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East Perth's Strong Finish.

Bustled by the robust tactics of the Swan Districts players during the first three quarters, after which it was 17 nnints in arrears. East Perth made a

wonderful rally at Bassendean on Satur day, and, scoring 8.8 to nil in the final term, won easily by 39 points. Disap pointing for the most part in the early stages, East Perth gave indications of striking its best form later, and when this was produced in the last quarter, a more polished display could not have been de sired. Swan Districts' cruder methods then proved ineffective against a team exploit ing the loose man to advantage. The third quarter was marked by unnecessarily rough play. The teams were: — EAST PERTH. — Backs: M. Ryan, Bennett, Ryschen. Half-backs: Matson, Lawn, Wood. Centres: McCullough, MUler. Guhl. Halffor wards: J. King, Dolan, Wood. Forwards: Cronin Crow, Oliver. Buck: Dempster, Booth, Screaigh (rover). Nineteenth man: Orr (re placed Cronin in last quarter). SWATS DISTRICTS.— Backs: A. Zilco, Reilly, MUlwood. Half-backs: J. Zilko, Clarke, Ford. Centres: Mosey, Grieve, Krepp. Half-forwards: Hnnt, Forbes, Park. Forwards: Jamicson, Sin clair Bee. Buck: Mclnnerney, Penberthy, Broomhall (rover). Kineteenth man: Per ham (replaced Mosey in third quarter). UMPIRE. — T. Campbell. Three minutes after the start Sinclair goaled for Swan Districts, and Oliver snapped a point for East Perth. Pen berthy brought the ball back again and Sinclair scored his second goal with a running angle shot. East Perth's poor passing spoilt ite attempts at system, al though in play amidfield it kept pace with its opponents. However, in a determined rush at the end of the quarter Mclnnerney (twice) and Forbes scored goals in quick succession. Swan Districts then led with 52 to 0.3. „ ^, . Slow disposal marred East Perth s play early in the second quarter, but Screaigh, with an accurate running shot, and an other goal after fine play between J. King, Oliver and Cronin, reduced its lee way. East Perth had improved consider ably, Screaigh. Bennett and Wood show ing out. Mclnnerney scored a valuable goal for Swan Districts, but Cronin equal wed with an easy shot. East Perth missed several opportunities until Oliver, receiv ing from Guhl, scored a goal. Sinclair, just previously, had run in to score a goal for Swan Districts. Swan Districts had scored 7.6 to 4.5 at half time. East Perth levelled the scores in the first ten minutes of play in the third quarter, after a magnificent effort Dempster goaled from a mark in front. Oliver scored a goal with a running drop-kick, and Cronin followed with another. When it appeared that East Perth, having struck its best form, would establish a commanding lead, Swan Districts unexpectedly rallied, and scored three goals just before the bell. East Perth's leeway was then 17 points^ — 7.11 to 10.10. Playing brilliant football by exploiting the loose man, East Perth wiped out its deficit in the space of five minutes. Guhl. Oliver. Screaigh. Dolan and Dempster were ? in attack repeatedly, and a succes sion of goals was produced. In spite of A. Zilko's excellent defence. East Perth scored 8.8 to nil during the term. The final scores were: —

EAST PERTH ? 15.19 (IO9pts.) SWAN DISTRICTS . 10.10 ( 70pts.) Scorers. — East Perth: Cronin, 3.4; J King, 3.4; L. Oliver, 3.3; Dempster, 22. Lawn. 1.3; Screaich. 1.2; Crow, 1.0; Orr, 1.0; Miller, 0.1. Swan Districts: Sinclair, 3.3; Mclnnerny, 3.0; Forbes, 2.0; Park, 1.1; Grieve, 1.0; Hunt. 0.2; Jamieson, 0.1: Broomhall, 0.1; Penberthy, 0.1. Most of East Perth's players showed their best form in the second half, but three players— Screaigh. Oliver and Ben nett — were prominent throughout. When roving Screaigh provided the forwards with countless opportunities, and Leu Oliver, playing -his first game with East Perth, gave an outstanding display at right full forward. Keeping well out of the goalmouth, his was an object lesson in position play, and East Perth attacked throueh him. Bennett had little to do in the final term but was a reliable goal keeper earlier. Cronin (although limp ing). Dempster. Miller. Gnhl (second half). J. Kine. Wood, McCullough and Lawn were also good. A. Zilko was a brilliant defender for Swan Districts, particularly in the final quarter, and Grieve again gave a clever exhibition in the centre, his swerving and turning being very fine. Jamieson battled hard, and Penberthy, Bee. -Park, Sinclair. Mclnnerney, Millwood and Hunt also did well.