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South Ffemantle'iEaiy Wii;

^lfl1 a' game .^Ipcli p.rodu.oe4;|i'.u'ua£iBj&imZ' ardl. of »foatballi;.Si)'utl-?iFremantJe 1 -'easily; defeated Cfaterabiit-Cqttesloer\:KiL^:- tiitf Clare -uont Ofal' on ?Sat'dfdav./iri''Ifie%:nr&r

sence of. a very small crowdftPbor^flisposaL by Ckir'eriiout-Cott^eslqe;. told' .againsf it in the.fiist three qtj^rters.'wlrere^s.^ts op« pane'nVs a'{tempt8:at'systeoi eiiabled it to piic Su^) ? n cprfi'manding-;' leadic'V Although Clareir:ont-Cotteslop''sw'ept'aJl before it in jth'e final teiinj k&oring' nine goals to three, it'was-.a tbdlated recovery, and at the final bell^^oirth Fremantle still held an advan 'tag'efbf 49 points. The teams were: — 1:;^)UTHV FREMANTLE. — Backs: Back, Lawn, A; ? KicIiarVlson. Half backs: Geggie, Edcar, IJrown. Centres: Miller, White, Whitmore. HalJ forwards: Dcdd, C. Jennings, Mi'lherell. For vnirds: R. Ricliardson. Jones, Hugall. Rucks: Ditchburn, Diggins, Caratti. Nineteenth man Robertson (did not play). CLAREMONT-COTTESLOE. — Backs: ilottram. Batt, O'Reilly. Half backs: Garside, Clarke, Baker. Centres: Edmeades, Hough, Moloney. Hajf forwards: Morris, Oliver, Luke. Forwards: Farrant/ Skinner, ' Barham. Riieks:'. Growcott, Hilton. Steward. Nineteenth man: McCracken (replaced Edmeades in final quarter). UMPIRE.— T. Oliver. After scrambling play at the com mencement of the game, Jones opened South Fremantle's score with a goal from a long punt. R. Richardson repeated with a snap-shot. Fast football was played by both teams, but otherwise the game was, colourless. Eight minutes elapsed before' ClareYnontrCottesloe's first score- was posted -r-n- point from Barham— but atrocious kicking robbed this team of many likely scoring opportunities. Three more goals were ecored by South Fremantle before the end of the term, giving it a com manding; lead of 5.8^to 0.2. . A; great burst of scoring' by South Fre-. mantle «afly in the' second quarter de^ moralised Claremont-Cottesloe, which was then set the hopeless task of a nine goals deficit. A goal by Miller on the run, after a great dash from the centre, was a particularly praiseworthy effort. Claremont-Cottesloe was left standing when its opponent exploited the loose man, but after ten minutes had; elapsed- it Kurprisingly rallied' and kicked* six goals in 15 minutes — the result of systematic play, begun by Steward, Hough and Clarke. Rii'hardson, who was- kicking accurately, snored his fourth goal for South' Frf' mantle, and the term ended with his team ipading— 10.10 to 6.4. 0. Jennings played brilliantly, if ap parently ; lackadasically; .for1 . South : Fee mantle early in the' third quarter, ''arid- largely due to his poistion play at centre half forward, three goals were 6cored m as many minutes. Claremont-Cottesloe's only score for the quarter was realised when Skinner goaled from an acute angle. Caratti and Diggins were now playing ex cellently and -the former added more goals. At three-quarter ?time South -Fre-'. mantle held' the^ig lead of 19.18 to' 7:4r ' The final term was surprisingly in Claremont-Cottesloe's favour, the change of fortunes being largely attributable to the excellent goal-front work of Luke. He scored four of hie team's nine goals in this term — a splendid' performance for one playing in his first league game. -Claremont-Cottesloe was also. strong in the rucli. and though; South Freinahtle scored its 22nd goal before the match ended, one was laft with fhe impression that had Claremout-Cot^esloe struck form a little earlier it might have, worried S.oiith Fre:' m.autle. The final scores, were:—.

SOUTH FREMANTLE 22.20 (I52pts.) CLAREMONT-COTT . . 16.7 (IO3pts.) Scorers. — South 'Fremantle: , Caratti, 5.2; R. Richardsop,' 5,1'; , Jones, '4.4; Me therell, 2.3; Hugall, 2.0; Jennings, 1.4; Dodd, 1.3; Ditchburn, 1.0: Miller, 1.0; Diggins, 0.3. Claremont-Cottesloe: Luke, 5.1; Steward, 2.1: Skinner;' 2.0,; Farrant, 2.0:. .Hilton, 1.1;'; Morris,. 1.0; Hough, 1.0, O'Reilly, 1.0; Oliver, 1.0: Barham, 0.3. Few players on either side displayed bril liant form, but Caratti and Edgar were always prominent, and ? Jennings, Diggins, Back, Hugall (greatly improved), R. Rich ardeo'n, Metherell, Geggje and Ditchburn were a little ahead of the remainder. ' ' ~ Claremont-Cottesloe was best served by Steward, who roved cleverly and infused life into the forward', division. ..Hough, Luke (in the last quarter), Clarke, ' Batt, Garside, Oliver and Hilton also did well.