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Swan Districts' Good Form.

Playing at a great pace and with irre sistible vigour and spirit, Swan Districts easily beat Subiaco at Bassendean Oval on Ratiirdav and. in doinz so. the team gave

perhaps its best exhibition since it entered league ranks. Subiaco was overwhelmed by. the dash, determination and stamina of the new team and was unable to start the system which had characterised its play during its previous match. The_ high marking and (at times) excellent kicking of H. Forbes, the big follower, was the most important factor in Swan Districts success. He was not played in the ruck, but was placed at half-forward and kicked six goals, one of which was scored from fully 60 yards out. Although without its captain, G. Bee, who is still not well enough to play, Swan Districts gave an outstanding exhibition of skilful, robust football and, after withstanding a chal lenge in the third quarter, won with ease in the- closing stages of the game. The teams were: — SWAN DISTRICTS. — Backs: A. Zilco, Reilly, Millwood. Half-backs: J. Zilco, Clarke. Ford. Centres: Krepp, Grieve, Mosey. Half -forwards: Hall, Park, Forbes. Forwards: Jamieson, Gorn, Hunt. Ruck: Penberthy, Mclnnerney, Sweetapple (rover). Nineteenth man: Bee (did not plaV). SUBIACO.— Backs: Snashall. Rodger. Strack Half-backs: Davies, Daily, McCallum. Centres: Stehn, Richardson, Bowe. Half -forwards: Roe, L. Toll, Brewer. Forwards: Merson, Jennings, Kelly. Ruck: R. Toll, Green, Smith (rover). Nineteenth man: W. Bant (did not play). UMPIRE. — T. Campbell. Subiaco was quickly into its stride and two goals were* scored in three minutes. Swan Districts held an advantage across the' centre, but poor forward work spoilt its chances. It was wild, scrambling foot ball and Swan Districts relished the play. Forbes scored his side's first goal with a snap-shot and he missed with a long shot a minute later. The big follower was beating Daily 'and he forced his way through a scrimmage to spore the second goal. Swan Districts relied on physical strength and gave Subiaco few oppor tunities of playing systematically. From a long way- out Gorn scored, but Subiaco rallied and Green completed a strong at tack with a -goal. Changing its ruck, Subiaco went forward buf with no result and Hunt goaled for. Swan Districts be fore the bell, which rang with the scores as follows: — Subiaco, 4.4; Swan Districts, 4.3.

The Swan Districts team played with a ;reat deal of vigour, but with little effect at the opening of the second term. It monopolised the play, but Subiaco mono polised the scoring. Jennings kicked its fifth goal and five Swan Districts attacks stopped dead on the full forward line. In addition, the Swan Districts kicking for goal was poor, seven shots realising only a. point. The umpire allowed a palpable Eree-kick to ? Subiaco to pass, and Forbes ran close in and goaled. When Gorn goaled shortly afterwards Swan Districts led by 11 points. Subiaco was slower, but the surer, and Eoe goaled. A few minutes later the most exciting incident in the game occurred when Forbes marked far out' on a wing and goaled with a 70-yard punt. It was his fourth goal. Brewer eoaled for Subiaco, but again Forbes beat Daily, enabling Gorn to score. Park kicked a goal and Swan Districts led by 17 points. Subiaco was outclassed, the Swan Dis tricts half-forward and centre, lines being unbeatable. Sweetapple and Forbes goaled before the bell, which rang with Swan Dis tricts, five goals in the lead— 12.5 to 7.5. Subiaco lost a valuable chance of level ling the scores when it scored only points from five shots in the opening minutes of the third quarter. Gorn kicked his fourth and Swan Districts' 13th goal. Subiaco persisted and Green- and Jennings goaled, reducing the lead to 16 points. Subiaco played with greater spirit and matched strength- with strength. Jennings goaled twice and Swan Districts led by only seven points. Swan Districts became rattled and its centre line lost its dash. Roe goaled and Subiaco, in fast up and down play, badly beat the slow-moving Swan Districts team. Sweetapple 6Cored a much needed goal and the quarter ended with the scores at: — Swan Districts, 14.8; Subiaco, 12,12. Regaining its speed and determination. Swan Districts overwhelmed Subiaco dur ing the last quarter, Forbes and Park goaling. Subiaco's spirit appeared to have been broken; it lost its pace and it be came flustered when hard pressed. Swan Districts, on the other hand, played with increased vigour as the quarter proceeded. Had its kicking been better it would surely have amassed a huge lead. A further goal by Gorn placed ;t 29 points in front eight minutes from time. Another re markable mark by Forbes followed by an equally remarkable kick (an extremely bad one) sent the ball to Sweetapple, who put the result of the game beyond doubt with a goal. Jennings goaled three times for Subiaco and Mclrnerney and Park scored for Swan Districts before the final bell which rang with the scores as follows: — SWAN DISTRICTS .. 21.14 (140 pts.) SUBIACO ? 16.13 (109 pts.) Goal-kickers: — Swan Districts: Forbes (6), Gorn (5). Park (3), Sweetapple (3), Hunt (2), Mclnnerney and Penberthy. Subiaco: Jennings (8), Green (2), Brewer (2), Roe (2), Merson and R. Toll. H. Forbes played match-winning . foot ball for Swan Districts and soundly beat S. Daily. His marking was the best in the match and his kicking was, at times, excellent. At other times it was shock ing. Grieve, at centre and. Mosey, on the wing, were vital links and Krepp on the other wing made the team's mastery across the centre complete. Park and Hall (an accomplished and cool player) completed an excellent half-forward line and Gorn did fairly well in front of goal. Clarke played a good last half and Mill wood and Jamieson were solid. Subiaco had few players who were out standing. A notable exception was Jen nings, who marked, kicked and scouted -well Roe was brilliant in occasional bursts and Green fought hard. Roving or placed, Kelly played intelligently and with pace, and Strack in a, full-back pocket rarely made a mistake. The beet of the remainder were L. Toll, Brewer and Davies.