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East Fremantle Finhhes Well.

East- Fremantle defeated South Fre mantle at the Fremantle Oval on Saturday by . the substantial margin of' 30 points. For 15 minutes, South Fremantle seldom

touched the ball, and only East Fre mantle's weak. kicking for goal prevented the contest from losing its interest. South Fremantle improved immensely after half time, and had much the better of the thind quarter,, when it was actually in a fake position— two goals in front— but, with Migro and Butcher carrying everything be fore them. East Fremantle regained its ad vantage. South Fremantle played vigor ously in the last quarter, but East me mantles' teamwork and evenness decioed in its favour. Following were the teamsk — EAST FREMANTLE;.— Backs: F. Mann, Wo«ds, N. Doiff. Half-backs: C. James, Jarvia, Mu*ro. Centres: laylor, O. Doig. Tnucott HaU-f or- wards: Migro, Martiensen, Prosser,- Forwards: Reynolds, G. Doig, Butcher. Ruck: W. Ja»es, 0. Mann, McGlinn (rover). Nineteenth man: W. Doig (did not play). * SOUTH FREMANTLE.— Backs: Hagan, Back, A. Richardson. Half-backs: Lancaster, Bdgar, Brown. Centres: Miller, White, J. Doig. Balf forwards: W. Smith, E. Lawn, Diggens. .For wards: Dodd. Jones, Whitmore. Ruck: Ditch burn; R. Richardson, Caratti (rover). Nineteenth man: Metherell (did not play). , UMPIRE. — O. Gannon.

South Fremantle was at first -all at sea, East Fremantle marking the ball at will, and being always first to the ball. Twice East Fremantle scored a poster, but But cher cleverly screwed a goal. . MdGlinn was playing with great dash, and for the third time an East Fremantle shot hit the post before a goal was scored. .Whit more kicked the first point for Soutii Fre mantle after East Fremantle had- had nine scoring shots. Back and Hagan wece play ing wjth certainty on South Freraantle's back lines, but the ruck was doing little, and its forwards were badly beaten* South Fremantle improved towards the end of the quarter, when the scores were*— East Fremantle, 3.8; South Fremantle, 22. South Fremantle could make no progress against East Fremantle'i back Ene* where Munro was particularly active. A - goal by Migro was -loudly cheered, -but South Fre mantle immediately put needed vigour into its play, and was beginning to .combine and play position. East Fremantle's wretched shooting alone saved South Fre mantle from a tremendous leeway. Even tually the reliable Jones obtained' posses sion of the ball, and two fine shots rea lised two goals, which, levelled .the goal tallies, but left South Fremantle seven, points in arrears at half-time^5.5 to 5.12. South Fremantle's form impro\fed to a wonderful degree and a fine mark,' by Dodd was followed by a goal. For the first time. South Fremantle was ahead on play, and a poor kick by Woods enabled South Fre mantifi to draw level. For South Fre mantle, Difcchburn and Lancaster were playing a winning game. Play was con gested, and this apparently suited South Fremantle. A goal by Lawn enabled South Fremantle to take the lead, and a third goal in -succession placed it ? 12 points ahead. East Fremantle, sensing: a possible defeat, steadied, arjd Butcher kicked two much-needed goals. It was then Migro's turn to demonstrate his excellence on the half-forward flank, and his goal made- the scores at three-quarter time:-~East Fre mantle, 8.18; South Fremantle* 8.8. East Fremantle quickly asserted its supe riority, and goals by G. Doig' (twice*) and the , dashing Migro settled ? South Fre mantle's pretensions. Whitmore broke the spell for South Fremantle, but further at tacks were beaten off, and thps side wilted somewhat. White was playiqg well at the centre,, but East Fremantle^B long, move ments on the wing and co-ordination told heavily in its favour. South Fremantle struggled on gamely, but East Freinantle was' in command aji the bell, when the final scores were:—

EAST FREMANTLE, 13.22 (100 pts.). S'TH. FREMANTLE, . l(U0 (70 pts.). Goalkickers:— East Fremjantle: Migro [5), Butcher (4), G. Doig ;(3), and Rey lolds. South Fremantle: Jones (3), Dodd [2), Whitmore (2), Lawn (J2), and Ditch jurn. - , Munro marked and cleared in fine style, md outclassed his immediate opponent. C. James was consistently efficient and at times brilliant, while: Jarvis was in his best [form. Truscott was easily East Fre mantle's best player across the centre, where Taylor failed to hold; J. Doig. Migro saved the half-forward line with a bril liant exhibition, and Buucher gave the accessary support in the third quarter. Others who served the side well were Woods (improved form), N. Doig (always solid), G. Mann, W. James,' and McGlinn. South Fremantle's finest player was Back, whose checking of ' G. Doig gave South Fremantle a winning chance in the

third quarter. He showed fine dash and kicked well. Hagan marked surely and formed with Edgar a solid pair at half back. J. Doig shone on the wing, and with Miller and White in form. South Fre mantle held a slight call across the centre. Jones, closely guarded by Woods, utilised every scoring opportunity to full ad vantage, and others often under notice were JDodd, Ditchburn, Digging, and the new player, Lancaster.