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East Fremantfe's Fifteenth Win.

.Before a disappointing attendance, East Fremantle met Subiaco at Fremantle Oval on Saturday, arid .was ,not pressed to gain its ^oth win. Subiaco

vas without Kogers and Bropby, but. Bant made his first . appear ance for the season..; East Fremantle's ruck— its weakest link— was further weak ened by the absence of W. James. Kings bury reappeared after !a long absence and showed fair form. ' To' curb Jams, Daily was unsuccessfully tried - at. half-forward. The experiment was not. repeated after half-time, when East Fremantle had the game won with a margin of five goals. ['hough it was somewhat below form East Freihantle's methods were vastly superior to those of Subiaco, which, showed few glimpses of form in .the third quarter. The teams were:— EAST FKEHANTLE. — Backs: Donegan, Woods, N. Doig.- Half-backa: O. Jameg.jJarH*. Munro. Centres: W. Doig, O. Doig, Taylor. Half-forwards: Truscott, Fordham, Kingsbnry. Forwards: Butcher, G. Doig,. Migro. Ruck: HartienKn, Mann, Mc Gllnn frover). Nineteenth man: L. Cowan (re placed O. Doig in eecona quarter). SOBIACO.— Backs: Davies, Snashall, Bant fclMwcks: Brewer; Green, McCallum. Centres: Maokay, Bowe, Taylor. Half-forwards: h. Toll, Jaily, H: Toll. Forwardsi Merson, Jennhigs, Strack. Buck: Brown, Hoe,. Smith (rover). Nine teenth man: McQueen (did not play). 'Umpire: F.Collins. . Indecision on the part of Subiaco's full jack line was mainly responsible for G. Doig Roalinp within two minutes of the star. Though Mackay on the wing, and Brewer at half-back were showing fdrm 'or. Subiaco, 'the .-remainder played I'in- fendr football. With a clever left screw shot1 G.. Doik- again goaled, Butcher «hu atirig the feat immediately afterwards. Subiaco's forward lines failed badlyibe 'ore the defence set up by Jarvis iand Munro: Bowe,- however, was playing riiost attractively at centre/ East Fremantle scored ;three further coals. --Bant shbrild have opened Subiaco's ,- goal account.tbut running on, missed the easiest of snots. 3e made amends three minutes' before time when the scores ..were:— East IFre maritle, 5.5; Subiaco, lJSi ..A fine kick by Kin^sbury increased East Fremantle's lead and much of the subse quent play was a .triumph for East Fre mantle's. combination. , Subiaco's . .team, work was poor, while occasional shots failed to yield even behinds. Another goal with the .left foot by^G-Dpie made. the. difference' six goals. A-!; small 'batch*' of Subiaco players were doing excellently.' Bowe' at , centre; «Mackay^ on the .wing,' Brewer at half-back, and Daviea were bnlr liant, but . ^the ^remainder 'played;'.iridiffei-T ently, arid Subiaco's only goal for the; quarter. was notched by Jennings shortly before half-time when the scores were:— East Fremantle, 7.7; Subiaco, 2.7. / In ?-tbe 'third quarter ' Subiaco made changes in olacings, Green changing over with Daily. Bowe, playing in great form, passed magnificently to 'the; half-forwards, who -.were iinvariabjy too slow... into the ball.-, . Strack. -.however. eoaled.-but.r.G.

Uoik and JButcner scored lor xabz ^re mantle. Butcher was'ahnost' as great a. danger to the opposing' side as G. Doig. Subiaco at last showed a -Httle combina tion, and two goals by: Jennings . bright ened a' drab, display of football 'by Subiacoi A goal by\ Donegan in the- last minute- of the term made the scores:— East , Fre*. mantle.'- 11.10;; Subiaco, 5.7. -,* ? G. Doig again goaled soon after the 8tar; of the last quarter. East Fremantle passed at will; its pace invariably eessioh of -the! ball. Butcher concentrated on passingtheiball to G.'Doig, but on one occasion was coriipelled to- shoot success fully, 'after loqMnR everprhere' for hw dubmate who was being closely shadowed. Subiaco could do nothing accurately, and four behinds were the only addition to its score. : . The final scores were:— EAST FBEMANTLE .14.16 (JOOpt»V SUBIACO .u .. .. ..4MI, jPlptsO., Goal-kickers:— East Fremantle: G. Dpig S, Butcher (4), McGlinri, Kingsbury and neiran. Subiaco: Jennings (3), -Stracfe and' Bant.- . , ?. . ' , , .- For East Fremantle, Jarvis was at his very best, and was the best man on the ground. - He was too clever and alert for Daily arid .Green in turn.} Butcher was a valuable ally to G. Doig, 'and others -who stood out were' Munro, Donegan.-W. XJoig arid McGlinn: ' ':? _ Subiaco's best player was Bowe. His foot passing was fast and true,' and his around p'-ay and elusiveness was of a higli orders Brewer came through; in powerful d:isheB ;at half-back, and ofliers who per formed well were Roe, Msickay, Davies and McCallum. -.