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Swan Districts Team Depleted.

±*iayingitseu into iorm as tne game pro gressed, Victoria Park defeated Swan Dis tricts comfortably at Bassendean Ovan on Satiirdav. Three of the lead in ir nlavers

of the losing team — Krepp, Forbes and Millwood — were ill with influenza and were unable- to play and Mosey and J. Zilco, who have been outstanding, were omitted on account of injuries. The team took the field with only 17 men but when the captain (G. Bee) was injured early in the game Mosey and Zilco, who were at the ground, went to the dressing room, changed and entered the game. It was a fine gesture and both players had the satis faction of playing well. Victoria Park played in excellent form when; additional effort was necessary and the team ap pears to have regained its precision and system. Gook did not play owing to in disnosition. The teams were: —

SWAN DISTRICTS. — Backs: Penberthy, Hun ter, J. Zilco. Half-backs: A. Zilco, Clark, Ford. Centres: Daly, Grieve, Hunt. Half -forwards: Thornton, Parks, Jamieson. Forwards: Cook, Sin clair, Perham. Ruck: Broomhall, Mclnerney, Bee (rover). VICTORIA PARK.— Backs: Wonnald, Brown, Crooks, .-Half-backs: Hungerford, Shepherd, P. Fitzgerald. Centres: Ransom, H. Grigg, H. Davey. Half-forwards: Lucas, Puddey, Warner. Forwards: O'Callaghan, Wilson, A. Grigg. Ruck: G. Davey, Dewar, Eeightley (rover). 19th man; Johnston (replaced H. Davey, hip injury in third quarter). UMPIRE.— V. C. Jones. The weather precluded good football but what the game lacked in science it compensated for in vigour. Each team scored a goal but Victoria Park, despite consistent attacking, had difficulty in. in- creasing its score owing- to excellent 'play by the Swan Districts backs, among whom Hunter was outstanding. Victoria Park was the faster. About the middle of the quarter G. Bee collided with, a Victoria Park player and was carried from the ground. It was found that he had re ceived a hard knock but was not badly injured. It was hard, slogging football with neither, team gaining any substan tial advantage. Wilson hit the post from three yards out, scoring Victoria Park's sixth point in seven shots. The quarter ended with the scores:— Victoria Park, 1.6: Swan Districts. 12. -

The rain tell, more heavily at the open ing of the second quarter and it was ten minutes before the first goal was scored. Swan Districts was holding its own ?.t this stage and brainy play at half-forward by J. Parks gave valuable assistance. Penalties were numerous, Swan Districts making several foolish and costly mistakes. For many minutes the play was confined to the area between the two half-back lines until Lucas goaled for Victoria Park. As the quarter drew to a close Victoria Park found its form, and when Warner scored as a result of an excellent passing movement, the team led by 26 point8-74.10 to 1.2. Backing up and shepherding well, Swan Districts started the third term in excel lent fashion but still the side was unable to obtaingoals. even the reliable , Parks failing. Victoria Park then assumed the' ascendancy and Swan Districts had lost, much of its pace and dash. The rain had stopped temporarily and Victoria Park played with precision. Swan Districts per sisted and was in attack for quite ten minutes, but it did everything but kick the ball through the goal. A. Grigg, O'Callaghan, Johnstone and Lucas goaled and Swan Districts was in a hopeless position at the close of the term, when the scores were:— Victoria Park, 11.13: Swan Districts. 1.7.

Swan' Districts, despite its big dehcit, played with great, spirit when the last quarter started. Broomhair kicked a' goal off the ground and Penberthy added an other after an excellent mark close to the posts. Victoria Park had eased down, and S.wan Districts looked the better team during much of the quarter. Cook kicked a splendid goal, and two more -goals by Broomhall reduced the deficit to five goals. Victoria Park appeared to be fal tering before the spirited Swan Districts rally. It steadied, however, and - Wilson kicked truly. O'Callaghan put the result of the game beyond doubt with a goal ten minutes before time. The final scores were: — *

VICTORIA PARK .. 13.15 (93plS;) SWAN DISTRICTS .. 6. 8 (44pts.) Goal-kickers. — Victoria Park: Wilson (3), Lucas (3). Warner (2), O'Callaghan (2), Johnston, Dewar and A. Grigg. Swan Districts: Broomhall (3), Penberthy, Sin clair arid Cook. .,., Victoria Park 'had the best player of the (tame in A. Shepherd, who, at centre half-back, gave a brilliant performance. His handling of the wet ball was an ob ject lesson. He received excellent sun port from P. Fitzgerald, who was rarely beaten. H.. Grigg-and J. Ransom gave the team an advantage across the centre and H. Davpy played well when -called on to do so. Others who were outstanding were Wormald. Lucas and Warner. A new player. F. Puddey, after an indifferent start, played cleverly. Swan Districts, had many courageous fighters but few.' accomplished footballer? J. Parks again did well and Grieve, had only slightly the worst . of a f spirited tussle -with- H. Grisg at centre. Hunter snowed great dash in defence and Mosey, desnite -his ? injury,' played feood football. Mainly because. of his. dogRedhess and great stamina, Penberthy shared- .pride of plade with Parks in the Swan Districts team.