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Funeral at Fremantle.

The funeral of the late Mr. Fred Instone, J.P., of Eveleigh, 171 Hill-street,   Fremantle, and late of Messrs. F. Instone and Co., Ltd., Fremantle, took place in

the Church of England portion ot the Fremantle cemetery on Saturday morning, in the presence of a large gathering. The Rev. Canon E. M. Collick conducted a service at Mr. Instone's home, and also officiated at the graveside. Mr. Instone was born at Wolverhampton (England), and had been a resident   of Fremantle for 45 years. He was for some years a member of the board of the Fremantle Hospital, of which he was for a time chairman. He took a keen interest in municipal affairs, and was a councillor of the Fremantle Council from 1898   to 1901. Canon Collick, in an address at the graveside, referred to his sense of justice and kindness.  

The chief mourners were Messrs. A. R. and L. I. Strutton and F. G. Higham (nephews). The pall-bearers were the Mayor of Fremantle (Mr. F. E. Gibson), Messrs. H. J. Craig, R.M., G. L. Davidson (Commercial Travellers' Association   of W.A.), J. W. Bateman (Chamber of Commerce, Fremantle), Captain Robert Laurie, Messrs. C. M. Purdie, J.P., Charles Hudson, Frank Cadd, J.P., F. C. Feely, W. H. Davies, S. E. Grimwood, and W. Hooper.

Among those present were Mr. W. C. Angwin, Mr. J. J. Holmes, M.L.C., the Mayor of   North Fremantle (Mr. A. Turton), Crs. R. Gordon, W. P. Griffiths, R. Rennie and J. M. Farrell, Inspector Spedding Smith, Dr. H. J. Lotz, Captains R. J. Sinclair, A. Mills, J. H. Chilvers, and H. J. Clark, Messrs. Tom Carter (chairman), and G. V. McCartney (manager, Fremantle   Harbour Trust), B. Fannon, R. G. Rule, W. T. Lang, F. Browne, R. C, E. and J. C. Purdie, F. and A. L. Gibson (Instone and Co.), Harry Bennett (manager, Fremantle Harbour Works), A. T. Hookway (Fremantle Hospital Board), W. J. Winterbottom (president), and E. T. Marillier (secretary, W.A. Turf Club), F. E. Hounslow (Metters, Ltd.), J. H. Marshall (Mc Lean Bros, and Rigg), F. Simper (Westralian Farmers, Ltd.). N. H. Simpson (Fremantle R.S.L.), S. T. Reilly (John Lysaght, Ltd.), L. Facius, F. Sears and F. R. Tebbutt (Dalgety and Co.), D. F. Garvey (Bank of Australasia), M. H. J. Otto (W.A. Employers' Federation), E. S. Barker and G. B. Thompson (W.A. Trustee Co.). S. J. Mills and W. Harburn (Mills and Ware, Ltd.), W. H. Tickell, J. D. Morrison, H. Price, E. M. Blythe, R. D. Hancock, J. W. Hugall, J. A. Wilson, and C. H. Nicholas   (Fremantle Golf Club), Const. D. Stewart, Messrs. C. W. Walker, M. and W. Blackwood, a Furphy, J. Wilkins, G. E. Lovegrove, T. Bucknell, A. J. Mitchell, A. H. Bryant, A. S. Chipper, W. J. Sumpton, J. Samson, J. Cooke, F. C. Thorsen, J. C. Finch. H. Holmes, A. R. V. Mackay, J. H. Barsden, C. Rudland, L. C. Manning, C. W. Arnott, H. W. Caesar, H. G. Smith, Lea Arnutt, J. A. Lilly, J. V. Banfield, W. Potter, M. E. Solomon, A. F. Collyer, A. C. Shack, T. Ullrich, J. Rudland, W. Bateman, T. O. Guiders, G. Waterhouse, W. Merralls, F. E. Wigmore, A. P. Hamilton, G. E. Pearse, J. E. Abbott, C. Parsons, G. S. Staton, A. G. Knox, C. A. Hudson, W. Hancock, J. H. Payne, J. A. Naylor, J. M. Purser, R. B. Carter, H. H. Oxbrow, P. C. Webster, W. J. Jennings, W. C. Barrett, J. A. Hicks, R. L. and A. W. Campbell, N. Jefferies, A. Fleming, A. E. Forbes, A. Ewens, C. H. Bolton, K. B. Bolton   (representing L. B. Bolton). S. R. Pearse, G. H. Wheeler, G. Ridgway, A. Sandover, H. A. Herbert, R. A. Smith. A. T. Wardle, W. E. Collins,   P. W. Smith, F. Hollis, R. McGovern, O. F. Ick, J. E. Wilson, H. M. Grose, W. F. Samson and P. Badham, and Mesdames C. M. Purdie,   A. Rippen. J. Bryant and C. Rudland. The hearse was laden with beautiful floral tributes, among which were wreaths from all over the State, and widespread expressions of sympathy lave been extended to the bereaved relatives. The funeral arrangements were carried out by Arthur E. Davies and Co.