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East Perth Defeats Subiaco.

: Lasting just long enough to hold off its opponents in' the last few seconds of play, East Perth beat Subiaco by a point at Subiaco Oval on Saturday. In the first

half the game was poor and the standard of play did neither side any credit. After hall-time both teams infused_ spirit into their efforts. East Perth partially elimina ted a marked advantage Subiaco had Held across the centre and was able to take the lead but Subico rallied and was at tacking when the bell rang with East Perth a point in front. Following were the teams: — EAST PERTH. — Backs: M. Ryan, B. Ryan, Wood. Half-backs: Lawn, Bennett, Matsou. Centres: Leeder, Cronin, JlcCullough. HaJf forwards: J. King, Dolan, Dempster. Forwards: Mather, Crow, Gatson. Ruck: B. Rryan, Booth, Gamaut (rover). 19th man: Orr (did not play). SUBIACO. — Backs: Davies, . Rodger, Strack. Half-backs: SnasbaU, Richardson, McCallum. Centres: Mackay, Brewer, Bowe. Half -forwards: Green, F. Brophy, ? Ryan. Forwards: L. Toll, Jennings, Kelly. Ruck: Roe, Browne, Smith (rover). 19th man: R. Toll (replaced Brewer in last quarter). Umpire: F. Fuhrman. ? For seven minutes East Perth invaded the goal, but could score only two points, but when Subiaeo broke away Green goaled. The play was poor, members of both sides scrimmaging around on the ground for long periods. Subiaco was the faster but was beaten in the air and its forwards were subdued by the oppos ing backs. Jennings goaied for Subiaco and Crow for East Perth. East Perth, after a good deal of muddling, broke away and Dempster scored its second goal, giv ing East Perth the lead at the bell with the scores at: — East Perth, 2.6; Subiaco, 2.1. ? East Perth found a little of its true form at the opening of the second quarter and Dempster, after marking well, goaled from a difficult angle: The team held a marked advantage in the ruck, where B. Ryan was a power, and Leeder added its fourth goal. It was only after several unsuccessful forward moves that Toll goaled after receiving a ball punched from a scrimmage. A minute later the same player kicked truly and East Perth's lead had been reduced to five points. A run ning shot by Smith went straight and Subiaco. having scored three goals in four minutes, regained the lead. For almost a quarter of au hour Subiaco hammered at the goals. East Perth stood up well under the bombardment, missed chances giviug very necessary breathing spaces, but Kelly goaled twice and Subiaco led by 10 points. Mather goaled for East Perth, but Su biaco again went into attack and' Brophy kicked trulv. At half-time the scores were:— Subiaco, 8.6; East Perth, 6.8. Subiaco twice . missed excellent chances of scoring at the start of the third quar ter and it fell to Kelly to score the ninth ?roal. but in a second East Perth had coaled again. Roe goaled on the run for Subiaco. East Perth was strong in the air and from a brilliant mark Lawn goaled, Subiaco then leading by 11 points. Subiaco faltered and East Perth again went forward, Gaston goaling. Subiaco clapped on more pace, but it was obliged to fight tootli and nail for East Perth threw itself into the yaine in characteristic

vigorous fashion. A mistake by M. RyanJ let Subiaco through and Toll kicked his* third and. the team's eleventh goal. Eas^j Perth rallied and B. Ryan marked ovefc, a crowd of players and goaled. East Pertfe; was in the ascendancy, but Subiaco re-£ gained, its ten-point lead when SniitbT goaled, but a similar score by Dolan and;* a goal by Lawn placed 'East Perth agai£ ahead. At the close of the quarter, the* scores were: — East Perth, 12.13; SubiacoT* 12.10. « Goals by Crow and B. Ryan soon after- the start of the final term gave East PertlC a lead of 18 points, but L. Toll goaled and* Subiaco rallied, but East Perth's defence; kept it out. Subiaco persisted and Rpe£ after l'.iarkiug brilliantly, goaled. Easfr Perth then led by only one goal and pla&j became rough. From the bounce the ball went -forward and Dolan found himself iijf possession in front of an open goal. He. scored, but hard fighting on Subiaco's part' was rewarded when Jennings kicked thi£ fifteenth goal. Seven minutes from time seven points separatedthe teams. At two* minutes to go East Perth held its lead bnf Roe gave Subiaco a fighting chance when he goaled. Subiaco again went into attaclg but the bell robbed it of victory. The final scores were: — ^ EAST PERTH ? 15.18 (IO8pts.) « SUBIACO ? 16.11 (IO7pts.) J Goalkiekcrs. — East Perth: Lawn (3), Do* Ian (2), Dempster (2), B. Ryan (2), Cnng (2), Mather (2), Leeder and Gaston. Su biaco: L. Toll (4), Roe (3), Kelly (3)f Jennings (2), Smilh (2), Green ancT Brophy. ??; The best player on the winning side* was its captain, R. Bennett, who played, dashingly at half-back and who was re-j' markably steady in the critical last quar ter. Matson was little behind his skipper Dempster at half -forward played eifecV tively throughout and marked well, _and» Garnaut played with great speed and spirit'.' Others to do well were Crow, Cronin, BV Ryan and Lawn. Subiaco had the player of the match ia Jack Bowe who, with Mackay, gave Su* biaco what might have been a winning advantage aniidlield. Bowe's ground play and footpassing were equal to his best and his marking was some of the best in the game. Mackay was excellent and L. Toll played effectively at half-forward. Others' who were outstanding were Green, Rich ardson, Strack, Brownie (brilliant in tug air at times and Kelly (a fine type of young player).