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Taxation Without Representation.

(" The Papuan Courrier" 2/3/1919.)

The question, paramount above all others in the present and future, is whether Papuan residents are to sit quiescent and then take the objection- able medicine of taxation without representation which is being forced upon them without a say in its ex- penditure and without a voice in Parliament. We have been informed that but 10 per cent of the population of Papua have rendered returns. Are the other 90 per cent going to sit idly

by and allow this insult to their   intelligence without a protest? One victim of this iniquitious impost whose income runs to four figures, has

stated defitfitery that he will not pay the tax. Dozens of others are murmur- ing threats at the Commonwealth's

refusal to grant us the franchise, and have averred that they will suffer imprisonment rather pay. The many scandals which have been ventilated, together with other performances, information of whish has been sup- pressed, but which are gradually com- ing into the light of day and deserve opprobious censure, have caused the feeling that we should have some say

in the spending of any moneys paid by     us to the Commonwealth Treasury.

One thing and one only is our present demand—Elective representa- tion and no taxation without it.

" The Courier," as evidence of its bona fides on the question, has de- cided, to form a fund for the defence

of any resident who may by victimised, persecuted, or prosecuted for failure to pay the tax, and to that end we open the list with a contribution of Five Guineas. Every white resident throughout Papua is asked to rally to the support of the movement—No taxation without representation.