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._ Further showers and west to south-west /grinds are forecast for today.

^Wet.Year.... ? Sportsmen and others who have been exasperated by a succession of wet Satur-' days this: winter may be intererted^to learn that the - year jhas not ; onlyv seemed ' wetter'than. usual, but actually; has Vbeenl Perth's^: average annual rainfall : is ;3,482 points,;and already this yearyf; with'- some of r the? winter still to run-;3,501¥ points hasrfalleri^(tp yesterday).;:'/ «^v; ; Petitions for Liquor Llce^c^f*!^' ? ..„-- '?'.'? Factions', in lInglewood and '^Maylandi; which for tbepast nine months have-been; v carrying on a contest in order to, obtain : a. ;:publican'a~ general licence., either.'- for Fifth-avenue or Seventh-avenue, appear : still , to 'he . some distance off finality. As .was, pointed out. last week in articles in '.The 'West? Australian/' the factions and their opponents,' l-y various means and ?; methods, had so disorganised 'the Electoral Department that to'date'it hab been un able to produce an authoritative roll for .either -^the' i Fifth-avenue 'szone or J th* Seyenth-ayenue zone. ; Today/ in the adver / tising columns of 'The West Australian,' the; promoter of v-?ar inew .petition for SeyenthJavenue is warning presidents from ? 'signing, any petition^ f or-ji , new licence ,-at ilnglewobd without fir stTeading it, and satisfying themselves that such petition is for;the site of which they approve.' Sir William Bfrdwood. ; ? ? Keen interest 'Sis ;teing- shown? i by ??;xe- ' turned soldiers in the reception th'ey'jpro poseto tender to Field-Marshal Sir. Wil- liam Birdwood at 7.30 p.m.' next Thursday, . at iHis Majesty's Theatre/ Perth. .Doors ?will open at 1- p.m., and. seats will be ?reserved for blinded soldiers, - hospital patients, maimed and limbless. men. and representatives of organisations which car ried out patriotic services during the Great War.' Miss M. Meares is organising a fleet of cars for the conveyance of hospital patients to the theatre, and the league desires car owners to note that entry to the theatre will be from King*treet, and that' cars, should arrive cwith patients not ; later than 7.20 p.m.' Community singing and .vocal- items' will- occupy 'the time .until ; 7.30 ,.p.m.,. when Sir William. ,will arrive. The reception; will be\ broadcast ;byi national 'station 6WF.' ' The State pre vsident of .the league. (Mr. A; Yeates) will preside, and, his speech of welcome will be r', supported by Captain' A. C. Bond, on'be :;half^qf Imperial ex-service men. , ;'i!' ?.

Replies to Bank Commission. ? Before the.sjieeial debates,.on jthePAgrk cultural Ba'nKspommissJo^'B/report f take place in the ?- State Parliament next week, it is] likelyiithat rejJliesj toathe report by thebankJtrusteesJCMessrs.E. A. .McLarty, C. U.i Mofan?and--H. K; Maley)*'and the Auditor-General (Mr. C..S. Toppin) will beJinade public. :, Both r the ' trustees and thef.'Auditor-Gehefal ' were' severely criti cised by the Commissioners. Printed copies of the report -,; tabled in Parliament tomorrow Mid.Jt w possible that Mr-Top- piri's/ireply4niayi-ibe, xeadyrithe' sameiday. If it: is not/ it should be available before the'rehd of ;the week, c TheVitrustees^also expect toVbe 'able! to jfurnish their reply .by; -the' ehd; ofvthe^week. ?The Auditor General, bis appointment being under a special Act,' is answerable only to Parlia ments. Therefore/ his ^comments will go 'direct' to Parliament, for. tabling by the Premier :_(Mr..P.:: Collier), as leader of the Government; }?- The. Agricultural Bank is placed formally under the administration of ;the Minister ;for Lands (Mr. M. F; Troy), so the trustees' ^report will be sub mitted; to the Minister. Post Offlwi. Pens. ? * '*.' ' r ' '-\-'Ab part-bf ? a^policy of popularising Eng land's post offices, the British Postmaster General (Sir Kingsley Wood) decided re cently- to .issue 10,000 'de .luxe' pens— vividly coloured, provided jwith convenient holders, and bearing the G.P.O. monogram in order, to prevent losses. The post office pen* has ? been a problem for some years past. When stainless steel nibs were first issued in ? the post offices of England in 1929 they disappeared with such rapidity that .the supply had to be stopped. It wagj-then' decided. 'to introduce ' a device which; fixed the nib firmly in the metal portion of the holder. 'Collectors' sur mounted the difficulty by taking .both, holder, and nib.'.iLast year, i ,\v hen ap prpximately^ I';,2,(KJp4 - holders; } and^/9,000 stainless .steel' 'nibs '- 'were' provided for* '-? ithe-, ; use . .of ' the i public in 75 of the -largest post ooffices ? in^ ^London and! neighbouring counties, 1,200 holders and nibg disappeared in a month. The only post office which reported, all pens intact at the end, of that time had chained the pens ?tb the desk. The new pens, however, are again 'fitted with- the nib-locking de vice, and 'will not be chained;' The only precaution taken against, their disappear ance is the G.P.O.. monogram. Waterfront Dispute. ; ' ' . .. ?' With -only, two shi^s, the; steamers Chi 'nese; If Exporter ? aid Mount1 Cynthoa. : in. Fr$mantle Harbour after noon on ' Sat urday'^ there was no change during the .'weekend in the dispute on the waterfront in 'connexion with the rates of pay for handling cargo after,, 6 p.m. The Mount Cynth'os,. which reached port on Saturday, ?wasjh'ot scheduled to start loading, until today,' and- the Chinese Exporter : has not ..been;Worke& during -the hpurs'concerned in the'dispute. The lumpers object to two {different rates payable after 6 p.m.— time- and-quarter for men engaged to start at -?6, pTmi and ; time-and-a-half for men re ? engaged for work'; after .that hour, .having ?Tvprked during the dav. It was stated on y behalf r of the men on Friday that it was proposed to ? maintain the present^ stand, arid as a. result'Jno 'ship 'w.buld beSwdrted' at- night -unless ,%la& lumpers were paid\the rates vJwhich£,they demanded. The tern-', -ployers, however, point jtb -the :'i*.awardi; Avhich* provides^or^the trates£objicte-li,tb .and ^stipulates'1 that 'they shall be paid at 'all. ports. The steamer Karoola, on which the lumpers refused ,to work .last W^ednesr daylnight unless tHeif 'request for increased xates'pf . pay was met, cleared port for the Eastern States on Saturdays Her de partpip was delayed 24T hours.' f , i? .v