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.West Perth Win. Comfortably.

Playin^.'^rellXwithiti»; itself, and applying: full , prefciipe-' only ; ^vhen fit'-'wais. absoliitely. necessary,'1' West* . PertJK ^a§' not;.troubleji o defeat1'' 'Swan DistnictB'. at ..Tipeder-villfl

Oval - on .iSatur,day. ?-. sThB-.Hpectatorftj were ? entertaine' |imes?. by^'TassaKel fffi.-ii$£-; celleht^Iayvandj-at.ottierftLby^tlie.car0ieV attitiide.5f some.'of -tfie .'players.; ;Swin. iDTs^: tncte^.figh.tin&,hard:'.in -a lo'sarfg '^ause^-'Ka.d ?' the. lnisfortune/'to Jofefi^e^etyices^ot^ti. ^ptaiH5:(Gj.-BeeJ;in the^WyrstaRei91-pf--thiei gVnp^-ItftTi'eVecojid' quarleF'he received; ?a^brcikietit.Tiofie- and *ji br()k^ri: rib1' and t'^is' aken-^pRihospital. ^A^otablevfqiiiuFfcVof ?.fche-eanigr^as'the kiQkihir-pf:E^rTy»$nt-whb? .scored ' nine'- goals.- .Thejftearn^ were:— '. '. .-WESTrPEttTH^BacJcs: SIcDiaTniul. ?' Bohton, McGutkin..;iHaU-back8: T(ft!(?r,-P. AVaUT--, (TK«-pff.: -enJre.g:vJDrewi,-;JIor!raui' Bimth-:iHiif,forVvardR:' GjeenJ.'Anae?«6n,- 3?Temninjg:.l'--:oVwarils':' L'. ^Valsli. jrson;-. Kenna. :Bucfc: ^Mjirru1ia,'--SIcOarrt.l;-kain9l-ii : ^rover).'-. Jfinetecri£t; nSif: Grog^'-f(r;;pl«pod jleH-': ton in-:last:'quart«r5, . ^ ..''.. 'V . '. ? ;.«.-' T^ SWAN 'DISTRICTS.— Backs: .As' ZUko/ ' i:il!' --ood, .Parnham,. .Half-bucks:; J. 5Cilk6--.-eiBik-.-; Joro,' XC^ntrej-; Jlosey/.' Grieve,. Kr.epp.v'HJilf prjyardsi: Thornton, Karbe^. Park.: .Forjvardi! Mnt,,iSlncJair, ,i*unie«5t)^ '?. *«ucli :' PeiibeHK v, iJHcInerhey;-Bee- Cro*Br^H!|ipeteeiifu''n]an : Btdom lalr- (wplace* Bee in\'Sfecibjia quarter). , .. ^?IJSIPIREr F:- Collins? -&-'': r. .:;.. :. ...;

xWest ' Perth attaclced'| from thie bounce^ -utwT)obr^ kicking :ntlllified Its.- efforte, two^ behmds Tesultinfe' -Af^Br'spme- scrrtniblihir )lay. in .which Bbth/teainssliincU^d the'bair badly. Swans penetra;ted- the -West PettbV defence, and.' Penberthy. ^ba-led,'''. West Perth followed .iwitn--tfgR5alr;frOin ;%rina'i ;hen repeated; fumblibK^dfvt^^iaJr^tii; the spectators' in a .state of hilarity Tor several minutes. Swan Districts took the )all into the (lanf:ef:zone. an'' Ben ponlwli rom a mark, but again West Perth went 'orward, and Tyson wae given-an'easv gnnl. The football was rugged but of -a low standard.' and West Perth missed somn easy shots. Anderson goaled. and Forbes scored for Swan Districts. Better p!ay by West Perth gave Anderson a. chnnre to coal, and 'the' quarter ' ended with th'f' scores at:— West' Perth. 4.8; Swan Dis tricts. 3.2. Anderson goaled for West Perth from a running shot soon after the start of the second quarter. The home team gradually found form, the forwards leading out well, and McGarry k;cked the ninth goal. Sin clair goaled for Swan District!? from a free jcick in front of goal, and a running shot jy Rainoldi rolled through .the-, posts: When Sinclair goaled for Swans West Perth was not ;gfeatly troubled, to retaliate, Tyson scoring. - He kicked a similar score a min ute later from an easy shot. West Perth was superior in nearly all parts of the field, and the spectators were finding more entertainment .than . excitement in the play. The ?half-time scores were:— West Perth, 12.12?' 'Swan Districts,' 7.4. Desultory play followed half time. West Perth slackened, and Sinclair scored his third goal. ' Poor kicking spoilt further chances for Swan' Districts; then some feeble thrusts by West Perth were capped by- an easy goal by Anderson, following a spectacular hitch mark and a smart snap shot goal by Tyson. Tame, uninspiring play followed, and Swan Districts took ad«; vantage of West Perth's lassitude to add two goals. West Perth was unruffled, and Rainoldi, encouraged the good humour of the spectators by finding the goals with a high kick over his head. A dull period followed, and at the end of the ' quarter the scores were:— West Perth, 15.16; Swan. Districts, -10.8: ;?? . - ' ? .-???;- ?? -Without unduly ? exerting itself; ? West Perth increased its score soon after the last quarter started, Tyson goaling. Swan Dis tricts fought with characteristic couraee. but West Perth's faultless foot-passing proved too much for it. Swan Districts made numerous vigorous attacks, from which Thornton and Park goaled. A little later-Tyson -added- his. eighth goal,- and Kenna posted:West Perth's l?th goal. With the result beyond doubt, a good deal of interest went from the game, and West Perth increased its' lead. Swan Districts never gave up hope, but was a well-beaten and a tired team at the final bell, which rang with the scores at: —

WEST PERTH .... ... 21.18 (144 pts.) SWAN DISTRICTS ... 13.13 (91 pts.) Goal-kickers.— West Perth: Tyson (9), Anderson (5). Kenna (4), Rainoldi (2), Mc Garry. lSwan Districts: Sinclair (5), Park (3), Penberthy (2), Bee, Jtfclnerney, and Forbes. . ... ? , - ? ? Roving or at full fdrward; Kenna- was a tower of strength for West Perth. He has found top form at an opportune time. Marinko and McGarry- dominated the ruck, and Tetley was outstanding in an excel? lent defence'. Tyson made 'the most of hia opportunities; and -Anderson again gave a polished display at half-forward. In only one department — the centre line -^was the' Swan Districts side Superior, afid Mosey,, on .the .wing,.was the best 'player in that, line and in the. team. Grieve and Krepp 'both did well, and Penberthy bat tled hard. . Park played coolly and effec tively, at half-forward, and Sinclair made .the. most of his 'few 'opportunities, of scor ing. ? ? '?- ? ' ? '-? ' . -? '