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Rough Game at BauendeaH.

. A-dashinfc' centre-line— comprising Mosey, Grieve land Krepp-^and a powerful rucK were vtyal links in the Swan Districts team which;-'. won' comfortably from' South Fre

mantle on Saturday ,at. tne iJassendean Oval.';'For the most part, 'the. winners adopted, a. down-the-centre method of - at tack} which, aided by ;brilliant marking and accurate -kicking,' unsettled South Fre mantle. The manner' in which the Swan Districts forwards collaborated, however, demonstrated that the1 team has at last acquired some system. South Fremantle began .badly, demoralised by the superior marking and greater speed of its opponents, arid' though it appeared likely to rally at one stage in the second-' quarter, it was seldom within striking . distance. Unne cessarily rough play, marked 'the game- at times. The central umpire- allowed 'the players a- sood deal of liberty and it was fortunate ?that no players met with serious injury.. The 'teams were: — . SOUTH FREMANTLE. — Backa: Lancaster, Lawn, Bichardson. Half-backs: Hagan, Edgar, Brown. Centres: Miller, Back, Whitmore. Half forwards: Dodd, O. Jennings, IMggina. Forwards: Hugall, Jones, Matthews. . Buck: Ditchburn, Ro bertsob, Caratti.- Nineteenth man: Uetherall (did not' play). SWAN DISTRICTS.— Backs: 'A. Zllko, Hunter, Millwood. Half-back»: J. Zllko, Clarke, Ford. Centres:' Mosey, Grieve, Krepp. Half-forwards: Hunt, Forbes, Parks. Forwards: Jamleson, Gorn, Bee. Ruck: Penberthy, Mclnnerney, Sweetapple. Nineteenth -man:- Kail (replaced Hunter, injured leg,' in ' third quarter). .- UiCPIBE. — O. Gannon. i , Grieve' was prominent for Swan Districts and a delightful pass .to Forbes was cappec off with a goal. Soon after Forbes marked well and goaled again. Playing through the centre ^ Sweetapple arid Penberthy also kicked (foalp. Lawn; stationed in eoals, was an able defender for South ' Fremantle. Jamieson scored Swan Districts' fifth goal and twenty-two minutes of the quarter had elapsed before Dodd scored South Fre maritle's first' goal. At the end of the quarter Swan Districts led with 5.5 to 1.3. ..Swan Districts went further ahead on the resumption of play, but at the other end Caratti, Dodd and Jones collaborated to register South Fremantle's second goal. Playing magnificent football in the centre. Grieve, with great speed and accurate pass ing was responsible: for- two more goals. Gprn- scored another with a fine left foot snap. Diffgins, who was in fine' form, stead ied South Fremantle, and Dodd and Car atti both goaled. Just before 'the quarter closed Bee increased Swan Districts lead with a goal— 10.9 to 4.7. Fast and rugged football' marked the third quarter, but. any hope of South Fre mantle's rallying was dispelled when Sweet apple kicked truly. Dodd, however, scored a much-needed goal. After a period of even play Hunt goaled for' Swan Districts after a wonderful mark, and Dodd (twice) and Diggins kicked truly for South Fremantle.

Splendid system at the end of the term was rewarded with further goals' for Swan*' Districts which then ted--14.10 to 8.9. Tempers became ruffled soon after the start, of the final quarter and , the. umpire was ?; soundly ; criticised -by^ the ' spectators. Swan Districts showed fine stamina. Hunt, lall and' Mosey (limping,, and jilaying in front of _goals) scored goals in quick suc cession. South Fremantle's efforts, to score producedl-only points, .before Jones and jawn shot truly jupt before time. The final scores ,were:— £ ' : , - SWAN DISTRICTS' .: .. 17.13* (15 pts.) SOUTH . FREMANTLE . . 10.14 (74 pts.) Goalkickera.— Swan {Districts: Gorn, 3.3^ '?enberthy,' -3.1; *: Forbes, 2.2;' Hunt; -2.0; weetapple, 2.0; Jainipson, 1.2; Parks, 1.2: Bee, 1.1;. Hall, 1.1; Mosey, 1.0 ?? Mclnner ney, 0.1. South Fremantle: Dodd, -.5.1; Jones, 2.5; Diggins, 1.3; Lawn, 1.0; Car atti,1.0: Hasan, 0.1; RoWtson, 0.1; Mat thews, 0.1; Edgar, 0.1; Hugall, 0.1. Swan 'Districts' leading players were the centre. line men — Mosey, Grieve ''and Krepp -—all of whom were outstanding... Grieve, in particular, revealed polish; artistry .arid a teen sense of position 'play. Penberthy and Mclnnerney followed tirelessly, and Forbes, A:;arid J. Zilks, Sweetjapple, Hunt, Jamie son and. Parks, were. the best of an ex cellent remainder-. i ? Ted Lawn's marking in goals was the best on the ground, arid his kicking-in. and general defence -work; combined to make him South- Fremantle's finest player. Dig gins and Buck played: tirelessly and Dodd was the pick of the forward line. Hagan also did well. ? '.