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Claremont-Cottesloe Overwhelmed.

Subiaco was not pressed to defeat Clare mont-Cottesloe by 60 points at Subiaco Oval on Saturday. The winner played well throughout the game, while Claremont

lottesioe - touna iorm onjy in spasms, ^an excellent defence saved it on many occa sions, but it was overwhelmed after half time and was not -within striking distance. The Subiaco goal-sneak, J. Jennings, scored 11 goals. The teams were: — ; SUBIACO: — Backs: Danes, Rodger, Bant. Half-backs: Brewer, Daily. McCallum. Centres: Mackay, Bowe, Taylor. Half-forward: R. Toll; Green, Strack. Forwards: Merson, Jennings, L. Toll. Ruck: Roe, Browne, Smith (rover). Nineteenth man: McQueen (replaced Bowe at half-time). CLAREMONT-COTTESLOE. — Backs: Oliver, Batt, Mottram. Half-backs: Hough, Clarke. Sheridan. Centres: Boys, Lovegrove, Edmeades. Half-forwards: O'Reilly, Garside, Farrant. For-, wards:- Hilton, Howe, Steward. Ruck: Skin ner, Jeffries, Barham (rover). Nineteenth man: Morris '(did not play). UMPIRE.— T. Campbell. Subiaco kicked with a strong wind arid opened the quarter by making five un successful shots at goal. .The ball remained in a pocket for several minutes before' Browne punched to Jennings, who goaled. Claremont-Cottesloe played well for a brief period, but again Jennings goaled. The Claremont backs, led by Clarke, held Su biaco. off, Clarke badly beating Green for a time. Subiaco fared comparatively poorly with the wind, while Claremont Cottesloe played a sound, short game. Bar ham scored its first goal and a short while later Hilton kicked through an unguarded goal. Subiaco steadied and obtained a lead of 5.4 to 2.0 at the bell. ' The pace increased in the second- tenri and Subiaco_ played with greater spirit. Its -foot-passing- improved, but it -had diffi culty; in passing- Clarke. 'ClaremontCot tesloe did not plax as well with the -wind as against it and its forwards were badly astray. Jennings scored his fourth goal as a result of a fast Subiaco rush. Claremont Cottesloe attacked persistently, but with out result. Had Green not made stupid attempts to feed Jennings, Subiaco's score would have been considerably higher. Claremont-Cottesloe lost its pace and its centre line was below form. Bowe was assisted from the ground with an injured ankle as the bell rang; with the scores at : — Subiaco, ? 8.5 ; Claremont-Cottesloe^ 5.7. Two goals in quick succession by Jen nings gave Subiaco a lead of 27 points soon after the third term started. Badly beaten in £he ruck- and kicking against a wind of almost gale force, Claremont-Cottesloe could make little progress. Subiaco's kick ing1 wa* also indifferent, four successive shots realising only points: Subiaco was excellerit in the air and, playing, to Jen nings,' the team piled on goals. The goal sneak added his eighth goal. At last Claremont-Cottesloe broke through, Stew ard goaling on the fun. The quarter ended with Subiaco 51 points ahead— 14.14 to 6.11. Subiaco again had the greater share of the play at the opening of the final quarter and even the transfer of Clarke to half forward failed to help ClaremontCottes loe, although he played well. Jennings scored his tenth goal, -and ClaremontCot tesloe could only manage behinds. Subiaco Elayed a good deal of fast, systematic foot all during. the quarter. Clarke goaled for Claremont-Cottesloe, but Jennings kicked a similar score a minute later. Subiaco dominated the play in the closing stages, the final scores being:— . SUBIACO ? 17.16 (118 pts.) CLAREMONT-COTT. 7.16 (58 pts.) Goal-kickers. — Subiaco: Jennings (11), Green (2), Smith (2), Merson and Roe. Claremont-Cottesloe: . Steward (2), Howe, Barham, Farrant, Hilton and Clarke. M. Green, Roe and Jennings were out standing in the Subiaco team. The first two followed strongly and Jennings again did. well in front of goal. Until he was injured, Bowe played excellently at centre arid Mackay and Smith -were uniformly good throughout. Bant was in splendid form, and Brewer was rarely faulted. Clarke, Batt and Hough were again Claremont-Cottesloe's . stalwarts, Clarke being, the best man on the ground. Hougb maintained his excellent form of recent weeks. Others to do well were Steward, Lovegrove and Garside.