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East Frenuille Beats West Perth.

Playing ? clevpr. .and more resourceful football in the cool, sure, style that' is traditionally its own, East Fremantle but olayed W«t Perth in the last auarter

Ot -the -match -at Jjeederville Uval and won by-3,3j With West Perth at full strength and in winning -vein arid East Fremantle fielding practically ? its best eide, the, game was in the nature- of a rehearsal for? the second round and East Fretnantle, 'suc- ceeding, on,- a- ground where it had fre quently, failed ^before,- -ifelt :-justly. proud -of ite; victory. /; With a gusty wind blowinjg acrpsB the ground tactics and team-work were important factors ' and East .Fre mantle's evenly balanced side proved too good. Individually the teams looked on a par, .at. the outset, but East Fremantle dominated' certain' key positions, Jarvis, at centre^half back, dominating the play and inspiring the whole side to greater effort; Generally West. Perth' lacked the finish of - East Fremantle, being slower to dispose of the ball to advantage and. in the later stages seldom having . a player waiting for the crumbs. West Perth re shuffled certain players without success. Af the .end 'of the third, quarter West Perth was in a position to save the match, having the assistance of the wind in ite task of overhauling East Fremantle's lead of 3.2.. Two\ simple shots were missed, however, and the team appeared to become rattled, with the result that East Fre mautle was able to assure itself of victory. A feature of the' match was the inability of G. Doig or,' Tyson to score heavily. Fol lowing we're the teams:— . EAST FRE5lANTLE.-^Backs: Martieiisen, Woods, N. Doig. Half backs: O. James, Jarvis,' ilunro. Centres: W. Doig,' -3. Doig;- Taylor. Half forwards:. Kingsbury, Fordham, Truscott. ' For wards: Butcher,' G. Doig, Reynolds. Ruck: W. James, 'G. Mann, McGlinn (rover).' Nineteenth man: .Donegan (did not play). WEST PERTH. — Backs: Ford,' Benton. McGuckin. Half backs: Tetley. P. Walsh, O'Keefe. Centres: Drew, Morgan, Booth. Halt forwards: R. Green, Flemming, Anderson. For wards: N'. McDiarmid, Tyson, Eenna. Ruck: Marinko, . McGarry, L. Walsh (rover). Nineteenth man: R. Dalziell (did not play). ' UMPIRE.— G. Gannon. Jarvis, winning the toss, decided to kick towards the favoured city end. Twice West Perth saved- in the goal-mouth . and the play- was at first of a scrambling nature. West Perth missed an excellent opportunity and its backs, particularly McGuckin. played strongly. Good play by McGarry led to a point for West Perth and East Fremantle increased the pres sure. Frequently the ball went out of bounds until Benton's poor kick enabled W. James to goal easily. It was obvious that Jarvis, coming from behind, had the. measure of Flemming in the air and Munro was also solid in defence. Combined play gave Kenna a chance and his running shot, luckily it. seemed, fell into Tyson's liands. A goal followed and McDiarmid, after-, a brilliant mark, and Green, with an excel lent long kick, also goaled. Woods being in good form, East Fremantle was able to Bteady, and although Benton was keeping a. close watch on G. Doig, the fine. work of -Fordham and Butcher in attack gave East Fremantle a lead of 4.4 to 3.2. At the start of the second term West Perth attacked hard without success and the heady Butcher scored a goal for East Fremantle. Poor kicking,, mostly on the blind, ruined West Perth s efforts to score and . N . Doig, Jarvis and others were very reliable in defence. West Perth, looked rather ragged, L. Walsh being an excep tion in view of his speed and anticipation. Chances were missed by West Perth and Marinko was holding ' the eide together. Then Tyson scored a great goal from the boundary line. East Fremantle was not shining in the ruck, although W. James was battling hard. Hovering between the centre and the half-forward line, Green be gan to drive the ball consistently into

scoring positions with phenomenal kicks. Reynolds scored a point for East Fre mautle, but Tyson'6 goal gave West Perth a lead of 5.7 to 5.5 at half-time. In the third quarter West Perth sent Anderson into the ruck and Green to centre-half forward in an effort' to check Jarvis's dangerous work. After West Perth had scored a poinT, the play re mained for some minutes in the area be tween the high-marking West Perth half backs and the tireless Jarvis and Munrp. East Fremantle attacked hard and G. Doig at last scored a point and a goal. Reynolds had improved and East Fremantle drew further ahead. Butcher scored his fourth goal.- There were some brilliant' flashes of play but West Perth, whose players clung to the ball too long, could not score against the fast East Fremantle backs. Fordham was a good half-forward: yet East Fremantle did not score heavily. By inches it must have seemed to West Perth's sup porters, the home side forced the ball down the right wing only to break down among the full forwards. Passes between Rey nolds, Kingsbury and Butcher resulted in a goal to East Fremantle, and at three quarter time the scores were: — East Fre mantle, 8.10; West Perthj 5.8. Shortly after the start of the last quar ter, West Perth obtained a behind from Kenna, and L. Walsh, who marked well, missed two easy shots. Then East Fre mantle asserted itself, playing fast, open football, and Reynolds goaled. The East Fremantle players were revealing far bet ter judgment than the West Perth men, arid the East Fremantle backs were always first to the ball. The play showed signs of roughness, but East Fremantle did not waver. Although G. Doig could not score a goal and only behinds were added, East Fremantle kept the play among its for wards until West Perth's chance of win ning was hopeless. Then Tyson and An derson each scored a behind before Marinko forced his way through to kick West Perth's only goal for the second half. The final scores were: —

EAST FREMANTLE . 9.16 (70 pts.) WEST PERTH ? 6.13 (49 pts.) Scorers: — East Fremantle: - Butcher, 5.1; G. Doig, 1.6; Reynolds, 1.2; W.James,, 1.1; Fordham, 1.1; Martiensen, . 0.2; McGlinn, 0.1; Truscott, 0.1; Kingsbury, 0.1. West Perth: Tyson, 22; Green, 1.3; McDiarmid, 1.0; Marinko, 1.0; L. Walsh, 02; Ander son, 0.2: McGarry, 0.1; Flemming, 0.1; Kenna, 0.1. ' The outstanding player in the match was Jarvis, who. by quelling Flemming in the first half and. continuing the good work, performed invaluable service for East Fremantle. His judgment in the ah* and skill on the ground were at tunes uncanny. Butcher played a great game in a forward pocket. Munro was very sure at half-back, and Fordham played efficiently at centre half forward. N. Doig and Woods were solid full backs, and W. James followed well- Martiensen ' played effectively throughout, -while Truscott, Reynolds and W- Doig, each of whom .improved in .the second half, were the best of a good re mainder. C. Doig battled hard at the centre, while Taylor had the call over J. Booth. , West Perth fielded a patchy side, in which Marinko was probably the most ser viceable. He marked with EUTeness and fought desperately throughput the match. Green made the most of his opportunities and his long kicking was a feature of the game. Benton, apart from occasional poor kicks, was a strong defender. McGuckin was very solid in a bjick pocket. Drew, in the first half particularly, played well on the wing and Anderson was prominent. h. Walsh and Kenna roved well and Mor gan was good in patches. McDiarmid, Morgan, McQarry and O'Keefe were patchy, while P. Walsh, although beaten by Fordham, did some fine things. \ ,