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Brilliant Play at Leederville

Playing flawless footballs during the greater part of the game West Perth over whelmed Claremont-Cottesloe at Leeder-   ville Oval on Saturday. Although it did

not encounter any considerable opposition, the winner displayed form surpassing that shown in any game this season. Its high- marking was as sure as it was spectacular and its foot-passing and handball was with out blemish.The kicking of Tyson, who scored 15 goals, served to round off a bril- liant exhibition of the game. West Perth took the field without Marinko and Rai- noldi. The teams were:—                   WEST PERTH—Backs: R. Dalziell, Benton McGucken. Half-backs: Tetley, P.Walsh   O‘Keefe. Centres: Drew, Morgan, Booth. Half- forwards: Green, Flemming, Anderson. For- wards: Grigg, Tyson, Kenna. Rucks: McGarry McDiarmid. L. Walsh (rover). 19th man: E. Dalziell (replied Booth in last quarter.)     CLAREMONT-COTTESLOE.— Backs: Oliver; Batt, Regan. Half-backs: Sheridan, Clarke, Hough. Centres: Morris, Lovegrove, Edmeades. Half-forwards: Farrant, Garside, O‘Reilly For- wards: Hilton, Boys, Steward. Rucks: Skinner, Growcott, Barham (rover). 19th man: S. Moloney (replaced Growcott in last half). Umpire: T, A. Oliver. West Perth found top form immediately and quickly scored two goals, Tyson kick ing truly on each occasion. Claremont-Cot- tesloe fought hard without system or suc- cess, its play appearing clumsy, against the accurate foot-passing and skilful handball of its opponents. West Perth made an   obvious effort to get the ball to Tyson as much as possible but, although, he scored four goals during the quarter Batt beat him in man-to-man duels. Claremont-Cottesloe was outclassed. With its ruck and centre- line as the driving forces West Perth   brooked no opposition. When Claremont went forward Benton turned it aside. The quarter ended with the scores at:— West Perth, 5.1; .Claremont-Cottesloe, 1.2.     Gaining greater pace, Claremont-Cottes-   loe did mich better at the opening of the second term, Boys and O‘Reilly goaling. West Perth lost a good deal of its accuracy of the first term and it lost several chances through absurd attempts to feed Tyson when a kick at goal should have been taken. A notable feature of the play was the phenomenal marking of Flemming who frequently rose feet above a crowd of play- ers. For the. greater part of, the quarter the ball, swung from goal to goal and Clareinorit-Cottesloe had an equal share of play. The West Perth ruck and centre- line deteriorated and it lost its accuracy at half-forward. It held the lead without difficulty, however, and was content to pursue a policy of kicking the ball to Tyson, no matter where he was or how he was situated. The West Perth forward in-     creased his total for the day to seven goals before the bell which rang with the scores at: West Perthm .9.4; Claremont-Cottesloe, 4.4.                         Returning to its brilliant play of the   first quarter West Perth soon ran to a 10-goal lead in the third term. Early in the quarter Tyson scored his eighth goal, but   soon afterwards he was moved into a pocket to avoid the attentions of Batt. He resumed his normal position later. Clare- mont-Cottesloe could make little headway although it broke through once and Oliver goaled.From a penalty a few yards from   the goal Tyson kicked his hundredth goal for the season and his team a lead of 75 points. The scores at the end of the quarter were West Perth, 19.17; Clare-   mont-Cotteslow, 5.4.                     There was little spirit in the play in the   last quarter when West Perth was ob- viously in an unassailable position. Tyson continued to increase his goal total, scor- ing his 13th off the ground and the next from a difficult angle. He kicked four goals in three minutes, his snap-shooting being remarkable. He excelled himself, but three attempts to send the ball to him failed   in the closing stage of play. Four minutes from time Tyson scored his 15th goal and the bell rang with the scores at:— WEST PERTH .. .. .. .. 27.10 (172 pts.) CLAREMONT-COTT. . .. 6.9 (51 pts.) Goalkickers.—West Perth: Tyson (15)   Kenna (4), Gregg (2), McGarry (2), Green, Anderson, Flemming and Drew; Clare-   mont-Cottesloe: O‘Reilly (3), Boys (2), and Oliver.                 Every man in the winning team con- tributed his share to the victory, but Flem- ming, who marked in astonishing fashiong all day, took pride of place.By his record- breaking feat Tyson earned a high place   and Benton was brilliant in goal. In the centre Morgan gave the team a marked ad- vantage but his kicking was indifferent at times. McDiarmid and McGarry dominated                      

the ruck. Others who stood out were Kenna, the Walsh brothers and Anderson. Hough, Clarke and Batt were again called upon to bear the brunt of the work for Claremont-Cottesloe and the first-named was the best player in the side. Clarke fought hard and, although overshadowed by Flemming played a satisfactory game.   Batt was brilliant in spasms, but Tyson’s goal-getting detracted from the Claremont goalkeeper’s display. In the first quarter Lovegrove played well and O‘Reilly was fairly good at half-forward.