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Following several weeks of consideration of the relative worth of players in the eight clubs of the West Australian National Football League, the selectors

of the State team (Messrs. L. Ryan, S. J. Snow and S. F. Jeffery) met on Saturday   night at the conclusion of the twelfth   set of premiership games and chose 23 players, from whom teams will be formed   to meet South Australia in two matches.   The first will be played at Perth Oval   on Saturday and the second at Leederville Oval on Tuesday of nest week. Every   club is represented in the selection and   C. M. B. Jarvis, the brilliant East Fre- mantle half-back, who is captain and playing coach, has been appointed captain, with A. Shepherd (Victoria Park) as his first lieutenant. The names, heights and weights of the players chosen are given below:— Height. Weight. ft. in. st. lb. C. M. B. JARVIS (E.F.), c. 5 10 11 9 A. SHEPHERD (V.P.), v.c. 6 1 13 10 G. DOIG (E.F.) 5 8 10 6   W. JAMES (E.F.) ...... 5 9 13 6 R. McGLINN (E.F.) 5 7 10 6   W. TAYLOR (E.F.) 5 7 10 8     D. WOODS (E.F.) 5 10 11 9     D. CRONIN (E.P.) 6 0 11 11         J. GUHL (E.P.) 5 6 10 2     V. BOOTH (E.P.) 5 8½ 11 6 H. SCREAIGH (E.P.) 5 5½ 9 9     G. LITTLE (E.P.) 6 2 13 1   J. T. ANDERSON (W.P.) 5 10 12 4 P. WALSH (W.P.) 5 11 11 4   D. MARINKO (W.P.) 6 0 13 5   P. FITZGERALD (V.P.) 5 11 13 2   A. GOOK (V.P.) 5 10 11 0     F. MERSON (Sub.) 5 11 11 9   S. DAILY (Sub.) 6 2 13 7       J. BOWE (Sub.) 5 9 10 7   J. DITCHBURN (S.F.) 5 11¼ 13 3   S. CLARKE (C.-C.) 6 1 11 2     H. FORBES (Sw.D.) 6 2 13 5   Any player who is not available for either game must notify the secretary of the West Australian National Football League (Mr. W. Orr) by 5 o'clock this afternoon.   It is noteworthy that two regular goal-   sneaks, G. Doig and A. Gook have been   chosen, as is the case with the South Aus-   tralian team which includes Farmer and   Munro. Farmer has been a leading goal- kicker in South Australia for several sea-   sons while Munro is at the head of the   list this season, he having scored over 60 goals in the last ten games. It was officially announced on Saturday night that the selectors had not chosen several players whose physical fitness was uncer-   tain, owing to their suffering from in- fluenza or from injuries. The names of those players were not disclosed. In the   match against East Fremantle on Satur- day, S. Clarke, the Claremont half-back, injured a hand, but he is not badly hurt and will be available for the big games.