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South Fremantle Beaten Convincingly.

Neither West Perth nor South Fre mantle .was fully represented at the Fre mantle Oval on Saturday, West Perth restiuc Flemmincr. Drew, and Benton

while South Fremantle fielded neither of its full backs. E. Lawn and Jennings. The absence of Hagen further weakened South Fremantle's' defence. The general form of West Perth was encouraging to its sup porters, and its victory was mainly due to a half-time lead of 7.4, towards which Tyson had contributed 10 good goals, every one ^of which was fully deserved. South Fremantle put full weight into its efforts after half time, and by placing Whitmore against Tyson, gradually re duced its leeway. West Perth, however, always had the position in hand, gallantly as South Fremantle recovered. West Perth was able to play on to the end with something in reserve, despite the fact that an injury, to McGarry forced it to finish the game with 17 players. The team6 were:— ? WEST PERTH.— Backs: McDiarmid, Tetley, McGuckin. Half-backs: Ford, P. Walsh, O'Keefe. Centres: Dalziel, Morgan, Robinson. Halffor wards: Green, Anderson, Gregg. Forwards: Bun tine, Tyson, L. Walsh. Ruck: Marinko, Mc Garry, Rainoldi (rover). Nineteenth man: Dewar (replaced P, Walsh in third quarter). SOUTH FREMANTLE.— Backs: Back, A. Rich ardson, Edwards. Half-backs: Brown, Edgar. Geggie. Centres: Miller, White, Whitmore. Half -forwards: Robertson, Metherell, Diggins. For wards: J. Poig, Jones, Farmer. Ruck: Ditch burn, R- Richardson, Caratti (rover). Xino teentli man: Lancaster (did not plav) UMPIRE— C. Cook. - L. Walsh goaled for West Perth with the third kick of the match, and Metherell scored a goal with equal rapidity for South Fremantle, which then temporarily became dominant. This afforded McDiar mid and Tetley opportunities in defence, and with Anderson and Tyson in com bination, West Perth's football was soon dashing and full of purpose, South Fre mantle's kicking and high marking were greatly inferior, and apart from Caratti. Robertson, Whitmore, Ditchburn and Mil ler, its players were unable to keep pace with the W«6t Perth men. For a time, Tyson's leading to the ball was checked, and the goalsneak received ' no - quarter from his immediate opponent. West Perth, however, played with fine resolution and combination, and .Tyson found wonderful forni. He was fast into position and elusive, and well supplied with fast, accurate passes by Marinko and Anderson, proved more than a match for A. Kichardson and Back in .turn. His four goals from four shots against the breeze had much to do with West Perth's lead at quarter time, when the snores were:— West Perth, 6.0; South Fremantle, 4.5. Eluding the South Fremantle backs. Tyson goaled at once, and heavy scoring by West Perth followed. So'uth Fre mantle seldom crossed the centre line, and West Perth outclassed its opposition. Clumsy and sluggish in all its movements. South Fremantle was made to look a team of novices. West Perth's defence lines, headed by Tetley and P. Walsh, initiated many attacking movements, and found a brilliant connecting link in Morgan, who totally eclipsed White at the centre. South Fremantle allotted the task of checking Tyson to Back, Tyson, however, played magnificently and turned every chance into a goal. Continuing ita long, open football, whirfh was marked by speed and accurate passing. West Perth made an ex hibition of South Fremantle whose only goal was kicked by Farmer — a fine indi vidual effort. Tyson added his fifth goal in succession, and at half time the scores were 13.4 to 5.6 in West Perth's favour. On resumption South Fremantle's foot ball showed a remarkable improvement. With dash and resolution, South Fre mantle opened out the play, and by plac ing Whitmore against Tyson it checked West Perth's advance. Miller played well on the wing, and Jones and J. Doig jjoaled. Anderson's handling of the ball for West Perth was masterly, and Ty son's first miss was noted after ten suc ueesful shots. South Fremantle, however, dominated the play, and it appeared as if West Perth relied on its tremendous lead, and was anxious to avoid accidents. Car atti was ' now the best player on the ground, and two goals by this solid rover and another by Jones took South Fre mantle within reflsonable distance of West Perth's score at three-quarter time! tho scores being:— West Perth, 15.6; South Fremantle, 10.6. v South Fremantle added the first two goals, and an exciting finish seemed pos sible.. West Perth steadied, and for the remainder of the quarter the scoring was

even, each team adding four goals. The combined play of both sides was good, and the high marking was excellent. South Fremantle's nearest approach to West Perth's score was two goals, after which Tyson once more played brilliantly. Re vealing a remarkable goal sense, Tyson kicked two more goals, much credit being due to Marinko and Anderson. The foot ball maintained a high standard to the end, but South Fremantle could hot get quite close enough to threatens .» West Perth's hold of the game. The finalCscores were: — -* ' WEST PERTH .. .. 19.8 (I22pts.) SOUTH FREMANTLE 16.7 (IO3pts.) Goal-kickers.— West Perth: Tyson (13), L. Walsh, Buntine, McGarry, Dewar, Ro binson and Anderson. South Fremantle: Jones (5), Caratti (4), Metherell (2), Ro bertson, Diggins, Farmer, J. Doig and R. Richardson. West Perth's best players were Morgan and Tyson, with Marinko, Tetley, and Anderson next in that order. Morgan was consistently brilliant and sure at centre, where he held a strong call over White. Tyson's performance was remarkable. His 13 goals were scored 'from all angles, and from every distance up to 50 yards.' Marinko's marking and passing were ad mirable. Others prominent were the juniors, Robertson and Buntine, who playsd like veterans, McGarry and P. Walsh (botii injured), and McDiarmid. For South Fremantle. Caratti ended his season with a solid, effective performance and most of South Fremantle s scoring in the last half was due to his nippy roving. Brown, A. Richardson and Edgar (in patches) were the pick of South- Fre- mantle's defence lines. Miller was out standing across the centre, and others in good form were Whitmore, Robertson, Ditchburn, Metherell, R. Richardson and Jones. -