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Claremont-Cottesloe Defeated.

Fast, vigorous football in the second quarter raised the hopes of Claremont Cottesloe's supporters at Claremont Oval on Saturday, but Subiaco proved far too

strong m tne last quarter ana tne nome team was beaten by 4.4. A strong wind and rain' rendered conditions unfavour able, and the fact that illness and injuries weakened the teams, particularly Subiaco, did not improve matters. Indeed. Subiaco started with only 16 men, two of the as sociation, team rushing to the ground from Subiaco. after the first bounce. Subiaco outclassed ? Claremont-Cott esloe in* the first quarter, but in the second term was apparently- a beaten side. -?Changing men into different positions, Subiaco then began to improve, but did not make great use of the .^ the' third quarter. ' In the finul' term ^Claremoht-Cottesloe was. beaten in positions 'which previously it had ^ been strong, . and its. kicking ? and -marking was generally below standard.* ' The teams were:— ?????-

-SUBIACO. — Backs: Power, Rodger, McCallum. Half-backs.:- Davie'e, S. ~ Daily, L. - TolL .Centres: Edmondaon, ? Btrack, Bowe. Half-forwards: F. Daily, 'M; Green, Mills.. Forwards: F. Brophy. J. Jennings, D. Ryan. Ruck: Roe, Browne, Sjoith ( rover). Nineteenth man: R. Toll (replaced' F; Daily,' in last quarter) . CLAREMONT-COTTESLOE.— Backs: Oliff, Batt, Birch. Half-backs: Clarke. White, r Gilbertson. Centres: Boye, Hough, Edmcadcs. Half-forwards: Garside, O'Reillv, R. Molonev- Forwards: Morris, Skinner, Lovep'sove. Ruck: Giles, Oliver, Steward (rover). Nineteenth man: Dingwall (did not play). . . ... . ?? ... _ ... UMPD3E — G. Gannon. Subiaco had. the assistance of the wind in the first quarter, but after it had made a promising, start with a, behind its foot ball was not effective for some time. The players did hot keep to positions, and many of them persisted in futile running instead of using a long kick. Claremont Cottesloe was beaten in the ruck, but Steward and White were playing well. After 15 minutes Jennings goaled for Su ?biaco^when Batt made an error. Another goal to Jennings stirred the Claremont Cottesloe players, and after a hard struggle O'Reilly scored a goal with an excellent' drop kick. Bowe was the surest player

on the field, and Davies s long kicking was a blessing. Subiaco led with 52 to 1.0 at quarter time. Two behinds were scored by Claremont Cottesloe before Steward goaled with a good 'screw kick. Subiaco pressed forward, but Batt bad improved considerably and his task was made easier by the opposing forwards* tendency to wander out too far. Lovegrove goaled for ClaremojatCot tesloe and Subiaco scored its second be hind of the quarter. Hough was doing tne damage in the centre and the whole side had speeded up. Morris's goal put Claremont-Cottesloe ahead after 18 min utes. The ? play became vigorous, but Claremont-Cottesloe's defence was strong. At half-time Claremont-Cottesloe had a lead of 6.6 to 5.5. For 10 minutes of the third quarter the play was marred by blinding rain. The Claremont-Cottesloe half-backs were de Smdable, and Skinner goaled. When F. rbphy, who had been moved to the centre, began to check Hough's activities Subiaco played better, and. two goals to Jennings placed the side in front. Green scored a goal just before the bell, making the scores:— Subiaco, 8.12; ClaremontCot tesloe, 7.7. Subiaco was supreme in the last quar ter, and fine high marking was a feature of its play. Despite Batt's solid work, Subiaco increased its lead -steadily. Clarke was shifted from half-back to half-forward and then to the centre without avail. F. Brophy, Bowe. Roe and R. Toll were in good form, and the game ended with the scores: —

SUBIACO ? 11.14 (80 pts.). CLAREMONT-COTT. . 7.10 (52 pts.). Goal-kickers: — Subiaco: Jennings ? (5), Green (2), Brophy, Roe, Smith, and Ed mondson. Claremont-Cottesloe: Lovegrove (2), Steward, Morris, Garside, O'Reilly, and Skinner. The outstanding player of the match was Bowe. who did not make a mistake, and was fast and clever on the wing. F. Brophy played a Rood game in the centre. Of the backs S. Daily, McCallum, Rodger, and Davies were in good form. Roe battled hard and marked well. Green did well when placed in the ruck. Jennings and Edmondson were the best of the others. For Claremont-Cottesloe no one player was strong throughout the match. After the first quarter Batt did well. Hough for three quarters was a power in the centre, but faded. Moloney, Clarke, Steward, Lovegrove, Garside, and White (early) were the best of the .others.