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West Perth Win Hard-Fought Game.

In a match which was marked by no particularly brilliant football, but in which the play reached a reasonably good stan dard under the unnleasant conditinnn. Wesf.

irertb beat South Fremantle at Leeder ville Oval on Saturday. The winner was the stronger in system and finished the better, winning comfortably despite indif ferent work in front of goal. In character istic fashion South Fremantle fought hard until the last bell, but a general laxity in combined play and its failure to finish its forward movements told against it. West Perth was without Tyson, Green and P. Walsh, who are injured. The teams were: — WEST PERTH.— Backs: Roberts, Benton, Mc Gucken. Half-hacks: Ford. Tetley, O'Keefe. Centres: Drew, Morgan, Booth. Half-forwards: N. McDiarmid, Anderson, Gregg. Forwards: Dal zielL Fleming:, L. Walsh. Ruck: Marinko, Mc Garry, Rainoldi (rover). 19th man: Kenna (re placed Anderson in third quarter). SOUTH FREMANTLE. — Backs: Whitmore. Lawn, A. Richardson. Half-backs: Hagan, Edgar, Brown. Centres: J. Doig, White. Miller. Half forwards: Smith, Ditchburn, Diggins. Forwards: Dodd, Jones, Fanner. Ruck: Robertson, R. Rich ardson, Caratti (rover). 19th man: Matthew* (did not play). UMPIRE.— G. Gannon. South Fremantle was first .into attack and Caratti scored its first goal. West Perth's strong ruck failed to find its feet and the team was lacking in pace, but it marked the wet ball surely. The kicking on both sides was indifferent, and West Perth lost several scoring chances as a result. Resorting to short punts South Fremantle attacked and Caratti again goaled. At centre half -for ward Anderson played with dash and judgment, but poor kicking, at goal hindered West Perth's progress. Eight direct shots realised only one goal. South Fremantle, on the other hand, seized every opportunity. Again short-leading with great accuracy it went forward and when the ball came out of scrimmage Caratti picked up to score his third goal, giving South Fremantle the lead at the close of the quarter at 3.1 to 1.5. South Fremantle had far the better of the play during the first ten minutes of the second quarter, West Perth being un able to control the ball. It also made the mistake of playing football suitable for a dry day. South Fremantle's shortpunt ing continued to be excellent. Caratti, who played brilliantly, scored the team's fourth goal and N. McDiarmid goaled for West Perth. In the middle, of the quarter the West Perth ruck started to function well, and Marinko struck form. Flemraing goaled after marking alone and South Fremantle led by only one point. West Perth led for the first time when Marinko ran through to kick through an unguarded goal a minute later. The team played greatly improved football, but its forward work deteriorated when Anderson was obliged to fall back into a full-forward position on account of a knock which affected his chin. A long period of score less play preceded the half-time interval when the scores were: — West Perth, 4.9; South Fremantle, 4.2. When McGarry goaled soon after the start of the third team West Perth led by 13 points, but again it fell into errors in attack and failed to score goals. It might have done better if it had not at tempted a long-kicking game. South Fre mantle played doggedly, although not bril liantly and its backline did a great deal of fine work. The West Perth defence also acquitted itself with great credit. There were long periods of play with no scor ing. Anderson left the field duringthe quarter, and Kenna replaced him. West Perth gradually wore its opponents down, and Dalziell sent it further ahead with a goal from a snap shot. South Fremantle could manage only a point, and the quar ter closed with the scores at: West Perth, 6.11; South Fremantle, 4.3. South Fremantle made a bid at the start of the final quarter, but the effort was not sustained, and West ♦Perth, playing with greater pace than at any time in the game, went, forward.. However, a point and three kicksout of bounds preceded the seventh goal, whicb-'was 'soccered' through bx McDiarmitL (South Fr«'tn''»t15 had

slowed down, but Jones gave it a fighting chance of a win when he goaled after, ten minutes' play. The team, however, was disorganised whereas West Perth played a short, systematic, game. McGarry kicked a phenomenal goal from an acute angle, but South Fremantle fought back, and Jones scored an equally remarkable goal. Dodd goaled soon afterwards, and West Perth led by only 15 points. Straying half-forwards lost it many valuable'chances and West Perth again broke through, to goal. South Fremantle* continued to play hard to the end, but West Perth had the greater stamina and pace, and con tinually beat back attacks. Gregg goaled and put West Perth 27 points in front, and the game ended with the scorea at: WEST PERTH ? 10.12 (72pts.) SOUTH FREMANTLE 73 (45 pts.) Goalkickers.— West Perth: McDiarmid (2), McGarry (2), Anderson, Dalziell, Flemming, Gregg, L. Walsh and Marinko: South Fremantle: Caratti (4), Jones (2), and Dodd. The West Perth centre-man, J. Morgan, handled the ball more than any player in the game, and achieved many fine' things. In defence, Tetley, O'Keefe and Benton played excellently, while Rainoldi was. an active, if somewhat ineffective rover. Others to do well were Marinko (a power in the ruck, and a solid place player), McGarry, Anderson (who played brilliantly until hurt), L. Walsh, and Booth, who.was playing hia first game for the club this season. South Fremantle was well served by Caratti, who roved well and kicked four goals, W. Smith (who was the best for ward in the side), Brown, E. Lawn, K. Miller and J. Doig, who had a spirited man-to-man tussle with Booth throughout the game, in which both players acquitted themselves with great credit.