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Snbiaco Defeats South Fremantle.

In a game which was often charac terised by magnificent play and which was umpired in almost flawless fashion, Subiaco gained a two-point victory over South

tremantle at Subiaeo Uval on Saturday. Both teams played far above their aver Jge form this season, the winner being par ticularly accomplished in frequent passages sf rapid foot-passing, backed by splendid nigh-marking in the back, line and skilful pioves on the wings. South Fremantle's inaccuracy at the opening of the final luarter and during the closing seconds of play (when an easy chance at goal was missed) lost it the game, but Subiaco de served to win, because it? was the better team. C. Cook, who only recently recov ered from a serious illness, was outstand ing as umpire. The teams were: — SOUTH FREMANTLE. — Backs: Back. I*wn, R. Richardson. Half-backs: Hagan, H- Brown, F. Brown. Centres: Whitmore, White, Miller. Half-forwards: W. Smith. Edgar, Dodd. For wards: Robertson, Jones, Matthews. Ruck, Ditchburn, A. Richardson, Caratti (rover). Nineteenth man: Jennings (replaced Dodd in first quarter)'. SUBIACO.— Backs: Davies, F. Daily, Strack. Half-backs: Roe, S. Daily, McCallum. Centres: Mackay, A. Richardson, Bowe. Half-forwards: Brewer, Merson, D. Ryan. Forwards: L. Toll, J. Jennings, Kelly. Ruck: Green, Rodger, G. Smith (rover). Nineteenth man: R. Toll (did not play). UMPIRE.— C. Cook. Subiaco was quickly into its stride and goals were scored by Brewer, J. Jennings, and L. Toll. South Fremantle goaled twice, but it was easily outpaced and its backs were liard pressed. Its foot-passing, too, was poor. Excellent work in the for ward division gave Subiaco a marked ad vantage. In the latter stages of the quar ter South Fremantle was faster and made a great improvement. Jones and Edgar goaled and it led at the end of the term with 5.4 to 4.1. The second quarter opened in sensa tional fashion. Robertson ran through from a wing to goal for South Fremantle, J. Jennings scored from about 50 yards out and Merson goaled on the run for Subiaco —three goals in 2J minutes. Subiaco main tained its excellent form, but South Fre mantle, although crude in comparison, played with pace and vigour. With its wingmen winning, Subiaco went into at tack, and Roe (placed in front of goal) marked brilliantly and kicked troly. Al though it was playing the more polished game, Subiaco had to fight to hold the lead. South Fremantle went forward in rushes, depending on the high-marking of its half-forwards, and the team played brilliantly for a period in the middle of the quarter. Its small men, particularly Caratti and Matthews, did a great deal of excellent work and the side regained the lead. At half-time the scores were: — South Fremantle, 13.3; Subiaco, 10.7. South Fremantle last none of its dash and determination in the third quarter, but Subiaco made a solid bid to wipe out its lead. Green goaled but three further chances were allowed to pass through poor kicking. After several attempts, Subiaco battled forward and Kelly kicked through an unguarded goal. Bowe finished off a brilliant dash with a goal, and South Fre mantle led by only a point. South Fre mantle became temporarily rattled, and Subiaco took the ball the length of the ground without interruption, J. Jennings goaling. From the bounce Bowe kicked the ball again to Jennings and another goal resulted. Caratti steadied South Fremantle when he scored his sixth goal and Hagan added another. The quarter ended with the scores: — Subiaco, 16.13; South Fremantle, 16.7. South Freruantle might have established a winning lead in the last quarter, but four shots yielded only three points. S. Daily, at centre half-back, was unbeatable and. aided l-y Brewer, repulsed attacks time ami again. Subiaco's lead gradually dwindled to three points. It rallied and Merson coaled after marking in a bunch. South Frcinantlr fongh back nud Robert son '-!.':?' ihro -rli tn jioal. With 6v? minutes to go Kelly gouled and iSubiac

led by 10 points, but it was tiring, and three minutes from time Caratti goaled for ? South Fremantle, which was still full of' dash. Whitmore then passed short to Edgar. He marked but kicked badly, only a point resulting. White was given a free kick in the centre, but Strack marked his kick as the bell rang, with the Bcoret at:— SUBIACO ? 18.16 (124 pts.). S'TH. FREMANTLE . 18.14 (122 pts.). Goalkickers: — Subiaco: J. Jennings (7), Merson (3). Roe (2), Kelly (2), Green.... Bowe. L. Toll and Brewer. South Fre? mantle: Caratti (7), Matthews (4), C. Jen nings (2), Robertson (2), Jones, Edgar and . Hagan. The finest player in the game was S. Daily, the Subiaco centre half-back, whose brilliant high-marking, robust ground play and long kicking culminated in a match winning performance in the closing min-. utes. On the left wing Bowe showed all his former skill and was little behind Daily. A recruit from junior ranks, Brewer, gave Daily valuable help at half back. Others to do well were Roe, Mer son, Mackay, who with Bowe gave the team the advantage across the centre, Green, Jennings, and L. Toll. South Fremantle was best served by Caratti, who roved tirelessly and kicked seven goals, although he missed some easy . shots in the vital last quarter. Matthews* the second rover, was also outstanding, and Hagan, Edgar, and W. Smith played well. Others who stood out were Ditch burn and Whitmore (in patches).