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DO CLOTHES - MAKE THEl MAN? 9? A I We Believe Thit They Do ?/ ^QQ3 in ' ? %? -S Jm N^ ' /W.V make a great part of himi'aU in fact,.but his hands i Ail\\ M^A andface. jj /-^- ( \k^\ v Vv V V^Kll *^us* because £°°d appearance is sp important, we Iff E Vl| V^^Hfr' stress the need for Good Clothes — 'Good Clothes' j^B \)fer-v lv^Br and CHAS. CAIN'S are one and the same. ; ^^Kj^^^SX ^/^*4 If we can fit your fancy, we'll :easily fit your figure. ; , W^k^XwL At the Price .... £3/16/6 I fll fl \Wv\ I (Indigo Serge). |: IBjl gfaWF Men Who Appreciate the Value of \k iff JW ir«^ a Well-Groomed Appearance — I ^^S^__J^^^W^l£y'BH choose quality Tailoring because it embodies those j ji^$3^3S^^^^E^lH(/9 refinements of style and craftsmanship which mark ! (~f&J?§^^9HEssi!Lw!iV the clothes of a really well-dressed man. ! , ^gJf25S?K^. Fancy Worsteds ? £3/15/6 R-^|aiii/i^V^ (All latest shades). ! ^IJ ^f This is going to be a record year for Social Engage ^^B Ml ments — is your Evening Dress Wardrobe in good ^s^^C/ order? Dinner Suit ? £6/10/- (All Silk Lined). 136 WILLIAM-ST. between MURRAY an* WELLINGTON STREETS. Phone 5945. ! And 401 WELLINGTON-STREET (next Trouchet). ! COUNTRY CLIENTS WRITE FOR SAMPLES ? STATE MATERIAL AND SHADE REQUIRED - . ? ... ^ Its moments like these you need -^B- JtiINIIEul *lfo THE UNIVERSAL. SWEET Made ONLY by Jama Su&ntn— Headenoa'a Sweets Luf.,''S«t£tAcm.' Rowbety. N-S-tP. *nd Auckhnd.-'ftZ. Play LEXICAL and aU Ordinary Card Games with a Pack of 'COMBO' CARDS, the Only Combined Playing and Word-building Cards. ' Duuoing and ordinary card games. 'COMBO' CARDS cost only 2/ per pack at all the best Stores, Stationers, Newsagents, and Tobacconists. FREE INSTRUCTIONS Free Lessons in these new Lexical card games are being given to all purchasers of 'COMBO' cards at Boans Ltd., Perth; Charles Moore and Co., Perth; Foy and Gibson, Pty, Ltd, Perth; Woolworths, Perth. Agents for W.A. : G. WOOD, SON AND CO. LTD.

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