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Weakened Subiaco Side Outplayed.

In adverse conditions Victoria Park' played comparatively good football to beat a sadly weakened Subiaco side at Subiaco Oval on Saturday. Victoria Park, after

the first quarter, was the superior side, its players combining better than those of' Subiaco and handling -the slippery ' ball more' surely. With the assistance of the wind in the first quarter Subiaco gained .a handy lead, but Victoria Park then went ahead and finished strongly. Without S. Daily, M. Green, Mackay, F. Brbphy and Browne. Subiaco could not make head way, although a few battled hard to hold the side together. In most cases Victoria Park took the ball away from the ruck, where Subiaco's- knocking out was strong but ' frequently misdirected. Following were the teams: — ? VICTORIA PARK. — Backs: Crooks, Brown, Dewar. Half-backs: P. Fitzgerald, Shepherd, Hungerford. Centres: H. Davey. H. Grigg. J. Ransom. Half-forwards: Pnddey,' Wilson, Hether ington. Forwards: Johnston, Gook, Keightley. Ruck: G. Davey, O'Callaghan, Lucas (rover). Nineteenth man: Warner (replaced Grigg in third quarter). - ' SOBIACO. — Backs: N. Snashall, Rodger, Straek. Half-backs: Brewer. Davies, McCallum. Centres: D. Ryan, Richardson, Bowe. Halffor wards: F. Daily, Mills. L. Toll.' Forwards: Mer son. J. Jennings, Kelly. Ruck: Roe, R. Toll, Smith' (rover). Nineteenth man: McQueen (did not play). UMPIRE. — F. Collins. There was a fairly strong wind blowing in the first quarter, but Victoria Park began well against it, Gook scoring two behinds. Then Subiaco made a move along Bowe's wing and from a free-kick Me'rson' scored a goal. Using long kicks Subiaco was able to recover from a dangerous situation and quickly .scored a goal from Jennings. Dewar was coming through vigorously in Victoria Park's defence and H. Grigg was shrewdly keeping to his posi tion in the centre,/where he led and passed well.. Subiaco added a goal when R. Toll kicked accurately but Jennings's next shot hit the post. Subiaco's backs had been playing fast football, but then Victoria Park broke through twice and scored two goals. From a free-kick Mersop goaled for Subiaco, which at quarter time held a lead of 4.1 to 2.4. Poor kicking prevented Victoria Park from finishing off its attacks at the start of the second term until Puddey scored a goal with an excellent punt from an angle. Subiaco pressed forward, but its forwards were crowding. the play and Wil son and Hetherington goajed for Victoria Park. One of the best passages of play during the game resulted in a mark and a goal to Gook. H. Grigg was doing the damage, in the centre and Roe was battling valiantly in the ruck for Subiaco. John ston scored a goal for Victoria Park and Jennings scored two goals for Victoria Park. At half-time Victoria Park led with 7.8 to 7.1. H. Grigg, who had injured an ankle, was moved from the centre and Puddey took his place. Up and down the ball travelled until Gook marked and kicked a goal. Victoria Park, winning in the ruck and on' the wings, was doing well and Gook scored another goal from a free-kick. Subiaco's forwards were weak' and in clined to misjudge the flight of the ball. At last Jennings goaled from a free-kick. Two more goals to Victoria Park gave it a lead of 11.9 to 8.2 at three-quarter time. The last quarter was played in fine weather. In turn both sides attacked without scoring, many of the players being out of position. When some of Subiaco's 'passengers' improved the ride made a more determined showing and Kelly goaled from a scrum. It was short-lived, how ever, for Victoria Park kept up a strong attack, allowing Subiaco to score only one more goal. The final scores were: — VICTORIA PARK .. 15.16 ,(IO6pts.) SUBIACO ? 10. 3(63pts.) Scorers.— Victoria Park: Gook, 5.4; Johnston, 3.3; Wilson, 2.1; Puddey, 1.1; Hetherington, 1.1; Warner, 1.0; Hunger ford, 1.0; O'Callaghan, 1.0; Lucas, 0.2; Keightley, 0.1; Dewar, 0.1. Subiaco: Jen nings, 6.2; Merson, 2.0; R. Toll, 1.0; Kelly, 1.0. For Victoria Park H. Davey, on the wing, was the best player, beating a good man in Bowe. Brown, was in good form in goal and until hurt H. Grigg was_ a power in the centre. Pu9dey was service able throughout and Keightley roved in an improved style. Dewar, Hungerford, Ransom, Gook, Johnston and O'Callaghan were the best of the others. Subiaco's leading player was McCallum, who was dashing in defence. The other half-backs, Davies and Brewer, were strong and they kept Victoria Park's score down. Jennings did not have an easy task and did well to score six goals. Roe was the side's best ruck man and he did not receive adequate support. Kelly and* Bowe were the best of the others, while D. Ryan was good in the early stages.