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South Fremantle Fights Hard.

In the presence of a smaller crowd than usual, East Fremantle and South Fremantle met at the Fremantle Oval for the third and last time this spa son.

East Fremantle winning a well-contested game by five points. For much of the first quarter, East Fremantle was out played, and South Fremantle's# lead of 3.3 with conditions favouring neither end was fully justified, for it had temporarily copied much of East Fremantle's tech nique and had succeeded in keeping G. Doig's score down to one goal. On chang ing ends, South Fremantle reverted to former faults, its forwards ceasing to open out, while its (Jefence developed an un steadiness that was hopeless against East Fremantle's attack playing at its best. Of eight goals scored by East Fremantle in the second quarter, five were kicked by G. Doig, who had picked up brilliant form. South Fremantle found itself 2.5 in arrears at half-time. East Fremahtle increased its lead to 3.4 in the third term, a further two goals by G. Doig bringing that player's total for the season to 100 goals, a feat which was suitably acknow ledged by the supporters of both clubs. To the surprise of all present, South Fre mantle gave East Fremantle many anxious moments in the final term, Ditchburn, White, Caratti and Robertson inspiring South Fremantle with fine individual and collective efforts. East Fremantle could merely score a point, while South Fre mantle's total approached to within five points of its opponent's score. A brilliant display by Jarvis in the last five minutes held South Fremantle at bay, and en abled East Fremantle to win narrowly. The teams were: — EAST FREMANTLE. — Backs: Donegan, Woods, N. Doig. Half-backs: 0. James, Jarvis, Munro. Centres: Taylor, C. Doip. Cowan. Half-forwards: Migro, Fordham, Truscott. Forwards: Butcher, G. Doig. Martiensen. Ruck: G. Mann. W. James, McGlinn (rover). Nineteenth man: Prosser (re placed W. James at three-quarter time). SOUTH FREMANTLE. — Backs: Back, E. Lawn, A. Richardson. Half-backs: Hagan, Edgar, F. Brown. Centres: Whitmore, White, Miller. Half forwards: W. Smith, Jennings, Dodd. Forwards: Geggie, Jones. Matthews. Ruck: Ditchburn. Robertson, Caratti (rover). Nineteenth man: Lancaster (replaced Smith seven minutes before time). UMPIRE.— C. Cook. McGlinn quickly and cleverly scored a goal for East Fremantle and dominated the play for some minutes with his pace. Judicious handball by East Fremantle's backs' thwarted South Fremantle's efforts to draw level, Jaryis in particular show* ing out, and proving too alert for Jen nings. South Fremantle's football im proved rapidly, and discarding the short pass for the long kick, results followed. G. Doig was closely shadowed by Lawn, and no other East Fremantle forward appeared able to score. For the rest of the quarter. East Fremantle's form was extremely poor, though no fault could be found with the play of Jarvis, Munro and McGlinn. Its back line was blunder ing more than usual, and its centre line was ineffective. In the ruck, too, it was badly beaten by Robertson and Ditch burn. South Fremantle won in every phase of the game, and the understand ing between its players was improved to such an extent that at quarter time it held a commanding lead — 5.4 to 2.1. On changing ends, South Fremantle showed a marked deterioration. G. Doig quickly took full toll, and a second -goal by Butcher within two minutes saw South Fremantle's lead almost disappear. Jones, however, raised South Fremantle's hopes by goaling, but for the remainder of the quarter its initiative and vim were gone, and East Fremantle outplayed its rivals. Ditchburn played magnificently in the ruck, but little support was given him, and errors by South Fremantle's backs at vital moments let East Fre mantle through on several occasions. Five goals in succession pointed to an easy victory for East Fremantle. G. Doig played like a champion at|full forward, and every South Fremantle move to check him failed; Five goals brought -bis wore

to within two of the hundred, and Jett the haJiftime scores:— East Fremantle, TO.7; South Fremantle, 75. South Fremantle scored through the efforts of Robertson, and continuing the attack might have increased its tally, but co-ordination was missing. Each side had had 18 scoring shots, and East Fre mantle led by 10 points, when Jones threw away the easiest of opportunities by attempting to score on the run, after marking within 15 yards of the posts. With his left foot, G. Doig raised his 99th goal of the season, and was com pelled to fight hard for his century, which followed shortly afterwards. Caratti and Jones scored two goals for South Fre mantle, but its position was far from hopeful at the last change, when the scores were: — East Fremantle, 14.10; South Fremantle, 10.12. Caratti, Brown. White* and Ditchburn paved the way to South Fremantle's meri torious attempt to win. White carried all before him at centre, and goals by Ditchburn and Hagan left South Fre mantle 10 points in arrears, each side having had 24 shots. A series of ex changes along the wing_ preceded a third goal by Geggie seven, minutes before time Excitement rose high, for another goal would wrest the lead from East Fre mantle. Steadying in time, East Fre mantle was hard pressed to beat off South Fremantle, which was making a final effort at the bell. The final scores were: EAST FREMANTLE .. 14.11 (95 pts.) SOUTH FREMANTLE .. 13.12 (90 pts.) Goal-kickers.— East Fremantle: G. Doig (8), Butcher (3), Martiensen (2) and'Mc Giinn. South Fremantle: Jones (4), Smith (2), Caratti (2), Dodd, Robertson, Ditch burn, Hagan and Geggie. The leading player for East Fremantle was G. Doig, whose brilliant dash, antici pation and high marking in the second quarter were a revelation and match winning factors. To kick eight goals was a great performance, as no latitude was allowed him throughout the match. Though handicapped by an injured leg, Jarvis was a force in defence, and seady support was given by N. Doig, C. James and Munro. Truscott and Butcher wer? useful in an attack, and McGlinn (roving) atoned for marked weakness in other sec t.Snna nf t.Vle ruck.

South Fremantles best player was J. Ditchburn, whose general ruck ,play and high marking in the last half almost won the game for his side: His drop-kicking, too, was long and invariably well directed. Next in merit was the display of White at centre, whose drives into attack were the result of determination and dash, and if was obvious that this pair instilled confidence into South Fremantle. Others prominent in South Fremantles bold md for victory were Caratti, Rohertson (al most in his best form), Jones, Smith (till injured), Hagan, Edgar, Lawn, Brown and Miller.