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Swan Districts' Impressive Win.

Making excellent use of a strong wind in the first quarter, and 'later playing full of vim when on the defensive. Swan Dis tricts continued in winninc vein on Sat

urday when it comfortably defeated Vic toria 'Park — a team assured of a place in the final four— at- the W.A.C.A. ground. Long kicking, exceptional pace, and a rugged, down-the-centre style of pjayf characterised Swan Districts' game, especi ally in the first quarter, when it was almost impossible to score against the breeze. Victoria Park commenced badly, and later fell into the error of short passing when assisted by the wind. Seve ral of its playera^ were below form, Shep herd : and Gook, two of its champions, being rarely sighted all day. In' fairness to Victoria Park, however,, it should bp said that the wind wag, not nearly so strong after the first quarter, after which the team competed on more even terms with its opponent. Rough play by the big men of both teams marred the game. The teams were: — SWAN' DISTRICTS. — Backs:i Psrhham, Rcilly, Millwood. Half-backs: A. Zilko, Clarke. Ford. Centres: Mosey, Grieve, Krepp^ Half-forwards: Hunt, Forbes, Parks. Forwards: Jamieson, Sin clair, Bee. Followers: Fenberthy, Mclnneraey, Sweetapple. Nineteenth man: Broomhall (re placed Mosey, injured leg, fa final- quarter.) VICTORIA PARK.— Backs: Johnston. Crooks, Robinson. Half-backa: Hetherington, Shepherd, O'Callaghan. Centres: Puddey, H. Grigg. H. Davey. Half-forwards: Ransom, Wilson. Dewar, Forwards: A. Grigg, Gook, Keightley. Follow ers: G. Davey, Warner, Lucas. Nineteenth man: Hungerford (did not play). UMPIRE.— F. Collins. A strong wind assisted Swan Districts in the first quarter, and' this team was almost continually in attack. Marking ForbesV long kick, Sinclair scored the first goal.. -Within a minute, a running shot by Sweetapple also rolled through. H. Grigg was prominent early for 'Victoria Park with quick turning and clever lead ing, but it was difficult for his team mates to kick the ball any aprpeciable distance against the wind. Several points and goals from Bee, Parks and Sinclair gave Swan Districts a big lead at quarter tnnef^6.6 to nil. ' Three minutes after the start of _the second term Gook passed to Lucas and Victoria Park's first goal resulted. A big setback/however, was a goal to Swan. Dis tricts from Mclnnem.ey, after' a rapid move began by Jamieson. Victoria Park lacked the co-ordination of the opposing side, but. A. Grigg, with a wonderful tick from an angle, scored a much-needed goal. Hunt again demonstrated his accuracy with a snap-shot for a: goal. Clever short passing produced two goals for Victoria Park, nut at half-time Swan Districts led with 8.7 to 4.6. Warner's point in the third quarter was Victoria Park's first score against the wind, and when Wilson followed with a goal there were. prospects of a close finish. However, Hunt steadied Swan Districts by scoring a goal. The play waa becom ing rough and boots, and fists were used freely. Victoria Park attacked determin edly time- and again, but Reilly and Mill wood were impassable in defence. When Bee, Sweetapple, Jamieson and Sinclair collaborated for Swan. Districts' tenth goal, the match appeared to be won. At the end of the quarter it led— 10.12 to 5.8., Particularly rough play was in evidence' in the last quarter. Players were more intent on handling the man than the ball and no scoring took place in the first. seven minutes. After a succession of points A. Grigg snapped a Koal- after 12 minutes, hut Millwood. Reilly and Jamieson were playing strongly in defence. Lucas soc cered a goal before the end, but Swan Districts had too strong a grip on the game. The final scores were: — SWAN DISTRICTS . . 10.13. (73 pts.) VICTORIA PARK .. 7.13 (55 pts.) Scorers:— Swan Districts: Sinclair, 3.4; Parks, 2.1; Hunt. 2.0; Mclnnerney, 1.1; Bee, 1.0; Sweetapple, 1.0; Forbes, 0.3; Jamieson, 0.3; Penberthy, 0:1. Victoria Park: A. Grifrg, 3.1; Lucas, 2.3: Wilson, 12; Dewar, 1.0: Puddey. 0.2; O'Callaghan, 0.1; Gook, 0.1; Warner, 0.1; Keightley, Nearly every player for Swan Districts played useful football without revealing marked brilliance. Perhaps its finest player was Jamieson, who dominated the ruck and played ruggedly in attack. Mc lnnerney,. Parks and Sweetapple were others who revelled in the heavy going. Hunt had some brilliant moments and Reilly, Millwood, Clarke and Ford formed a particularly good defence. Krepp flashed out occasionally in the second half. Victoria Park waa a much more ragged team, and very few of its players revealed top form. An exception was H. Grigg, whose polished exhibition in the centre rendered him the finest footballer on the ground. ? A. . Grigg was an excellent for ward, Warner played solidly in ruck, and Johnston, Lucas, H. Davey, Hetherington and O'Callaghan were also prominent.