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Easy Win for South Fremantle.

A mere handful of spectators attended at the Fremantle Oval on Saturday when Claremont-Cottesloe was outplayed by South FremantW and finally7 beaten by

an equivalent or i».l% ooutn fremantle s first four shots resulted in four goals, and throughout the game it met with so little organised opposition was able to work into positions from which errors in shooting were almost impossible. Clare mont-Cottesloe's defence lines allowed South Fremantle unusual latitude, and Us general weakness ? made South Fre mantle appear a team of champions. At one stage in the second quarter South Fremantle had converted nine scoring shots into eight goals. Claremont-Cottesloe's poor kicking amidfield, .however, made an adequate attack unattainable. Its. best football was played in the. second and third quarters, but the side .finished as badly as it began, and was outclassed in the last quarter, when South Fremantle scored seven goals to two. The teams were: — SOUTH. FREMANTLE. — Backs: Whitmore, Lawn, A: Richardson. Half-backs: Hasan, Brown, Lancaster. Centres: .1. Doig, White, Miller. Half forwards: Smith, Diguins, Dodd. Forwards: Jones, Jennings, Farmer. Ruck.: R. Richardson, Robertson, Caratti (rover). Nineteenth man: Metherall (replaced J. Doig at three-quarter time). CLAREMONT-COTTESLOE.— Backs: Buzzard, Gilbertson, Giles. Half-backs: Baker, White, Lovegrove. Centres: Boys. Hough. Edmeadra. Half-forwards: S.- Moloney, Garside, O'RoiJly. For wards:' Steward, Skinner, Oliver. Ruck: Prior, Growcott, Barham (rover). Nineteenth man: Morris (did not- play). UMPIRE: F.; Collins. Three marks to South Frentantle from the. bounce culminated in Jennings goaling within a minute. Momentarily Claremont Cottesloe relieved the pressure, but such was South Fremantle's superiority in the air and in ground play that* Claremont Cottesloe seldom handled the ball. South Fremantle met with very weak opposition, and as a result its combination was per fect and three goals were scored from as many shots. Occasionally, Claremont Cottesloe crossed the centre, but Lawn, heading a batch of reliable defenders, Jiad little difficulty in preventing Claremont Cottesloe from scoring until South Fre mantle's score stood at four to nil. O'Reilly at last opened Claremont's account with a goal, and Steward emulated the example soon afterwards. Claremont-Cottesloe missed the easiest of marks. South Fre mantle, however, was particularly sure in every department of the game and but for falling into the error of short passing, must have gained a much greater lead. South Fremantle corrected the fault and kicked over long distances with a fair degree of accuracy. Diggins scored the fifth and Caratti the sixth goal before the quarter ended with South Fremantle lead ing 6.1 to 2.2. For a time in the second term Clare mont-Cottesloe held South Fremantle at bay with greatly improved high marking, farmer, was roving with fine speed for South Fremantle, and Dodd, who was un guarded, goaled. followed by another from bmith— the best goal of the match. Hard football by Claremont-Cottesloe was re warded by a goal froni Prior, but its kicking generally was little above junior standard. As a result of a fine drive by O'Reilly, who was one of the few play ers who were prominent for Claremont Cottesloe, Skinner scored the fourth goal for his. side. A fine pass by J. Doig re sulted in _a goal by Caratti ; but Growcott replied with a similar score for Clareinont Co«,tesloe. At times Claremont-Cottesloe's forwards played fairly well, but the kick ing was much below standard. At half time South Fremantle led 9.3 to 5.8. On the resumption the exchanges fav oured Claremont-Cottesloe, and Sfewam forwarded to Skinner, who soaled. South Fremantle's form had deteriorated, and Garside found an open goal. Hough (in improved form). Growcott and O'Reilly worked hard to improve the position of the side. Claremont-Cottesloe failed to play its opponents sufficiently close, and a chain of marks by South Fremantle ended with a goal by Caratti. Assisted by numerous free kicks. South Fremantle widened the gap and two further goals made the scores at three-quarter time: — South Fremantle. 12.4; ClaremontCottes loe, 7.11. Goals Ly Smith and Farmer rendered Claremont-Cottesloe's position hopeless. A goal by Steward failed to rally Claremont Cottesloe which was soon outclassed. South Fremantle added five goals with scarcely a mistake in shooting. Towards the end of the term Stpward managed to get through the cordon of South Fremantle backs to score his third goal. South Fre mantle again forged ahead and a fine goal by Miller ended an exceedingly poor game. The final scores were: — SOUTH FREMANTLE. 19.8 (I22pts.) CLAREMONT.-COTT. . . 9.13 ( 67pts.) Goalkiekers.— South Fremantle: Caratti (4). Jennings (3). Jones (3). Smith (21. Dodd (2). Hawaii. Farmer. Miller. R. Rich ardson and Dijjgins. Claremont-Cottesloe: Steward (3). Skinner (2), O'Reilly. Prior, Growcott and Garside. South Fremantle's best players were White (centre) and Miller on the left flank. White proved too strong for Hough, while Miller showed remarkable

speed and courage. Lawn and Hagan were steady and' reliable in defence, while other prominent players were Smith, Dig gins, Dodd. Farmer ? and Cai-atti. Claremont-Cottesloe was best, served by O'Reilly. Growcott, WhHc and Garside'. O'Reilly stood out in' attack. Growcott( followed ^strongly -'against odds, with White' outstanding in defence, 'where Oliver played finely in the last quarter.