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Claremont Extends East Perth.

Unexpectedly well-contested football and some of the finest flashes of sys tematic, open play seen this season was ni*nr!iif-A/1 in flio miit.nli Vipt.wppn daremont

Cottesloe and East Perth on Saturday, at Perth Oval. Although the latter team finished apparently a comfortable winner by 43 points, Claremont-Cottesloe, play ing fast and clever football, fully ex tended its opponent. East Perth failed to reveal its true form in the first half, and wasted several excellent scoring opportuni ties, but thereafter, with B. Ryan and Dolan playing brilliantly, and Screaigh, Guhl and Orr proving elusive, the team was more balanced and looked the certain winner. At the same time, until East Perth steadied early in the third term, it was more than a possibility that Clare mont-Cottesloe, for which Lovegrove and Garside were outstanding, might spring a surprise. Teams and placings at the commencement of play were: — CLAREMONT-COTTESLOE. — Backs: Buzzard, Batt, Giles. Half-backs: Clarke, White, Mott ram. Centres: Edmeades, Lovegrove. Hough. Half -forwards: Sheridan, Garside, O'Reilly. For wards: Skinner, Boys, Steward. Ruck: Growcott. Regan, Barham (rover). Nineteenth man: Morris (replaced Mottram in final quarter). EAST .PERTH. — Backs: M. Ryan, R. Ryan, McOullouirh. Half-backs: Lawn, Bennett, Matson. Centres: Gcmaiit, Cronin, Guhl. Half-forwards: B. Ryan, Dolan, Dempster Forwards: Miller, Crow, Orr. Ruck: Little, Booth, Screaigh (rover). Nineteenth man: Wood (did not play). UMPIRE. — F. Fuhrmann. Cronin opened the scoring for East Perth with a point, but the ball was quickly transferred and a determined at tack by Claremont-Cottesloe was capped off with a goal by Skinner. Combining well, East Perth then ran to a com manding lead when Crow twice goaled and Screaigh kicked a goal on the run. Fur ther East Perth attacks produced a suc cession of points. A chain of passes be tween Lovegrove, Garside and Skinner was an attractive phase, which produced the latter's second goal. Playing dash

ingly, Ularemont-Cottesloe dominated the play at the end of the term, and Boys's two goals levelled the scores: — East Perth, 3.8; Claremont-Cottesloe, 4.2. East Perth's 12th point was registered early in the second quarter, before Orr, accepting the ball from Crow, goaled with a fine drop-kick. Within a minute, Crow repeated. Lovegrove steadied Claremont Cottesloe, and Steward, Barham and Grow cott each scored a goal. The play was characterised by rapid transferences, and able defence work by Batt and Clarke at one end, and R. and M. Ryan at the other, and innaccurate kicking by East Perth's forwards. Just before time, how ever, Screaigh sent East Perth ahead with a fine goal-^6.15 to 12. Winning in the ruck, where Little made his presence felt, and well served by its small men, East Perth improved in the third term, and kicked more accurately for goal. Five goals were scored in a row;, and Hough, Lovegrove, Garside and O'Reilly played strongly in an endeavour to rally Claremont-Cottesloe. At the end of the quarter Skinner, with a 60-yard punt, kicked his team's eighth goal. East Perth then led— 11.18 to 8.5. East Perth removed all possibility of suffering defeat early in the final term, when Dolan and Miller scored goals. At the' other end, however, a snapshot by Barham brought full points, and another by Skinner hit the post. This quarter then developed into, a goal-scoring orgy, the play being fast, clever and systematic. The final scores 'wererj- EA8T PERTH .... 18.22 (130 pts.) CLAREMONT-COTT. 13. 9 (87 pts.) Scorers: — East Perth, Screaigh, 5.4; Crow, 4.6; B. Ryan, 3.4; Orr, 2.1; Dolan, 2.1; Miller, 12; Little, 1.0; Dempster, 0.2; Cronin, 0.1; Lawn, 0.1. Claremont Cottesloe: Skinner, 32; Steward, 2.1; Boys, 2J; Garside, 2.0; Barham, 2.0; O'Reilly, 1.2; Growcott, 1.0; Morris, 0.1; Sheridan, 0.1; Regan, 0.1. For ~]5ast Perth nearly every player showed glimpses of true form during the match, but none was more prominent than B. Ryan, who dominated the ruck and marked and kicked brilliantly. Orr, Guhl and Screaigh were clever and elusive, Dolan shone in attack, and R. and M. Ryan, G. Matson and Bennett were ex cellent defenders. Little also gave a good display. Lovegrove played polished football in the centre for Claremont-Cottesloe and greatly assisted in opening up the play. Garside and O'Reilly were splendid half forwards, Batt and Glarke^ defended ably, and Barham, Hough Skinner (a hard worker) and Steward also did well. 4