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West Perth's One-point Victory.

With a perfect torpedo punt from an acute angle McGarry won for West Perth the match against Victoria Park at the W.A.C.A. ground on Saturday after the

final bell had rung and so ended one oi the most exciting games seen at the cricket ground. A crowd of about 3,500 had been worked up to a high pitch of enthusiasm by Victoria Park's vigorous rally and West Perth's unsuccessful en deavours to score the necessary seven points during a grim ten-minute struggle. A point to West Perth and only 35 seconds remained, at the end of which McGarry screwed an accurate pass from Tyson who had played determinedly to regain possession of the ball. The bell rang and in a hushed moment McGarry took the last kick which turned the scales. On the play, West Perth deserved to win, but it has never been eo close to having victory snatched away. In the first half needless short passing among the forwards wasted much of West Perth's good play. Its evenness and team-work made it the superior side until Victoria Park rallied in the last term. With men in key posi tions beaten, Victoria Park had looked a beaten side, but sheer pace and vigour enabled it to Rain a slender lead and hold it almost to the very end. Following were the teams: — WEST PERTH.— Backs: McGuckin, Benton, R. Dalziell. Half-backs: Ford, Tetley, O'Keefe. Cen tres: Drew, Morgan, J. Booth. Half -forwards: N. McDiarmid, Flemming, E. Dalziell. For wards: L. Walsh, Tyson, Gregg- Ruck: Marinko, McGarry, Rainoldi (rover). Nineteenth man: Kenna (replaced Booth, injured knee, in last quarter) . VICTORIA PARK. — Backs: Dewar, A. Brown, Wormald. .Half-backs: P. Fitzgerald, Shep herd. Hungerford. Centres: H. Davey, H. Grigg, Puddey. Half-forwards: Hetherington, Wilson, Johnston. Forwards: Robson, Gook, Kcightley. Ruck: G. Davey, O'Callaghan, Luces (rover). Nineteenth man: Warner (did not play). UMPIRE.— F. Collins. Against an uncertain defence West Perth kept up an attack until Tyson and L. Walsh each scored a goal. West Perth was getting the ball away from the ruck, but at last Tetley was passed by Victoria Park and O'Callaghan, whose dash off the mark was an object lesson, kicked a goal. West Perth's centre line, with Booth outstand ing, was dominant and its forwards were leading out well. Victoria Park's half forwards were too slow and the side's kick ing was bad. For West Perth Walsh was roving in fine style and Tyson scored a goal. From a free-kick Johnston goaled at the other end and for a period Victoria Park attacked without success. Then West Perth tdbk charge again, only to miss chance after chance through excessive short passing. Each side added a goal, and at quarter time West Perth led with 4.2 to 3.1. Good play by Puddey and Davey re sulted in a behind to Wilson, but West Perth played faster football and a chain of accurate passes led to a point. Few players were kicking well, but Tyson man aged to score a goal for West Perth. An excellent mark and kick by Gook gave his side a much-needed goal, and Tyson then scored his fifth goal. Benton was solid now and Victoria Park's forwards were making their task more difficult by crowd ing. The centre line, chiefly H. Davey, was playing much better, but West Perth's backs were strong. Marinko saving re peatedly. Gook scored two more goals and West Perth, althouch Flemming was playing well, could score only points until Tyson soccered the ball through. At half time West Perth should have held a greater lead than 7.8 to 6.3. Fitzgerald Unbeatable. Shortly after the resumption Victoria Park added a goal and West Perth a be hind. From a mark in front McGarry scored a goal for West Perth. Victoria Park could not pass the opposing half backs. From the wing Booth was driving the ball into the forward area, but the shooting was inaccurate. Fitzgerald be came unbeatable and chiefly through his efforts was Victoria Park able to attack. Keightley's goal made the deficit eight points. West Perth was playing with system and speed and Tyson goaled again. Hungerford had now moved across to watch Flemming and with Davey showing his typical tricky form on the wing Victoria Park pressed forward. Benton and Mc Guckin, however, were ready, and only a behind was scored, making the three quarter time scores: — West Perth, 9.12; Victoria Park, 8.5. Gook and Wilson changed places and before long the move achieved success. Dewar goaled with a long shot and a close finish seemed inevitable. Then Rainoldi. Flemmine and Gregg combined to score a goal for West Perth. This galvanised Vic toria Park. Wilson received a pass from Gook and scored a goal and West Perth made a determined effort to score without success. Robson snapped a goal and the difference was only two points. The play became faster and

Johnston scored a point for Victoria Park. An unfortunate accident occurred when Wormald was kicked on the head, but he was able to play on and Robson kicked a goal after taking a good mark. Another behind gave Victoria Park a lead of six points. From side to side and from end to end the ball travelled and the crowd grew excited, as both sides tried in vain to score. H. G;l-jg was doing well in the centre now, but his kicking was not strong. For pearly 10 minutes the struggle had waged and still Victoria Park led by six points. With time drawing near West Perth attacked desperately, but not with out co-ordination. From the pocket Tyson scored a point. Only 35 seconds' play re mained when Brown kicked off. Wormald marked the ball and a scramble followed in which Tyson strove tigerishly to win the game. In a flash he passed the ball to McGarry, who marked it just before the bell rang. Players and supporters anxiously watched him take his kick. From an acute angle the ball travelled straight through the goal and West Perth had won. Following were the scores: — WEST PERTH .. ..11.14 (80pts.). VICTORIA PARK .. 12.7 (79pts.). Scorers:— West Perth: Tyson, 7.4; Mc Gaxry, 22; Gregg, 12; L. Walsh, 1.1; Mc Diarmid, 0-1; Rainoldi, 0-1. Victoria Park: Gook, 3.2; Robson, 3.1; Dewar, 1.1; John ston, 1.1; Wilson, 1.1; Keightley, 1.0; O'Callaghan, 1.0; Lucas, 1.0. It was a game in which players weak nesses and failures were easily seen. West Perth had good service from most of its players and Marinko was probably the best. It was his finest display of the season, for he marked and kicked well, and ?ivas reliable in the ruck or in de fence. Flemming played a great game at centre half-forward and McGarry finished off determined and good play with a great goal. Morgan was heady and sure at the centre and Ford battled hard throughout. Tyson's seven goals rendered him of great value to the side. L. Walsh, particularly in the early stages, roved brilliantly, and Rainoldi improved. The full backs — Ben- ton, McGuckin and R. Dalziell— were solid. O'Keefe was a great trier and Tetley did well early. E. Dalziell showed promise. For Victoria Park there were several men who strove hard to compensate for weaknesses in the side. Wormald was again very sure and cool in defence. Fitz gerald, especially in the second half, marked like a cbamDion. Gook had a hard task, but was a source of danger to West Perth. O'Callaghan was brilliant in the early stages when the side was badly beaten. Davey worked nard in the ruck. Puddey Hungerford was good at half-back, and G. second half. Brown was not as effective and H. Davey (in patches) were good on the wing, and the rovers improved in the as usual, but brought off many fine saves.