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Swan Districts Defeats ClaremonL

Sodden turf and intermittent showers marred the football produced in the match at Bassendean Oval on Saturday between Claremont-Cottesloe and Swan Districts —

the two lowest teams on the .fremiership table. Throughout a comparatively fast, hard-slogging, yet colourless game. Swan Districts maintained a comfortable lead and' at no time appeared in serious danger of defeat. Swan Districts bad a few. anxious moments during the keenly-fought final term, but Claremont-Cottesloe'a methods of attack were 60 . slip-ehod that in spite of. a vigorous finish it seemed un likely that its forwards- would penetrate Swan Districts' reliable defence. Low scor ing and an almost complete lack of sys tem by both teams a poor game to watch. Claremont-Cottesloe found dif ficulty in' fielding a representative team and at the last moment was forced to in clude two former fine players, Earle and G. Smith— the first of whom captained the side in 1929 and is now a club trainer. The teams were: — CLAREMONT-COTTESLOE.— Backs: Giles, Oliver, Buzzard. Half-backs: Mottram, White, Clarke. Centres: Steward, Hough, Boyi. Half forwards: Gibb, Garside, O'Reilly. Forwards: G. Smith, Earle, Skinner. Followers: Growcott, Regan, Barham. Nineteenth man: Edmeades (replaced Earle in final quarter). SWAN DISTRICTS. — Backs: Penberthy, Reilly, Millwood. Half-backs: A. Zilko, G. Clarke, Ford Centres: Erepp. Hunt, Mosey..' Half-forwards: Sinclair, Grieve, Park. Forwards: Jamieson,' Gorn, Mclnnerney. Followers: Forbes, Bee. Sweet apple. Nineteenth man: Thornton (replaced Earle in final quarter). UMPIRE. — T. Campbell. . In steady rain Claremont-Cottesloe was first to attack at the commencement of the game and O'Reilly from, a fine running drop-kick scored his team's first goal. Play was then transferred, and after a couple of points Gorn scored a goal from a mark in front. Within a minute Perks and Mclnnerney combined to score .the second foal. Another promising move between ord,' Sinclair and Gorn was spoiled when the latter hit the post. The football was fast, if scrambling, with Swan District3 perhaps the stronger team. Towards the end of the quarter, however, Earle, playing centre-forward, scored two useful , goals, from a snap-shot and a free kick. / Just before the bell Jamieson's long kick re gained the lead for Swan Districts— 3.6 to 3.1. Fine play by Sweetapple sent Swan Dis tricts forward in the second quarter; Sin clair snapping a point, and Gorn full points. Clarke's fine marking and turning in defence stopped further attacks by the home team, but after up-and-down, play for ten minutes Gorn again shot truly from a free. At the other end Zilko and Millwood were stumbling blocks until Smith rushed forward to score his team's fourth goal. The scores at half-time were: —Swan Districts, 5.8; Claremont-Cottesloe, 4.2* _ ? ' ? ? ?????- ' ?'???? . With an open goal before him Parks missed an easy chance of a goal at the start of the third quarter, and a long kick by Forbes also earned only a point.. A fine punt by Gorn, however, gave Swan Districts a commanding lead of over three goals. Strong defence by ClaremontCot tesloe prevented further scoring, and mov ing into attack Glen Smith* and Skinner added points. Claremont-Cottesloe wasted some valuable opportunities in front of goal until' O'Reilly kicked full points on the run after dashing, play. Swan Districts were still well ahead at three-quarter time -6.12 to 5.5. . /. Claremont-Cottesloe played fast foot ball in the final quarter in an attempt to bridge the leeway. Following points by Steward and Smith, Barham from a free in front made the difference only four points. Swan Districts then steadied, and Thornton, who had replaced Mosey, scored a magnificent goal from .an angle. A further string of points followed, and when Sinclair dashed forward and kicked Swan Districts' eighth goal the match was safely in the home team's keeping.' Strong play by Mclnnerney in the ruck and Sweetapple roving unsettled Claremont Cottesloe. Just before time Steward scored a gift goal. The final scores were: — ' SWAN DISTRICTS .. 8.15 (63 pts.) CLAREMONT-COTT. .. 7. 8 (50 pts.) Scorers. — Swan Districts: Gorn; .4.3; Sin clair, 1.3; Mclnnerney, 12; Jamieson, 1.1; Thornton, 1.0; Bee, 0.2; Penberthy, 0.1; Forbes, 0.1; Grieve.. 0.1; Parks, 0.1. Clare mont-Cottesloe: O'Reilly, 22; Earle, 2.0; Smith. 1.2; Steward, 12; Barham, 1.1; Skinner, 0.1. Few players on either side played out standing football. For Swan Districts Sweetapple gave a polished exhibition of roving and Mclnnerney was the best ruck man in the game. Gorn kicked some ex cellent goals, and Bee. Grieve, Sinclair, Mosey, Krepp and Jamieson were a little above the others. O'Reilly 1 played dashing football in attack for Claremont-Cottesloe, but was poorly supported. Clarke was a brilliant defender in the first half, Hough and Steward were always useful, and Grow cott, Buzzard, Regan and F. Oliver were also prominent.