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West Perth Wins by 53 Points.

Revealing all-round strength, and vastly superior in the ruck and in the for ward lines, West Perth proved too good for East Perth at Leederville Oval on

Saturday, increasing its first quarter lead of 28 points to 53. At half-time there still seemed a. possibility of an interest ing finish, but a succession off .goals placed West Perth in an unassailable position. West Perth was surer and faster in almost everything it did, and possessed a set of forwards, who in- the early stages particularly, worked together efficiently. On the other hand, East Perth had cramped forward lines and its forwards were beaten. It was an encouraging match for West Perth, but the defeat was perturbing to East Perth. A pleasing feature from West Perth's point of view was the display of Kenna, who came back to the team as a rover in place of Rainoldi. Following .were the teams: — WEST PERTH. — Backs: Ford, Benton, Mc Guckin. Half backg: Tetley, P. Walab. O'Keefe. Centres: Drew, Morgan, J. Booth. Half for wards: Anderson, Flemming, E. Dalziell. For wards: N. McDiarmid, Tyson, Kenna. Ruck: Ifar inko, McGarry, L. Walsh (rover). Nineteenth man: R. Dalziell (replaced Marinko in last quar ter). EAST PERTH. — Backs: M. Ryan, Rod Ryan, Wood. Half-backs: Matson, Bennett, Cronin. Centres: McCulough, G. King, Guhl. Half for wards: B. Ryan, Dolan, Dempster. Forwards: Orr, Crow, Mather. Ruck: Little, V. Booth, Screaigh (rover). Nineteenth man: Miller (did not play). UMPIRE. — F. Collins. , Combined play by East 'Perth resulted m a behind and West Perth then at tacked hard for four minutes without scoring, due chiefly to poor kicking and passing. Then Marinko goaled with a long kick. Neat play down the right wing earned East Perth a goal and thdta West took complete charge. Flemming's brilliant marking. Kenna's nippiness, the speed and anticipation of the forwards, and the work of the followers enabled West Perth to score heavily. Seldom was West Perth's defence pierced and at quarter time a lead of 7.2 to 2.4 had -een established.

A chain of five marks, from Benton to the other end gave West Perth a goal. East Perth was doing better in the ruck now, but it had a hard pas sage to attack. After a free-kick Screaigh scored a goal and the team as a whole made an effort to gain the upper hand. McCulIough and King fought desperately, but the opposing backs were strong. West Perth's efforts were fruitless owing to erratic kicking, until Tyson cleverly goaled -y putting his foot to the ball as it -ounced after two backs had failed to -eat him. Screaigh's improved form was largely responsible for the two goals which East Perth added anad at half-time the scores were:— West Perth, 9.8; East Perth, 5.7. For all its attacking at the beginning of the third term, West Perth warded with only two points. Then Dolan -passed to -Crow, who kicked a goal. In quick time West Perth's ruck and,, for wards combined well to score four goals. Dolan and Anderson had been sent into the ruck and Cronin wafe doing .well in the unusual role of half back.. Good chance^ were missed by East Perth's for wards, and Flemming scored an easy. goal at the other end. East Perth's backs tried valiantly to keep West Perth at bay and further scoring was done by East Perth. At three-quarter time West Perth led with 14.12 to 7.11. In the last quarter West Perth in creased its lead with ease and quickness. Kenna was doing most of the damage. When B. Ryan began to go through vigor ously, East Perth played with more suc cess, but it was unavailing. West Perth's players began' to pass inaccurately. The finish was tame, the final scores being:— WEST PERTH .. ... 19.16 (130 pts.) EAST PERTH .. .. 10.17 (77 pts.) Scorers.'— West Perth: Tyson, 9.4; Kenna, 6.3; McGarry, 1.2;. L. Walsh, 1.1; Marinko, 1.1; Flemming, 1.1; Anderson, 0.3; McDiarmid, 0.1. East Perth: Crow, 5.3; Dempster, 1.2; Screaigh, 12; B. Ryan, 1.1; Booth, 1.0; King, 1.0; Mather, 0.4; Dolan. 0.2: Guhl. 0.1.

Most of West Perth's players did well md perhaps Kenna was the best. Flem ning played a fine game at half forward, liis marking being the best of -the match. Until he went off with a 'corked' leg. Marinko did well. Tyson was on the alert in attack. McGuckin. L. Walsh, P. Walsh, O'Keefe, Morgan, Anderson md N. McDiarmid were the best of the athers. Tetley was effective in the first balf and Drew usually disposed of the ball well. E. Dalziell played a heady jame. For East Perth JJcCullough was prob ably the best, as he was consistent on the wing. Cronin and M. Ryan were the best of the defenders. Guhl, King, Wood, V. Booth, Crow and Screaigh (in patches) were' more serviceable than the remainder.