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Snbiaco Beaten by East Fremantle.

Aftev having played excellently in the first half Subiaco went down before an irresistible East Fremautle rally iu the second half of the jrame at Fremantle Oval

and was defeated by 43 points. Ihe avi li- ning team was badly beaten iu the first quarter and it played indifferently until a few minutes before half-time.. Subiaco played creditably, although beaten. Its iootball in the first 50 minutes o£ play -v as

spirited and spectacular, although at times haphazard. In the closing stages of the game it fought an uphill fight with great courage. Its indifferent passing and kick ing at goal and the remarkable play of the East Fremantle backs brought about its downfall. Following were the teams: EAST FREMANTLE. — Backs: Prosser, Woods, N. Doig. Half-backB: C. James, Jarvis, Munro. Centres: Taylor, O. Doig, W. Doig. Halffor wards: Migro, Fordham, Truscott. Forwards: Reynolds, G. Doig, Butcher. Ruck: W. James, G. Mann, McGIinn (rover). Nineteenth man: Donegan (replaced O. Doig, injured ankle, at quarter-time). SUBIACO. — Backs: Davies, Rodger, Strack. Half-backs: Richardson, D. Daily, N. Snashail.. Centres: Bowe, Brophy, Mackay. Half-forwards: L. Toll, Mills, Green. Forwards: 'Merson, Jen nings, F. Daily. Ruck: Roe, Ahearn, Smith (rover). Nineteenth man: ? Stehn (replaced Mackay in the third quarter). UMPIRE: F. Collins. I Subiaco started well, . although its pass ing was faulty. After several fruitless at tempts the forwards broke through and Green goaled. East Fremantle was the faster but lacked its customary precision in moving forward. At half-time Jarvis was impassable and at centre C. Doig was brilliant, completing overwhelming his marksman. More accurate in the forward area, Subiaco assumed the lead when Merson kicked truly after marking bril liantly. In the middle of the quarter Subi aco played splendidly over a wide area, but again the East Fremantle backs held firm. It was playing a losing game, chiefly because its forwards unaccountably fumbled at critical periods. In the Subiaco attack Merson played well. He scored his ^econd and the team's third goal and F. Daily added the fourth. C. Doig had to leave the centre position towards the close of the quarter; and he left the ground when the term ended. It was easily Subiaco's quarter, and it ended with the scores at Subiaco, 4.2; East Fremantle, 1.3. Despite a pronounced superiority in the air East Fremantle was unable to strike true form at the opening of the second quarter. After a good deal of scrambling play James goaled, but the team was hard pressed for several minutes immediately afterwards. East Fremantle strove hard but over-indulgence in short passing cost it dearly. The team battled for.ward and Prosser goaled. reducing Subiaco's lead to nine points. The football deteriorated _ as the quarter progressed, both teams playing in wild, uncertain fashion. Subiaco frit tered away several chances and W. James scored a much-needed goal. Subiaco faltered and G. Doig gave East Fremantle the lead by scoring bis first goal on the run. _ The team's solid ruck work had stood it in good stead and in the closing minutes of the quarter it played with customary spirit and system for the first time during the game. The quarter closed with the scores at: East Fremantle, 5.9; Subiaco, 5.3. Although continuously in attack for the first 10 minutes East Fremantle could manage only a point. Several times excel lent passing movements broke down near the goals and the team seemed incapable of finishing off it9 good work. Mainly be cause of greater pace it had by far the larger share of the play and, as the quar ter progressed, it gained a semblance of precision in attack. With the game slowly slipping from its grasp, Subiaco lost much of its dash. G. Doig and Butcher goaled for East Fremantle and a subsequent Subiaco attack kas spoilt through foolish short-passing. At this stage East Freman tle was dominant in the air, and G. Doig, who had been badly out of form, com menced to play improved football. He kicked his third goal and gave East Fre mantle a lead of 28 points. The Subiaco defence had done well under a shattering attack and the team rallied. Again it al lowed scoring chances to pass, the East Fremantle defence, brilliantly led by Jar vis, taking advantage of the slightest error made by the opposing forwards. East Fremantle had abandoned the short game and had kicked 3.7 to Subiaco's two points during the quarter, which ended with the scores:— East Fremantle, 8.16; Subiaco, 5.5. Subiaco made a bold bid for victory at the opening of the last term. It clapped on all its pace and the ball was forced down to Merson, who goaled after mark ing well over a crowd of players. East Fremantle, however, soon asserted itself and when Fordham and G. Doig goaled in quick succession Subiaco appeared a beaten team. Its pace had gone and its big men were desperately tired. It died hard, fling ing itself into the play with undiminished vigour. East Fremantle was obliged to exert itself to the utmost to hold the lead. Subiaco was still fighting hard when the bell rang with the scores at: — EAST FREMANTLE, 12.19 (91 pts.) SUBIACO .. ? 7.6 (48 pts.) Goal-kickers.-— East Fremantle: G. Doig (5), W. James and Fordham (2 each), Reynolds, Butcher and Prosser; Subiaco: Merson (5), Green and F. Daily. The East Fremantle captain, C. Jarvis, was the outstanding player in the game. The ball rarely passed him and he set the team an inspiring example. McGIinn did many fine things and Fordham was a champion after half-time. In a team which was of remarkably even strength when most required, C. and W. James, G. Mann, Truseott, Reynolds and If. Doig were outstanding. F. Brophy was outstanding for Subiaco. Seldom has he played with greater pace and judgment. Merson did extremely well in attack and when following Strack was a power in defence in the last half. S. Daily battled hard and Bowe played satisfactorily. The best of the others were F. Daily, Roe and Green.