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East Fremantte Beats Claremont.

Dominating the ruck, almost impreg nable in defence and systematic in attack, East Fremantle easily defeated Claremont Cottesloe at the Claremont Oval on Sat

jrday by 56 points. Hodden turr and a rreasy ball affected the play of both teams, but a fair standard of football was pro luced. East Fremantle's display was fur ther proof of its all-round strength, while Claremont-Cottealoe's lack of coordina tion, especially in attack, was again empha sised. No doubt the sureness in handling the. ball, keen sense of position play and straight-ahead style of East Fremantle's iefenders had much to do with Claremont uottesloe's ineffective ground play. Amid Seld Claremont-Cottesloe more than held its own, and in man-to-man contests the teams were fairly evenly matched. How ever, some of East Fremantle's champions, such as Jarvis, Taylor, McGlinn, C. James ind G. Doig, were outstanding. Clare uont-Cottesloe was severely handicapped when its fine centre half-back (S. Clarke), who was being tried out in the centre on Faylor, was compelled to leave the field in the opening minutes, with a bruised wrist. Ehe teams took the field as follows: — EAST FREMANTLE. — Backs: Prosser, Woods, ?. Doig. Half-backs: O. James, Jarvis, Trott. Centres: W. Doig, Taylor, Truicott. Half -for- wards: Migro, Fordham, Martieoson. For wards: Reynolds, G. Doig, E. Doig. Ruck: W. Tames, Mann, McGlinn (rover). Nineteenth nan: 8heedy (replaced Migro during final quar 'cLAREMONT-COTTESLOE.— Backs: Lyon, Satt, Dingwall. Half-backs. Edmeades, White, Kichardson. Centres: Boys, Clarke, Hough. Half-forwards: Garside, O'Reilly, Maloney. For wards: Swain,' Skinner, Lovegrove. 'Ruck: Oliver, Giles, Steward (rover). Nineteenth man: Mor ris (replaced Clarke, injured -wrist, in first quar ter). UMPIRE, — F. Fuhrmann. Sweeping rain at the commencement of play rendered it difficult for either team to break away in the opening stages, and 12 minutes elapsed before Martienson, fol lowing clever play by Taylor and McGlinn, opened the scoring for East Fremantle with a goal. Reynolds goaled soon after ward*. East Fremantle was almost con tinually in attack, and another systematic forward move resulted in a goal by George Doig. Claremont-Cottesloe's attempts to score were generally nullified by. the de fence work of Jarvis and C. James. Maloney. however, managed to kick his team's first point after 20 minutes' play, and just before the bell Steward reduced the leeway with a goal. East Fremantle then led with 3.2 to 1.2. A further scoreless period followed dur ing the early part of the second quarter, but Steward snapped a point for Clare mont-Cottesloe. W. Doig was playing dash ing football on the wing for East Fre mantle. He sent the ball forward, and from a long punt kick, G. Doig scored a fine goal. Batt was defending excellently for Claremont-Cottesloe but G. Doig eluded him and snapped bis third goal. Fordham, Reynolds and McGlinn were fine players for East Fremantle which now dominated the play. Just before half tune Truscott 'socce'red' another goal, giving East Fre mantle a further lead at the close of the quarter with the scores at: — East Fre mantle, 6.7; Claremont-Cottesloe, 1.3. Lovegrove collaborated with Skinner on the resumption of play, and from an easy position the latter punted Claremont Cottesloe's second goal. The wind fav oured Claremont-Cottesloe, and with a little system in attack it might have re duced the deficit. Time and again, how ever, Jarvis was the stumbling block, his fine marking and elusive ground play be ing frequently applauded. When W. James punched the ball to Fordham East Fre mantle's seventh goal resulted. At the other end Morris kicked a goal off the ground after mulling a simple shot. From a free kick G. Doig scored his fourth goal, and at three-quarter time East Fremantle was well ahead — 8.6 to 3.4. An East Fremantle player was penalised for holding the ball at the start of the last term, and from the free kick in front of goal Skinner scored ClaremontCot tesloe's fourth goal. Jarvis and C. James, however, upset further ClaremontCot tesloe attacks, and when the ball was sent to the other end G. Doig again goaled. Gilbertson and Batt temporarily stopped East Fremantle's rushes, but Truscott and Fordham each scored a goal and the game ended with East Fremantle still in attack. The final scores were: — EAST FREMANTLE .. 12.13 (85pts.). CLAREMONT-COT ? 4.5 (29 pts.). Goalkickers. — East Fremantle: G. Doig (5), Reynolds (2), Truscott (2). Fordham (2), and Martienson. Claremont-Cottesloe: Skinner (2), Steward and Morris. Jarvis was the outstanding player of the match. Stationed in his customary posi tion at centre half-back, his sureness in handling the ball, high marking: turning and long kicking repeatedly upset Clare mont-Cottesloe's forward play. C. James and Prosser were other fine East Frpmantle back men, and Taylor and W. Doig won easily across the ce'ntre. McGlinn aud Reynolds roved excellently, as usual, and G. Doig, Fordham and Truscott collabor ated neatly in attack. Claremont-Cottesloe's goall^ eper, F. Batt, acquitted himself ably in the diffi cult task of watching G. Doig, and was frequently applauded for his full-chested defence rushes and sure marking. Ding wall and Gilbertson were other useful back men, and Hough, O'Reilly and Lovegrove were thp hest of the otliprs.