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South Fremantle Beats Swan Districts.

In a game in which the play. rarely rose above ordinary standards, South Fre mantle easily defeated Swan Districts on Saturday at the Bassendean Oval. The

vimiui nature oi tne lootoau ana tne closeness of the scores up to the end of the third quarter,- however, lent a cer tain amount of interest to the match. Only in the final term, when South Fre mantle revealed creditable system in attack, did any co-ordination enter into the play. It was for the most part a hard-fought match redeemed by Forbes's brilliant high marking and splendid fol lowing by Ditchburn and Caratti. Once again Swtan Districts disappointed its supporters when victory seemed within its grasp. The reason was apparently the team's lack of system when its opponents steadied in the final quarter. There can be little question of physical fitness, for even in the closing stages on Saturday, when a. hopelessly beaten side. Swan Districts still infused great dash into its play. South Fremantle's combined effort in the last term gave promise of greater -things. The teams were: — SOUTH FREMANTLE.— Backs: Hasan, Bach, A. Richardson. Half-backs: Lancaster, White, Brown. Centres: Hetherell, Miller. Mathews. Half-forwards: Smith, E. Lawn. Digging. For wards: Edgar, Jones. Dodd. Rack: Ditchburn, R. Richardson. Caratti (rover). Nineteenth man: Whitmore; (replaced Metherell, injured leg, in second quarter).. SWAN\DISTRICTS.— Backs: A. Zilko, Hunter, Millwood. Half-backs: Ford, Clark, Reilly. Centres: Krepp, Grieve, Mosey. Half-forwards: Thornton, Forbes, Hunt. Forwards: Parks. Sin clair, Broomliall. Rack: Bee, Penberthy, Sweet apple (rover). - Nineteenth man: Cook (replaced Mosev, injured hip, in first quarter). UMPIRE. — F. Fuhrmann. Grieve sent Swan Districts into attack at the commencement of play, and Sin clair, stationed in front of goals, shot truly with his first kick in league football. At the other end Ditchburn opened South Fremantle's scoring with a long kick for a point. Swan Districts' defenders tem porarily checked South Fremantle's for ward rushes, but Dodd, marking from a scrimmage, scored a goal. Ditchburn goaled soon after. South Fremantle dominated the game during this term but its forwards wasted valuable opportuni ties and the quarter ended with the scores, 2.7 to 1.1 in South Fremantle's favour. In the first eight minutes of play in the second term, only two points were scored ^both by Swan Districts. The tussles amid-field were willing, and three men were being attended by ambulance men simultaneously. In spite of fine play by Ditchburn and R. Richardson early in the quarter, Swan Districts gradually gained the upper hand. Several points and a goal from Forbes, who marked brilliantly, levelled the scores. Forbes repeatedly broke up South Fremantle's defence, and at the end of the quarter. Cook finished off determined attacks with two goals. one of which was soccered through. Swan Districts were ahead at the close of the quarter, the scores being: — Swan Dis tricts, 4.10; South Fremantle, 2.7. An excellent chain of passes by five South Fremantle players on the resump tion of play in the third quarter deserved more than a point from Jones, but Dig gins reduced the leeway with a goal. Forbes's long kick registered a point for Swan Districts and Back's poor kick-off was picked up quickly by Thornton, who raced in to kick a goal. Ditchburn, who was playing powerfully in the ruck, then steadied South Fremantle, and in the space of a few minutes the team regained the lead, when E. Lawn, Ditchburn and Caratti each scored full points. Broom ball and Krepp were playing effectively at this stage, but South Fremantle regained control at the end of the term when G. White came through dashingly and passed to Caratti, who scored his side's seventh goal. South Fremantle then led 7.11 to 6.12. Millwood stopped South Fremantle's first forward move in the final quarter, but precise hand-balling and passing in attack, resulted in six South Fremantle goals being scored in quick succession. Lawn (2), Smith (2),' Miller and Hagau were responsible. Only nine minute* remained for play when Parks col laborated k with Cook to score Swan Dis tricts^ first goal for the quarter. Right on the bell, Bee dashed . through to score another and the match ended with the scores:—. 8. FREMANTLE .. 13.18 (96 points) SWAN DISTRICTS 8.14.(62 points) Goalkickers.— South Fremantle: E. Lawn (3), Ditchburn (2), Caratti (2), Smith (2), Dodd, Diggins, Hagan and Miller. Swan' Districts: Cook (3), Bee (2), Sinclair, Forbes and Thornton. The outstanding players for the winners were Ditchburn and Caratti. The former played powerfully in the ruck, marked well, and gave the forwards many oppor tunities. Caratti roved splendidly and did much to open up the play. Edgar (second half) and White defended ably. R. Richardson did well in the ruck, and Mathews, when moved away from Krepp played neat football on the wing. Lan caster, Back and E. Lawn were useful. Forbes, the hefty Swan Districts' fol lower, was the finest player in the game. Flying high in the crushes he missed few marks. His kicking was greatly improved. Bee. Parks and Sweetapple again played solidly, -and- the nineteenth man, Cook, in kicking three goals, indicated that he ought not to have been omitted from the original . selection, especially ' after his geat display against East Fremantle. unter, . . Millwood, Krepp and Mosey (until injured) were the best of the others.