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East Fremantle's Good Win.

Fielding its best possible team, East Perth expressed confidence in its ability to defeat East Fremantle at the Fremantle Oval on Saturday, but after leading by

three points at half-time, it played feebly in the later stages and was decisively beaten by 5.4. Both sides played ruggedly and were evenly matched in the first two terms, at the end of which the naming of the winner would have been mere guess-, work. After scoring the first two goals in the third quarter, East Perth fell com pletely away before the brilliance of Rey nolds and G. Doig, and the evenness of East Fremantle completed the rout. The last eight goals of the match were scored by East Fremantle, whose recovery from a deficit of 15 points early in the third term and easy victory at the finish showed its all-round efficiency^ The teams were:— EAST FREMANTLE.— Backs: Donegan, Woods, N. Doig. Half-backs: O. James, Jarvis, Munro. Centres: W. Doig, Taylor, Tniscott. Half forwards: Yigro, Fordham, Prosser. Forwards: Reynolds, G. Doig. Butcher. Ruck: Vf. James. Mann, McGlinn (rover). Nineteenth man: Martieneen (did not play). EAST PERTH. — Backs: M. Ryan, R. Ryan. Mather. Half-backs: Dolan- Bennett. Matson. Centres: Garnaut, G. King, Guhl. Half-forwards: Cronin, B. Ryan, Dempster. Forwards: Wood. Crow, R. Lawn. Ruck: Little, Booth, Screaigh (rover). Nineteenth man: J. King (replaced Mather towards end of third quarter). UMPIRE.— T. Oliver. Heavy rain quickly upset all plans of organised attack. East Perth was the bet ter side in the opening stages, but scoring was rendered difficult owingto the sturdy and reliable defence of N.jDoig, in parti cular. The control of a slippery ball was admirable, though combined' football was generally out of commission. For East Fremantle, the whole of 1 the back lines was reliable and both Reynolds and Taylor were playing cleverly, East Perth was being well served by B. Ryan, R. Ryan and Bennett and scores were level at 12. G. Doig, however, atoned for several pre vious inaccuracies, and as a result or a grand mark and accurate shot enabled East Fremantle to lead at quarter time, when the scores were: — East Fremantle, 22; East Perth. 1.3. With a temporary cessation of rain and a new ball, conditions were vastly im proved, and the standard of football was higher. Bennett continued to clear in attractive, resolute style for East Perth, and reliable support being given by M. and R. Ryan. East' Fremantle failed to break through until Lawn had twice goaled for East Perth, whose tackling and determination fully deserved success. Little, too, bad found his best form, and did-mscVto. keep- East Perth jn. front till

half-time. East Fremantle's recognised1 best players were reduced to an 'ordinary level, the most prominent-player at this stage being C. James. The superior pace of East Fremantle was more than counter balanced by East Perth's rugged methods. Towards half-time , Dempster dashed through with fine power, and coaling on the run, made the half-time tallies:— East Perth 4.4.; East Fremantle, 3.7. Judicious hand-ball led to B. Ryan scor ing with a long shot on the run. Lawn increased the gap in East Perth's favour to 2.3. East Fremantle steadied com mendably on receiving so determined a challenge. Undoubtedly the use of the long kick had proved successful, but a goal by G. Doig as a result of good play by Butcher encouraged East Fremantle, and a brilliant ten minutes of football by Rey nolds settled the pretensions of East Perth. McGlinn added East Fremantle's fifth goal after some dashing play and East Fremantle could do nothing wrong in shooting for goal. The Reynolds-Doig combination was responsible for four more goals, thus giving East Fremantlethe last six goals- in succession and making the scores at three-quarter time: — East Fre mantle, 9:9; East Perth, 6.7. ? Screaigh and King played splendidly against the wind for East Perth, but short and often inaccurate passes really assisted East Perth's opponents and a goal by Fordham from a long shot made the dif ference 45 in East Fremantle's favour. Unsteady and rattled, East Perth struggled against the wind, but East Fremantle s evenness prevailed, and a succession of1 saves by N. Doig and C. James broke up East Perth. East Perth's reserve power had been exhausted, and a goal kicked by G. Doig ended the game. The final scores were: — EAST FREMANTLE .. 11.12 (78pts.) EAST PERTH ? 6. 8 (44pts.) Goal-kickers:— East Fremantle:- G. Doig (6), Reynolds (2), Fordham, McGlinn and Butcher. East Perth: Lawn (3), Dempster (2). and B. Ryan. Though every player on the East Fre mantle side played well, N. Doig and Reynolds were outstanding, the former never being at fault in blocking his oppon ents' advances. Reynolds was thjj main spring of East Fremantle's rapid recovery in the third quarter, and his collaboration with G. Doig was instrumental in over hauling East Ferth's lead. Next in point of merit came C. James, W. Doig and Munro, the first-named combining reliabil ity, daeh and power, while W. Doig quite eclipsed the accomplished Guhl on the wing. Others who played excellent foot ball were Taylor, G. Doig, Fordham and Woods. ??',?,« For East Perth, no player approached G. King in consistent and brilliant effort against strong opposition offered . by Tay lor. King Was probably the. best player of the match. In defence, M. Ryan, Ben nett and Matson- were solid. At half forward, Dempster played splendidly, and followed in. great form. Cronin, B. Ryan and Lawn played fairly well in patches, while Little and Booth when following had somewhat the better- of the argument in the ruck.