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; East Fremantle's Decisive Win;

Expectations of high-class football drew an improved attendance to the Fremantle Oval on 'Saturday, when Victoria Park fSiled badly in the last half against East

j^remantie ana was decisively beaten by 9:7- While its condition lasted, Victoria Park played attractively and effectively, and its .lead of, 3.1 at. quarter time was well deserved. Once East Fremantle had developed scoring and team-work, Victoria Park slowly weakened, and as a result it found itself 11 points in arrears at half tune. x The last half was dominated by East_Fremantle, whose play in open order, stamina, and fing_passing more than coun ter-balanced' a' splendid ? and -continued effort by Puddly, H. Grigg, and H. Davey across the; centre. Victoria Park made no impression on East Fremantle,- whose main objective was again the passing of the ball in the direction of 6. Doig, who kicked three goals in each of the first1 terms and four in the last— another great effort. The teams, were:- — liEAST FREMANTXE.— Backs: '. Martiensen, Woods, K.. Doig: ' Half-backB: C. J^tt'es,' Jarvik Munro. Centres: W. Doig, C. Doicr, Taylor. Half forwards: Mifrro. Fordham. Truscott. Forwards: Butcher, Q. Doiff, Rcynoldg. Ruck:W. James, G.- ,Mann, McGlinri (lover). Nineteenth man: Donepan (did not play). ?'? ?? ?-??i:-. .VICTORIA, PARK.— Backs: Robinebn, Crooks, Johnston. ? Half-backs: Warner, Shepherd, Fitz gerald. Centres: Puddcy, H. Grigp. H. Davey. Half-forwards: , Dewar, Ransom, Hetherington. Forwards: A. ' Grig's, Gock,. Lucas. Ruck: G. Davey, O'Callaghan, -Keiehtley ''. (rover). Nine teenth man: Cooper (replaced. Shepherd at half time). . .... r UMPIRE.— G. GANNON... JBo'th sides attacked- alternately,- but cohesion was lacking- and backs proved too strong;- for 'forwards on level terms. Robinson, for Victoria Park, and Munro, fqr East Fremantle,- 'were outstanaing in repelling attacks, with Johnston also pro minent. East Fremantle failed to display the slightest superiority over Victoria Park while G.'Doig was held in check, and five: minutes elapsed before Reynolds . scored East FremahtleV first point. A smart pick-up., by G- Doig, however, opened its goal tally. Victoria Park scored, a goal through the agency of O'Callaghan, , and the scores were level. East Fremantle's attempts at passing for the most part went . astray,- and;.its 'attack broke unexpectedly in the full forward pockets. A wretched kick by Shepherd presented G. Doig with his second goal,- but this waB1 balanced /by a' goal from Gbok. From this point. 'Vic toria Park was the better Bide,\and was led on by G. Davey; H. Davey, Keipthtley and Gook: Victoria Park's high marking was excellent, Jts ground play surer and faster, and at quarter time it led with 6.4 tn 3.3_' : .

^.Playing with better combination. East F/emantle rapidly reduced its deficiency, goals byMigro/ Truscott and G. Doig re sulting from weaknesses creeping into the play of Victoria.. Park's backs. ' Victoria Park, weakened considerably, despite the. speed of H. Grigf? and Puddey across the. centre, the sterling work of Warhpr and Robinson ; in defence, and a determined display of roving by Keightley. East Fre mantle, headed by McGlinri and Truscott. however, , added five goal* from a like number of shots and ran to . a two-goal lead. Victoria Park rallied, and goals by Ransom and' Gook made the position in teresting' at half-time, the scores being: — East Fremantle. 9.9; Victoria Park, 8.4. ?Piiddey and Robinson played strongly for Victoria Park on resumption, but the loss of Shepherd was quickly felt. The football continued to be fast and willing, and East .Fremantle's lead was reduced to three points when Gook marked at close range. Victoria Park's light brigade— Euddey, Lucas, and Keightley— was giving great service-', and. only , slightly. Jess effec tive-vrereiT'it&erSld; Jbh'nsfpn'anTTCfller' inston. '^GtfBoy^soo^i^ttWe^Vict'oMa Park's hopes with a great mark against heavy odds, and another goal by him made the ;scorea iM-grfe, 10&ffls,E^Llr^mgP.Ugk Goaling -immediately. East Fremantle hastenedv^.the demoralisation .. of, Victoria; Park. Its cTjiefiinfefei? in:^.th-! igamr centred ijn-the-increaB'nDK-- of G. D6ig*s score.. Reynolds, Butpher. McGlinn-and Truscott sent an passes low and fast,, and the; pace of G^D^o'ig^did t^e rest:/ East Fremantle -assumed the offensive a't every Donnce ,and Victoria. Park's stamina was visibly weak%n!ng. . afaSWngr 'clearTy. G: Doig gainedtihany-'fSvpurabT^'ppportunl*1 ties to score;.:vHis t'allvj!was-a«p{mented'.by four goals, sandi) tbiee- Koak:.' locked' by; Migro and Butcher ^wiErfed the';$nishSg effort of Vi^pria;'Pai:k.;.w]bose: pnljc rs^ot £0E'«$? ,Jeri^ -^-X ,cpavertea. info a 'goal by; O'Callagtfanf 'The final- scptes. were:^ JEAST FREM ANTLE?20Jl'5 (I35'pts!f. ' VICTORIA . PARK „ .-. 1 1.8 (74pts.). Gbal-kickers':— Easts^rerifintler'iG: Doig (13), -Butcher (3);5tigrb'(2): and Truscott ml Victoria Park: Gook.(5),O',Callaghan (2), Hetherington, Keigbtley, Lucas, and Ransom. :. ?? . ''? ? - East Fremantle's best player was Ford ham, who played dashing, determined football at centre half:forward, where he was. opposed in turn by powerful players in - Sliepherd^d^J^eyald^siMiinroa^raTf him dose' in 'the' easier position of half ltack, where Jarvis and C. James were in

excellent form. W. Doig was the best , of a centre line which was not strong, 'and others prominent were Martiensen (a much improved player), G. Doig, Rey nolds, Truscott and McGlinn. Victoria Park was best represented by ?Warner at half-back, where his reliefs were consistent and solid. Robinson ;aridr Fitzgerald, notwithstanding East,,- J-Ffe-1. mantle's heavy scoring; -played capabiyf ins defence. Victoria Park ??yfatp well: served' across the centre' vby i'HitJ Gngg'^Jguddey, and H. Davey,. and- otKers^ftenr^nder ntf^ ice were G. Daveyjr:;G.ook,^Ke1ghtley^ 'and jucas. ' '-. ??' '-'J;\-- z:.f '.'?'. '??*..??