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A Hard-Fought Match.

Fielding its best team for several weeks South Fremantle avenged an earlier defeat -y Victoria Park by winning by a goal at

rarK iouna a dimcuity m nnding adequate substitutes for Hungerford, H. Davey, and Wilson, and under the circumstances put up a meritorious performance against a club that plays exceptionally well on its home ground. A weakness in Victoria Park's attack was obvious in the first quarter, when it was favoured by the wind, and five goals in succession during the second term paved the way to South Fremantle's victory. The last half was keenly fought, every inch of ground being hotly contested. The football was fast, vigorous and clean, and the teams were evenly matched. Ditchburn and Caratti were large responsible for South Fre mantle's recover}' during the last quarter, when a great effort extricated the side from a losing position. The teams were: — SOUTH FREMANTLE. — Backs: Back. Lawn, A. Bichardson. Half-backs: Hagan, Edgar, F. Brown. Centres: J. Doig, White. Miller. Half forwards: Smith, Diggins, Dodd. Forwards: Jones. Jennings, Mathews. Ruck: Ditchburn. Robert son, Caratti (rover). 19th man: R. Richardson (replaced Hagan in third quarter). VICTORIA' PARK.— Backs: Crooks, A. Brown, Bell. Half-backs: Fitzgerald, Shepherd, Wor mald. Centres: A. Grigg, H. Grigs, Ransom. Half -forwards: Johnston. Dewar, O'Callaghan.

Forwards: G. Davey, Gook, Keightley. Ruck: Warner, Puddy, Lucas (rover). 19th man: D. Brown (did not play). Umpire: T. Campbell. Assisted by a strong wind, Victoria Park began well but was slow to obtain a definite result. Eschewing the short pass, and concentrating on the long kick. Victoria Park's ? first goal was registered by Keightley. South Fremantle was un questionably the more vigorous side and a clever screw by Mathews equalised tin scores. Victoria Park failed to shake South Fremantle off and again the scores were level— 2.1 each. The marking of Fitzgerald for Victoria Park aud the all round ability of Ditchburn in South Fre mantle's ruck were the outstanding fea tures of the play. Victoria Park gained something like its true form. Gook, how ever, missed three chances in succession,

but atoned with his next shot, and a fur ther goal by Johnston enabled Victoria Park to lead at quarter time by 4.4 to 12. South Fremantle corrected the fault of short-passing and Mathews goaled with a long punt at the start of the second term. Jennings, playing in the forward line, Bcored with a long shot, and when lathews goaled shortly afterwards South Fremantle led. Victoria Park was failing again, and the wind and further goals by Jennings and Caratti placed South Fre mantle in a strong position. During a rally by Victoria Park, in which H. Grigs figured prominently, Lucas goaled and made the scores at half time— South Fre mantle, 7.5; Victoria Park, 5.10. With a view to strengthening its attack and gaining a winning lead. Victoria Park placed Johnston, at full-forward in the third quarter, Gook going to centre half forward. Victoria Park's ascendancy in the air at this stage was offset by South Fremantle's better and faster ground play and Victoria Park was again slow in taking advantage of the wind. TDitchburn's fine ruck play and dashing roving by Ca ratti gave South Fremantle a marked ad vantage and a goal by Jones followed. Fortunately for Victoria Park, Fitzgerald marked consistently well in defence. John ston, who was now in great form, scored two fine goals, enabling Victoria Park to lead by two points, and the lead was in creased by G. Davey to eight points at the last change when the scores were: — Victoria Park, 8.15; South Fremantle, 8.7. In the opening minutes of play of the last quarter, H. Grigg's brilliance and straight runs troubled South Fremantle whose occasional short passes were diffi cult to understand. They had in Ditch burn and Caratti, however, the players of the match, and both were at their best in South Fremantle's bid for victory. Caratti, roving, seemed always in posses sion, and goaling, levelled the scores. An other fine goal by Johnston once more gave Victoria Park the lead. Full of dash, and steadier, Victoria Park appeared likely to win, but a wonderful set of exchanges, easily the best of the match, in which Back, Miller, and Jennings participated, enabled Jones to score what proved the winning goal, despite a gallant attempt by Victoria Park to draw level before the Sell. The final scores were: — SOUTH FREMANTLE 10.17 (77pts.) VICTORIA PARK . . 9.17 (71 pts.) Goalkickers.— iiouth Fremantle: Mathews (3). Caratti (2), Jones (2), Jennings (2) and Dodd. Victoria Park: Johnston (4). Keightley, O'Callaghan, Gook, Lucas and G. Davey. For South Fremantle, Ditchburn, played one of his best games, and was the side's finest player. In the ruck, his high marking, agility, and general cleverness exerted a powerful influence. Caratti, roving and placed, played brilliantly throughout,' and was the best player on the ground in the last quarter. Others prominent in South Fremantle's colours were: Lawn in his new role of full-back, Diggins, Miller, J. Doig, Edgar, Back, Robertson and Dodd. H. Grigg was the outstanding player for Victoria Park with fine dashes and fault less ground play. P. Fitzgerald's high marking vied with that of Ditchburn. Shepherd improved after the first quarter, and was well supported by Wormald in defence. Others who ranked above the remainder of their club mates were War ner, Puddy, Lucas, Dewar, Keightley, Johnston and A. Grigg.