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East Fremantie Wins by 7.19.

The prospect of witnessing a stirring ?truggle drew a large attendance to the Fremantle Oval on Saturday, when West Perth failed; lamentably against East Fre

mantle in tne last hail and was Deaten by 7J9. West Perth began well against the wind, and scored the first two goals. The football was fast and of a gruelling nature, hard bumps being exchanged in all parts of the field. East^ Fremantle steadied, and the position was open at the first change, East- Fremantle leading by 2.5. West Perth failed to profit by the use of the fitful wind and found East Fre mantle's defence almost impregnable. East Fremantle's shooting was inaccurate, however, and from six scoring shots it raised only one goal. West Perth missed few opportunities, and, on play, was for tunate, to be only eight points in, arrears at half time; After half time, West Perth was outclassed by East Fremantle'B even ness. The strength and brilliance of its backs, the failure of West Perth's ruck and attack prevented the side from scor ing1 a goal until a few minutes before the final bell. The teams were:— EAST FREMANTLE. — Backs: -*. Dote, Woods, Donegan. - Half-backs: Munro. Jarvis, C. James. Centres: Trascott, Taylor, W. Doig. Halffor wards: Butcher, Fordham, MigTo. Forwards: Reynolds, Prosser, G. Doig. Ruck: W. James, G; Mann, McGlinn (rover). Nineteenth man: Martiensen (did' not play). WEST PERTH. — Backs: J. Grigs, Bentou, XcGuckin. Half-backs: Roberts, P. Walsh, Gregg. Centres: Drew, Morgan, L. . Walsh. Half-forwards: Green, Lovelock, Anderson. For wards: Dalziell, Tj-son, N. ,McDiarmid. Ruck: Marinko, \McGanyK,Kenna (rover). Nineteenth »in r O'Connor, (did not play). ' 'UMPIRE.— F. Collins. . Kicking against a fitful northrwesterly, West Perth began in promising stylerand in -less than a minute, Tyson scored his club's first goal. Both eideB applied extra pressure, the pace wa« fast, and,, despite the slippery nature of the ball, the ground ?play 'fleas' surprisingly good. Opportunities 'to score for East Sxemantle were lost by j Prosser and Fordham, but -Anderson made ? no mistake -atvthe~otherend. ' East Fre mantle scored goals through the agency -bf G. Doig' anf Reynolds,' and 'the foot hall was of. a thrilling nature. At .one time, two West Perth ..players received attention from the' ambulance men. Every West Perth advance found in Jarvis an insuperable barrier. At ^quarter time East Fremantle led; with' 4.5 to 2.0f

?East iremantle, soon .snowea useit 10. be the faster side) and /attacked along the sheltered pavilion wing. Both sides were working at high pressure,. ,and 'a goal.- by HcDiarmid put extra zest into West Perth.. A perfect low pass by Butcher found G. Doig in position and a goal to. East Fre mantle followed. For West' Perth, Ma-, rinko and -McDiarmid were marking 'splen- didly, while the defence of N. Doig,. Done-, gin and Jarvis' could hardly , have been surpassed. Free kicks and high marks ?were helping West Perth, but combina tion and backing .tip by East TTremantle, and the speed of Butcher and McGlinn checked West Perth, whose best player during the' term was P. Walsh. East Fre mantle's remaining opportunties to score were converted into behihds . only, ' but: West Perth was deadly in its accuracy. At half time, .the scores were: East Fre iriantle, 5.10; West Perth, 5.2. 'Torrential rain fell after the resump tion, but conditions quickly becoming nor mal, the rplayers. handled the ball with dexterity. East Fremantle was markedly superior in the air, and' 'the free kicks awarded it showed that* West Perth was Jagging behind in* pace. -East -Fremantle attacked incessantly, and two fine goals bj'Q. Doig placed it jn a winning posi tion.' A great improvement' was notice able in the play of Taylor. Individually and collectively, West Perth was but of the hunt; and a further goal by' Butcher increased East Fremantle's advantage at three-quarter time to 32 points— 8.16 to 52. ? ? - . - ? ' ?.... iAnderson exchanged positions with Tyson -in', the hope ot. -turning the scale in West Perth's favour. Fortune favoured East Fremantle inasmuch as the wind had died down and West Perth found difficulty in piercing' the centre. East Fremantle dominated the play, West Perth being

outclassed in every department. Jiast Jjxe mantle could do nothing wrong; its op ponents nothing right. Five goala in suc cession was the measure of its superior ity, and the. game was almost over be Fore Green at last scored for West p ertn. lie final scores were:— „ * EAST FREMANTLE 13.22 (IWptS.) WEST PERTH ? 6.3 -39ptS.) Goal-kickers.— East Fremantle: G. Doig (8) Reynolds (2),. McGlinn, Prosser and Butcher. West Perth: Green, Tyson, An derson, N. McDiarmid, Dalziell and Mc Every player on- the East Fremantle side reached a high level. Perhaps pride of place must again be accredited to Jar vis, whose handling of the ball and abil ity to squirm from congested packs were but part of a faultless display in defence. N. Doig played the game of his life in the back pocket. C. James again showed that he ranks among the nnest half-backs now playing in the State, while Woods, Donegan and Munro completed a brilliant defence. Across the centre, W. Doig was always prominent. G. Do'j? kicked eight goals- as a result of speed and unfailing anticipation. Others at the top of their form were Butcher. Reynolds, Migro, Fordham and McGlinn. West Perth's leading players were P. Walsh and McGarry, though neither could, on the day's play, be classed with the first go. of East Fremantle. The mark ing and clearing of the former, who was opposed by Fordham playing at his be6t, were in marked contrast to the blunders of several of his colleagues, in defence. The strength and will of McGarry held the side's ruck together. Across the centre, Drew and L. Walsh evened up matters with strong opponents, but the whole of the attack was consistently beaten.