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Subiaco Beaten in Good Match.

Playing fast, systematic football charac terised by brilliant high marking and foot passing, West Perth defeated Subiaco com fortably at Subiaco Oval on Saturday. It

was a splendid game, for Subiaco, although overwhelmed to a certain extent, made a

clean, hard and, at times, heroic struggle. Subiaco played a good deal of clever foot ball and, although beaten, contributed a considerable share to the game which, from the spectators' point of view, was a notable contest. Weakened 'by the absence of Bowe, who has an injured ankle, Subiaco played with great spirit, despite disheartening inaccuracy in the forward line and might have won against a team playing other than the faultless football of its opponents. The teams were: — SUBIACO. — Backs: Davies, Strack, Ryan Half-backs: Brewer. Daily, McCallum. Centres: Mackay, Green, Taylor. Half -forwards: R. Toll, Richardson, L. Toll. Forwards: Merson. Jennings, Kelly. Ruck: Roe, Bant, Smith (rover). Kineteenth man: Fisher (replaced Bant in last quarter). WEST PERTH.— Backs: Dalriell. Benton, Me Gnckin. Half-backs. Tetley, P. Walsh. O'Keefe Centres: Drew, Anderson. Booth. Half-forward: Green, Flemming, Kenna. Forwards: N. Me Diarmid, Tyson, L. Walsh. Ruck: Marinko, McGarry, Rainoldi (rover). Nineteenth man Gregg (did not play). UMPIRE.— F. Collins. Within seven minutes of the start of play, after a period of even football, Tyson cleverly eluded two opponents to goal. West Perth was slightly the faster and its foot passing ' and hand-ball gave it a marked advantage in combined play, but it was unable to score. Subiaco was simi larly indifferent in the forward area. Re ceiving a penalty close in, Richardson goaled for Subiaco. Again the team pressed forward but the strong West Perth half back line was impenetrable. West Perth played brilliantly in the closing stages of the quarter. Tyson and McDiarmid goaled and Subiaco jeopardised its chances by over-indulgence in short passing. West Perth was 15 points ahead at the bell — 3.5 to 1.2. Although the pace was fast and the play spirited, there was some fumbling by both teams in the opening minutes of the third quarter. Subiaco held its own but its scoring was limited owing to faulty kick ing. Jennings twice missed and it was only after several minutes' hard battling that Merson 'soccered' the ball through. For a quarter of an hour Subiaco was easily the better team, being faster and surer than its opponents. Merson again goaled and West Perth led by only six points. Rainoldi kicked West Perth's first goal for the quarter after 17 minutes' play. Subiaco persisted but brilliant de fence work by Benton, allied to Jennings's poor kicking, hindered it. After a series of attacks, characterised by good high marking, McDiarmid goaled and the quar ter ended with the scores as follows: — West Perth. 5.11; Subiaco, 3.4. Goals by Kenna and Rainoldi sent West Perth 33 points ahead a few minutes after the third term started, and although Rich ardson scored for Subiaco, West Perth held the upper hand, its advantage in the ruck being marked. It was also the better in the air. Anderson, too, gave it a big advantage in the centre and dominated the play throughout the quarter. Goals by Tyson, N. McDiarmid, Rainoldi and Flem ming placed Subiaco in a bad position and West Perth clapped on pace in an effort to make the game safe. Subiaco rallied but only to hold off West Perth attacks. Gathering in a mis-kick, Kelly marked and scored Subiaco's sixth goal but Tyson kicked a similar score with a remarkable snapshot. Subiaco was overwhelmed and when Kenna and Tyson goaled again. West Perth had scored 11 goals in_ the quarter which ended with the following scores:— West Perth. 16.16: Subiaeo. 6.5.

Playing well within itself, West Perth maintained its lead early in the last quar ter, but Subiaco did not give up hope despite its hopeless position. After play ing poorly for three quarters, Flemming found form in the air and gave necessary stiffening to the West Perth forward line. Goals by Daily (2), Jennings (2) and Merson resulted from a spirited rally by Subiaco and almost throughout the quar ter it pressed forward, led by Green, who had turned the tables on Anderson. West Perth, however, won without difficulty, the final scores being: — WEST PERTH .. 19.18 (132 points) SUBIACO ? II. 7 (73 points) Goal-kickers.— West Perth: Tyson (5), Flemming (4), Rainoldi (3), McDiarmid (3), Kenna (2), Drew and Walsh. Subiaco: Jennings (3), Merson (3), Richardson (2). Daily (2) and Kelly. Although suffering from tonsuitis, Marinko played a big part in West Perth's victory. He followed tirelessly and was excellent in the air. Kenna and Rainoldi were efficient rovers and the Walsh brothers rendered valuable service. Others to do well were McGarry, Benton, Tetley (a solid, consistent defender), Anderson (who was the best player in the game in the third quarter) and Drew. Subiaco was well served by many play ers, of whom P. McKay was the best. He sent the team into attack time and again. Green emerged with flying colours from a closely-contested duel with Ander son in the centre and Smith roved cleverly. Brewer, Kelly and R. Toll (three young players) pulled more than their weight and Davies again played faultlessly in de fence.