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East Perth and Snbiaco Draw.

When Subiaco realised in the last quar ter that it had a chance of winning and East Perth made desperate attempts to retrieve the nosition. the match at Subiaco

Oval became 'infused with, refreshing vig outvand dash, 'and in an exciting-- finish neither side was able to score a mere be hind which,- would have converted a draw into... victory.. With. East Perth treating^ the game with- almost ''leisurely unconcern1 and Subiaco not . having anything to gain or lose, the match was -not worth watch ing, in the first half , at the end of which East Perth held a lead of 1.5. The play brightened perceptibly in the third term and East Perth still, clung to a slender lead. For the first, 10 minutes of the last quarter East Perth : dominated the play, but finnicky short passing in the forward area enabled its ' oppbnent to retain a grip on the game: Suddenly Subiaco stir red itself and' before long East Perth found itself only one goal in front and then faced with the task of having to score t6'wjn. The ; play grew fast and willing and backs: on each side were hard pressed. U-The .-bell ended a. match, the excitement at ',the finish of which wa» bs welcome as it was unexpected. Fol lowing were the teams: — EAST PERTH.— Backs; M. Ryan, Bennett. Wood. ' Half-backs: ilatson. Little, R. Lawn. Centres: S Stiller, McCuUough, Guhl. HaU forwards: J; King, Dolan, Dempster. Forwards: L. Olivr, Crow, Gariiaut. Ruck: Tomicli. V. Booth. Screaish (rovir). Nineteenth man: Ward (did »jt play). SUBIACO. — Backs: Fisher,.: Rodger, Struck. Half-backs:' JJrewer, Daily, ? Davies. : Centres: :MacSy,. D: tRyan. J. Taylor- Half-forwards: H. Toll, M. Green, L. Toll. Forwards:. ..Merson, J. .Jennings', Kelly.-- Ruck: Roe. -Bant, O. Smith (rover). Nineteenth man: McQueen (replaced D. Ryan, injured thish, at three-quarter time). UJiriRK.— C. Cook. . Subiaco 'had the assistance of the wind and within . half a minute Merson gave it a-, goal: . East Perth' attacked strongly. but ite 'Jacking, was wretched. Guhl and Screa-igh'-were' nippy',~bil't' -duly'' behiirds were .scored. Subiaco's defenders. Davies and Strack particularly, were.iii-gcod form and Bunt was strong iii* '' tTie x-iick I' vvliil?' for East Perth Little. Lawn and McCul lough were very useful. After 21 minutes Screaigh goaled for East .Perth, which waf easily the faster ieau'i, aiid-Gdriiaut's ^oal gave the side a lead of 2.3 Jo 1.1. , .East -P-ei-th moved forward -the .start of 'the'-igecond 'terni.-b'uT'a b'eRiad was''/!' poorrreward' f oT^-the: -effort.' ? WlieivSmit4» and Jennings goaled Subiaco held the lead. Poor kicking and bad judgment spoilt the play, , althojugh .. D_o]an .saj Jaing, his _best.. fo -maTfe itvopen ¥ml eystehratic; ?StreaigJ; scored his fifth point before Booth kicked' a goal.. 'Daily. was beginning to mark well and Miller'- was 'strong 'on '.East Perth's Tight wing.' ? Flashes ' of 'toncerteH play were pleasing and East Perth scored two; more goals to Subiacojs onej' before half time, when the scores Were:— East Perth; 5.'9; Subiaco, 4.4. After the .interval forwards on each side were ' inaccurate and' East Perth's half backs maBte'red the Subiaco half -forwards. ?East-'PertlLlin'dreased its 'lead, to four goals, before Me_rsQn.7;kicked-- a- .goal. Screaigb' scored another goal for East Perth and .Subjacb \lo'6ked beaten. Its ...ruck was ^st'^ong, .however^ and Bant and' Green eaulr vsc6red a 'goal ' before the bell, when East Fefth^ lea- with '9.12 to .8.12. :' ' Crow's clever sci-ew-kick hit the post ani the.bSll was quickly taken, to the other end: by Subiaco and 'Jennings scored a goal. Screaigh scored a goal and East Perth- looked the superior side. Never ?theless, it' wasted scoring chances and when Subiaco rallied Roe goaled after tak-» ing a fine mark. Subiaco was only six' points -in arrears. The play was willing and' two players came to blows. Theu Dempster scored a valuable goal for East =Pertfe?i=FdreTn|?-his : way:^through~*fr-)nr ?the. bounce, Bant placed Green in possession of the ball and the latter ran through

determinedly to score a goal. Again Subiaco attacked and from a pocket' Kelly had a shot with his left foot and the ball rolled through for a goal. The scores were level and the players struggled vigor ously to score. Crow's kick was marked bj^Daily and East Perth was placed on ;the--Iefensive. Less than half a minute's -lay remained and Subiaco saved the situa ;t?6jjr|'./ The ;fipal scores were: — - JEAST:J?ERTH .... 11.19 (85 points) ;?3U?IAC0^ ; ^4 J2.I3 (85 points) : Scorers':— East'^-Perth: -: Screaigh, 4.7; Garnaut, 2.1;* Cr.owil'l^a-^/Bp^th, 1.0; Dolan., 1.0; .-Lawri, 1.0; ^Dempster. 1.0: J. King/ 0.3; -Oliyer; O^K^^Gtillough, 04; -? Sujjiaco- Jennings,' VAy:(*ij&ji;r%Q; Merson' 2.O.; ..Kelly, 1.3; Rowfri .lJy2.g'£.v 1.1; Smith,' 1.1; .Ryan.- 1.0; -Rv TolU-fi^-V i' -For East Pertli;Bittle','at cen^je^half back,:' was probably tlie ''bestj,pljyjer'i^l -though, like most' 'pfv.the-ro.fclfew-ihe Jiad his off moments. ; il. ?JRya(iti- fvt'as^rfeliablo ri a back Docket andvG'itW'Ssrdtrrioti. Tib

iwing. '?.' McCulloufdj; ? despite .-?avi. Knock-, .in: he i'first half, .was ;;'go6(l .'iat-';-centrej; -R,-;! '£aw.h made fe.w^.miatakfes; aijd^Mtlleif VSs -:' ppwer' on tlve '.r^tfwlftig.Ay'Giarpau^ rj,; £ing, :Crow, Dola.nv rBe'ri'hettj^sce'aighf andj BoQtli' were the hes^fif^thgfSbther^f ' }''- 'C. Subiabofs lea,4.^*-riayJr_%ai?Davies, /wlip; was.JTda6hinc;'}n; defence.- ??^BSi|iit-^anai.. Roe. iattlea- fhard'in' the -riidk; '^D.ajly^after;;- a' ^brfi^jstarit,^;marked:^.5ivd^;;'KiiskM;. . }?&?? ShTith*^rovea''v-3eveHy.:-at^^ stfiickS his' true foj-ni'in thfe)4ist''.i4uarter-' 'and others prominent wer§-Strac-k^Pis)j4iv Brewer - (in' flasjijis} aniri^BrSpp^^ r'--. -