 1898, and SARA & COOK, LIMITED. Notice Is hereby given that the Registered Office of the abovenamed Company will on and after the 24th day of February, 1936, be sit uated at 482-484 Murray-street. Perth, and such office will be open for the transaction of busi ness from Monday to Friday between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., and on Saturday between the hours of 9 a.m. and 12 noon Dated at Perth this 20th day of February, 1936. K. G. WALKINOTON, Secretary for the above Company. \T7ESTERN AUSTRALIA SOCCER FOOT TT BALL ASSOCIATION (Inc.). The ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of tbe above Association .will take place on TUES DAY. FEBRUARY 25. at the AMVTEUR SPORTS CLUB, KING-STREET, PERTH at 8 p.m. Business: Annual Report and Balance Sheet, Election of Officers, Notice of Motion as sub mitted, CLAUDS EAYBS. Hon. Secretary. YOU don't need a telescope to pick out elec trically neglected cars. The owners reacn for tbe starting handle instead ot the starter button. Elliott and Kiesey, Ltd., Electromotive Engineers, 880-2 Murray-st, Perth. TeL B Five Thousand and B5001. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. (3 lines 1/6. each succeeding line 6d.; Saturday, ? » lines and over, 7d. per line.) ? ABONISH. condition equal to new. No reason able cash offer refused. 108 Stirling-st BETTEB Tuning. 7/6, Players 10/6. Refelting, all sorts of repairs. 8. Green, 24 Wade street. E'VERYTHING ' MUSICAL J Also Crosley-s Electric Refrigerators. Air zone Radios, Pianos, Gramophones and Records, Grama Motors and Parts, Acordeons, Violins. Mouth Organs, etc MORRIS BROS., LTD., Opposite Hoyts Regent Theatre, 92 William-st. Perth. - ? B166B. ? I^OR Sale: One only, five-string Windsor Banjo. £2/18/6; one only Violin. £3/10/; three Gramophones, 20/ each; one only, six-string Hawaiian Guitar. £2. W. J. Lucas. 643 Hay-st, corner Pier-rt. ? MELODY 'C' Saxophone, in first-class order, suitable for playing with piano without any transposition of music, £25. Apply PIngelly Cc operative Coy., Pingelly. ? P~~ IANO (player), genuine German Steck, rose wood finish, in perfect condition in ever; detail, beautiful tone, together with large quan tity of rolls and Urge Piano Stool, Chippen dale legs, £100 the lot Will stand any inspec tion. Owner going abroad. Apply 28 VENTNOB-AVENOB, WEST PERTH. ? Phone B2563. ? ?DIAN03. PLAYERS. ORGANS. We have several slightly used guaranteed In struments. Pianos from £35: Pliyers, £95: Organs, £5/10/. These are all by well-known makers and represent one hundred per cent value. Terms arranged. THOMSONS. LIMITED, 674 Hay-st.: Perth; 51 Adelaide-st. Fremantle: Kalgoorlie, Narrogin, Bunbury. Distributors of Beale and Schumann Pianos. PIANO Tuninc or Repairing requires skilled men. Meyer and On, Stirling-st. specialise in both. Charges moderate. Ring 2944: IANO, I.F., in splendid condition, take £35. 186 Walcott-«t., Mt Lawley. SECONDHAND PIANOS. Mignon. Schwecbten and other leading makes. Easy terms. Buhler's, Ltd.. 178 Murray-st (next Charlie Carter's). ? WANTED, Portable Gramophone, good condi tion. State terms, particulars, NB53, this office, Ptrth. ANTED, I.F. Piano, must be cheap. State make and price, WN7, this office. Perth. » for'kcchange. (3 lines 1/6. each succeeding line 6d.: Saturday, 6 lines and over, 7d. per line. I WANTED to exchange. Building Block, cor ner, close tram, bus. train, value £100, for SOcwt. or 2-ton truck, late model, or Sedan Car. Open one week; adjustment NB86, this office, Perth.