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Victoria Park Overwhelms Claremont.

Speed to the ball, sure marking and un derstanding of position play were largely responsible for Victoria Park's hollow vic tory over Claremont-Cottesloe on Satur

lay at the Claremont Oval. Victoria Park's performance, although admittedly igainst a team occupying a lowly place ?n the premiership table, revealed its all round strength and demonstrated that in the semi-final games ahead, the many fast and big men it possesses will be a great asset. This was the more pronounced an Saturday against their fleet, yet for the most part, slightly-built opponents. Although defeated by the big margin of 85 points, Claremont-Cottesloe had a good proportion of the play, and the attempts nt systematic football it produced from time to time were almost as noteworthy as those of their formidable opponents. Inexperience and youth, however, insepar able from a 'building-up' side, were severe handicaps when it was necessary to finish off attacks. The teams were: — VICTORIA PARK.— Backs: Crooks, Brown, Warner. Half-backs: Fitzgerald, Shepherd, Hun gerford. Centres:. H. Davey, H. Grigg, Puddy. Half-lorwards: Ransom. Wormald. Dewar. For wards: Wilson, Gook, Keightley. Ruck: G. Davey OCallaghan, Lucas (rover). Nineteenth man: Hetnenngton (replaced Brown, injured leir. In final quarter). CLAREMONT-COTTESLOE.— Backs: Oliver. Batt, Buzzard. Half-backs: Sheridan. Clarke Giles. Centres: Hough, Lovegrove, Steward. ?Half- forwards: Morris, Garside, O'Reilly. Forwards: Skinner Boys, Edmeades. Ruck: Grbwcott. Regan. Barham (rover). Nineteenth man: S Moloney (did not play) UMPIRE.— G. Gannon. ?- Spirited football was produced at the commencement of play, and after a point to Claremont-Cottesloej Victoria Park at tacked determinedly. In spite of Clarke's nne defence, work, Dewar goaled frdm a neit drop-kick and O'Callaghan snapped another. Hungerford, a reliable backman, then started another move, ,' which was capped oif when Lucas scored a goal. Vic toria Park piayers were frequently penal ised, for interference, aud one such breach gave Boys the opportunity to goal from an angle. The quarter ended with Vic toria Park leading— 3.2 to 1.3. Oliver's fine mark stopped Victoria Park's first forward move in the second quarter, but soon after Gook goaled with an easy snap-shot. From a wonderful mark in the 'goalmouth he repeated soon after. 'Both teams were showing excel lent form, Shepherd,- Clarke and Davey being outstanding in their positions, and Lucas and Wormald playing excellently to gether. From a free kick Lucas scored his team's sixth goal and a succession of points followed. At the other end, Stew ard, receiving from O'Reilly, scored a goal with a magnificent angle shot, but Vic toria Park went further ahead, and at half-time led with 8.9 to 2.5. Steward drop-kicked ClaremontCot tesloe's third goal when play was re sumed, but concerted play by it's oppon ent*, which produced three goals within a few minutes .widened the breach. War ner's strong ruck play, and the efforts of H. Grigg, Lucas and 'Wormald to open up the gama unsettled ClaremontCot tesloe. Rallying, however, Boys screwed an excellent goal and Steward snapped a point. This ascendancy was merely a pass ing phase, for Ransom and Dewar, a fine half-forward, sent Victoria Park fur ther ahead. At the end of the term it led with 14.12. to 4.9. Lovegrove, O'Reilly and Boys collabor ated to 6core Claremont-Cottesloe's fifth goal at the start of the last quarter, but this was equab'sed when Ransom sent the ball to- Gook at the other end. Lucas, who was playing dashingly, added another before Claremont-Cottesloe, in its best spasm during the match goaled twice in 15 seconds. Buzzard and Clarke stopped Victoria Park's rushes temporarily, but systematic play produced four more goals. The match ended with the scores: — VICTORIA PARK . . 20.19 (I39pts.) CLAREMONT-COT. . . 7.12 (54pts.) Scorers.— Victoria Park: Dewar, 5.1; Gook, 4.4; Lucas, 4.4; Wilson, 3.4; Wormald, 1.2; Grigg, 1.1; O'Callaghan, 1.0; Ransom, 1.0; Keightley, 0.3. Clare mont-Cottesloe: .Steward, 3.4; Boys, 3.1; Garside, 1.3; O'Reilly, 0.2; Barham, 0.1; Morris, 0.1. Nearly every Victoria Park player pulled his weight, but none did better than Warner, who followed solidly and was just as prominent when placed in the back lines. Wormald showed unex pected resource at centre half-forward, and his collaboration with Lucas, a fine rover, was one of the features of the match. Dewar was often superb on a half-forward flank, and Shepherd, Hun gerford (a hard worker), Grigg (second half), H. Davey aiid Fitzgerald were the best of a good remainder. Lovegrove, in the centre, again played polished football for Claremont-Cottesloe and the consistent Steward distinguished himself on the wing and in. attack. Batt, in! goals, probably had the call over Gook

(who, however, was closely watched by several players), and Clarke, Oliver, Gar side (a promising half -for ward), Morris and O'Reilly also did well.