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Swan Districts Again Defeated.

After a promising first quarter and then two terms of. mediocre, unsystematic foot ball, Subiaco finished strongly in the match at Subiaco Oval on Saturday, and defeated

Swan Districts by 38 points. Although Subiaco led by six goals to one after. 17 minutes' play, the first three quarters were very evenly contested, if not in Swan Districts' favour, and at the end of the third term- Swan Districts- had- re duced the leeway to two points. Subiaco, however, had wasted several good goal front opportunities. The chief offender was J. Jennings, who, after four excellent long punt goals, in. the opening stages, showed a tendency to kick too close to the man on his mark. From the beginning of the last term, Subiaco revealed a steadi ness, in play amid-field, a sureness in hand ling the ball, and a complete dominance in, the ruck, and scored 5.7 to a single point by its opponents.' The teams were: — SWAN DISTRICTS. — Backs: Penbertiiy, Hun ter, Millwood.. . Half-backs: . Hunt, A. Clarke, A. Zilko. Centres:- Mosey, Grieve, Daly. Half forwards: Ford, -Parks,'- Mdneraey. Forwards: Sweetapple, Cook, Angove. Ruck: Forbes,. Bee, Broomfiall (rover), nineteenth man: Burge (did not play). ' v, StJBIACO.^— Backs: Davleg, Rodger, .gtrack. Halfbacks:, M6CaUum,; S. ' Daily, Richardson. Centres: I-. Rvan.VF. Daily and Bowe. Half forwards: MiU«,M. Green. F.Brophy. Forwards: Mereon, J. Jennings,-' Stehn. Ruck: Toll, Roe, G. Smith, (rover), nineteenth man: Snashall (did not play). UMPIRE.— V. C. Jones.

Attacking straight down the centre, Subiaco revealed brilliant forinin the open ing stages of the game, high marking being a feature. Merson and Green both scored Koals' from* scrambles in front, bef ore F. Daily and-Smith opened- up the play to allow Jennings to score two goals. After Swan-Districts -had scored a point, Sweet apple and Angove' combined to kick Swan Districts' first goal; After brilliant mark ing. Jennings kicked two more fine goals, giving Subiaco a . commanding lead. To wards the end of the quarter, however, Bee and Mosey steadied Swan Districts, and two snapshot goajs followed from Bee and Ford. Bee goaled. again from a mark in' front, and reduced Subiaco's lead to 6.1 to 4.4. . Grieve, drove the ball- down the centre on the resumption of play,, and Parks snapped Swan .Districts' fifth -goal. After a .couple of points. Cook repeated- Swan Districts had now infused greater dash into its play but its kicking was not equal to its fine marking. Subiaco regained, the lead as a result of fine play on . the .wing by Bowe, whose fine pass to Merson was followed by a goal. Soon after- Jennings marked F. Daily's stab-kick and scored his fifth k»?1- 8. Daily was marking brilliantly for Subiaco, but Green at half -forward was out of touch. Swan Districts rallied just before half-time, Bee drop-kicking a won* derful goal from an angle, and Forbes scor

ing another. Subiaco was then m arrears— 8.4 to 8.U. Within a minute of the start of the third quarter, Sweetapple scored Swan Districts' ninth goal. Jennings missed badly at the other end, hot D; Ryan punched the ball to Roe, who came- through dashingly to score a great gbaL The lead see-sawed when Broomhall marked a mis-kick from Angove and goaled,' and Merson brilliantly Bnapped full points for the other' ride. There was very little system in the game, but the vigorous nature .of the play made it interesting to watch. Roe and Merson were outstanding for Subiaco, and the tatter's fourth goal gave Subiaco a lead of 11.10 to- 10.14, at three-quarter time. Subiaco attacked determinedly, A. Rich ardson hittingthe post, and Smith scoring full points. - With- Swan Districts striving desperately* some dashing football was played; but Subiaco was too' solid. Richard-; son, transferred to a forward pocket, goaled twice, and Jennings from an easy position scored another. Just before /time Merson, from * mark in1 front, finished off a fine individual performance with 'his fifth, goal. -The final scores were:— SUBIACO ? .... 16.17 (113 pts.) SWAN DISTRICTS .., 10.15 (75 pts.) Goal-kickers.— Subiacot Jennings (6)'i Merson (5), Richardson (2), -.Green, Roe and Smith. Swan Districts: Bee (3), An gove, Ford, Parks, Cook, Forber, Sweet apple, and BroomhalL Whether following o» in ? forward pocket; Merson rendered great service throughout for Subiaco. Mainly as a result, of excellent marking, he kicked five goals, and he played fast, ragged football. Rich ardson played dashing football, and might have been moved to the centre position earlier with advantage to his side. S. and F. Daily marked brilliantly, and Roe, in the. ruck and at half-forward, gave an ex cellent display. At times Jennings was a brilliant forward, and McGallnm. Rodger, Bowe, Mills, D. Ryan and Toll were per haps a -little ahead of the othera. Parks was an outstanding half-forward for Swan Districts, playing hvan attractive straight-ahead style. Forbes and Bee did well on the ball. Grieve was prominent in the centre with bis artistic disposal, Sweet apple roved splendidly; and Mosey, won easily on his wing. AvCIarke, Penberthy and Millwood were the best of the others.