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East Fremantle Finishes Strongly.

A small attendance at Fremantle Oval on Saturday reflected little interest taken in the third meeting of East Fremantle and Swan Districts. East Fremantle win

ning easily by 33 points. Until three quarter time, the scores were close, and the football of a high standard, Swan Dis tricts showing to advantage in high mark ing and forceful methods. East Fremantle, however, fielded a stronger and better disciplined attack and in the last quarter the almost uncanny understanding that exists between Reynolds, Butcher, Mc Glinn and G. Doig baffled the opposing backs: Throughout the game. Swan Dis tricts' centre line acquitted itself credit ably, its kicking being in marked contrast to that in other parts of the field. Swan Districts played really well to fully ex tend East Fremantle for three quarters of the match, and it finished as gamely as it began. Following were the teams: — EAST FREMANTLE. — Backs: DoneRan, Woods, N. Doifr. Half-backs: C. James. Jarvis. Munro. Centres: W. Doisr, Taylor, Truscott. Half forwards: Micro, Fordham, G. Mann. Forwards: Butcher, G. Doie, Reynolds. Ruck: W. James. Martiensen, McGlinn (rover). Nineteenth man: Prosser (did not play). SWAN DISTRICTS. — Backs: Millwood. Hunter, Reilly. Half-backs: A. Zilko, Clarke, Ford. Centres: Mosey. Grieve, Krepp. Half-forwards: Thornton, Park, Hall. Forwards: Hunt, Gorn, Mclnerney. Ruck: Pemberthy, Jamieson, Sweet apple (rover). Nineteenth man: J. Zilko (re placed Reilly at three-quarter time. UMPIRE. — G. Gannon. Swan Districts played with fine vigour, but the first goal was scored for East Fre mantle by G. Doig. who was forced fur ther out than usual. Fordham scored an other—the result of a dashing run and long kick. A third goal followed, after which Swan Districts had the better of matters, and its first goal was scored by Gorn. Surprising dash was being showu by Parks, and a long shot found an open goal. From a difficult angle Hunt equalised the Rosil scores, and Swan Districts led by a point. It was noticeable that East Fre niaulle was conceiitratiug ou G. Doig's

success, but Butcher recovered East Fre mantle's lead at quarter tirae^ — 4.3 to 3.5. Though Swan Districts lost the kick at times, it was able to keep East Fremantle fully occupied by its vigorous methods and splendid tackling, and had energy been the' deciding fadtor, it must have run to a considerable lead. Its centre line was doing particularly well, Mosey, Grieve, and Krepp at least holding their own. East Fremantle was, however, a little faster to the ball and more certain in its ground play. Swan Districts witl^ some perfect football scored three goals in suc cession, and secured a lead of two points. Butcher added two goals before the bell.

making the scores: — East H reman tie, 10.4; Swan Districts, 8.6. Failing to clinch its opportunities, East Fremantle was forced to defend, and as a result of judicious and quickly mani pulated hand and foot passing. Parks goaled for Swan Districts. Parks was showing more dash than any other player on the field, and again he scored. The play was notable for its evenness, pace and ruggedness, the brilliant performances of Fordham and Munro for East Fre mantle, and the equally meritorious efforts of Millwood, Jamieson, and Parks for Swan Districts. Both sides had added two goals during the term, which ended with 2.1 in East Fremantle's favour. The dash of Mosey ended in a grand mark and easy goal by Pemberthy, who should again have scored and reduced Swan Districts' leeway to a point. At this point G. Doig's usual accuracy returned, and the perfect combination of Reynolds, McGlinn and G. Doig settled Swan Dis tricts' chances. East Fremantle ran away from its opponents, and scored five goals in succession (four kicked by G. Doig). Swan Districts fought on gamely, but G. Doig ended the game with another goal, the scores being: — EAST FREMANTLE . 18.11 (Il9pts.). SWAN DISTRICTS . 12.14 (86 pts.). Goalkickers:— East Fremantle: G. Doig (8), Butcher (6). Fordham (2), Martiensen and McGlinn. Swan Districts: Parks (4), Gorn (2), Hunt (2), Mosey, Jamieson, Sweetapple, and ?Pemberthy. Outstanding players for East Fremantle were Munro, Fordham, G. Doig, and But cher. Munro played surely and with fine dash at half-back, where Jarvis proved a valuable support. At half-forward, Ford ham did everything well with the excep tion of passing the ball to a clubmate in a better position for scoring. The 14 goals scored by G. Doig and Butcher were well earned, while others who stood out were Reynolds, Taylor, Truscott, Woods, and McGlinn. Swan Districts owed much to the splen did efforts of Parks, Krepp, Mosey, Mill wood, and Jamieson. Parks's dash and kicking were full of merit. Krepp and Mosey fought an eve nbattle with Trus cott and W. Doig, and Jamieson's kicking covered long distances. In defence, Ford, Huuter, and. Reilly (till injured.) were often under notice, and solid football was played by Hunt, Pemberthy, Grieve, and Sweetapple.