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Good Disolav bv East Perth.

East Perth's speed and determination and superior kicking and handling of the ball earned it an easy victory over East Fremantle at Perth Oval on Saturday.

IX seemed strange to see .East Fremantle's players lagging behind in the race for the ball and East Perth was stronger in all departments. Particularly impressive was the success of the East Perth backs, who watched their men very closely and were always on the move. There Little and Bennett had excellent assistance from the other backs and East Fremantle, beaten across the centre, had difficulty in scor ing. East Perth did well against the wind in the first quarter and East Fremantle's players djd not improve sufficiently to cause East Perth any anxiety. It was an interesting match in many respects, and brilliant marking and fine individual T-er- formances pleased the small crowd which was prepared for a comparatively dull game. Following were the teams: — EAST PERTH. — Backs: M. Ryan, Bennett, R. Lawn. Half backs: Matson, Little, Wood. Centres: McCullough, G. King, Guhl. Half for wards: J. King. Dolan, Crow. Forwards: Herne, Dempster, S.- Miller. Ruck: Ward, V. Booth, Screaigh (rover). Nineteenth man: L. Oliver (did not play). EAST FBEMANTLE.— Backs: Martiensen, Woods. N. Doig. Half 'backs: C. James, Jarvis, Munro. Centres: Taylor, C. Doig, W. Doig. Half forwards: Kingsbury, Fordham, Truscott For wards: Butcher, G. Doig, Reynolds. Ruck: G. Maun, W. James, HcGlinn (rover). Nineteenth man: Donegan (took Mann's place at half time). . ' / Umpire, G. Gannon. East Perth made the first attack but East Fremantle scored first, a left-foot shot by G. Doig hitting the post. East Fremantle pressed haroVbut the East Perth defence was strong, Bennett being out standing, East Perth's inoves broke down at half-forward -and after 12 minutes G. Doig goaled for East Fremantle. East Perth's wing men were' good and an ex cellent mark by~ Dempster led to a goal. Towards thefend of the quarter East Perth was playing well, but three shots went out of' bounds. At quarter-time East Fremactle led with 1.4 to 1.1. East Perth took a little time to achieve co-ordination among the forwards, but Dolan scored a ^goal to place his side in the lead. . By 'attacking from the, right wing East Perth was able to maintain the pressure. G. King and Little were playing strongly, although East Fremantle broke throughi and Kingsbury goaled. \ freak mark by Crow (improving) was fol lowed by a good kick ^for a goal. In the ruck Lawn was playing well and he scored a goal with a long drop-kick. Screaigh scored two goals and passed to Dempster, who goaled, making the half time scores:— East Perth. 7.7; East Fre mantle, 2.4. In the third quarter Taylor went into the centre and' W. Doig was given the task of quietening Guhl, who had been outstanding- on the wing. A snapshot by G. Doig gave East Fremantle a goal and the side was playing faster and more vigorously than before. Its centre line was doing better but the passing to the forwards was poor. Reynolds gave G. Doig a chance to score his third goal. Then East Perth obtained a goal from Dempster and G. Dojg. added another for East Fre mantle during, a scramble in front of poal., At the bell East Perth led with 8.8 to 6:8. Fordham drove the ball in to G. Doig, who scored a point from an acute angle. The play was even but Dolan. who Tvas in good form, scored n goal for East Perth after eight minutes. East Fremantle's kick ine was poor and the players were un reliable. East Perth scored heavily and easily and the match ended with the scores as follows: — EAST PERTH 7. ? 13.12 (90pts.) EAST FREMANTLE .. ... 6.11 (47pts.) Scorers.— East Perth: Dempster. 4.1; Dolan. 2.3: Screaigh, 2.2; Miller, 1.2; Ward 1.1; J. King, 1.1; Crow, 1.0; Lawn, 1.0; G.King, 0.1; Hearne, 01. Enst Fremantle: G. Doig, 4.2; Butcher. 12; Kingsbury. 1.0; W. James. 0.2; Reynolds. 0.2; Fordham, 0.1: Martiensen, 0.1; Taylor, 0.1. For East Perth. Little was probablv the best of an even side. At times he clung to the ball too long, but cenerally was very solid at half-back. Screaigh was a nippv and clever rover, while Bennett played an excellent game in goal. Other Kood plnvers wpre Guhl (brilliant in first half). Woods. Lawn, McCullough. Crow. ?T. Kinp. Booth. M. Ryan, G. King and Dolan. East Fremantle's players were patchy, the best being C. James, who worked hard nt hnlf-back. Munro, W. James. W. Doip N\ Doig and Woods were the best of the others.