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William Charles Wentworth, Australian statesman, who founded the University of Syd ney in 1862 and who was the

father of responsible government in Australia, was born in Norfolk Island on October 26, 1793. Helmuth von Moltke , German soldier, who commanded the Prussian armies during the wars against Denmark and Austria and the German armies during the wars of 1870-71 against France, was born on October 26, 1800. Joseph Aloysius Hansom, Eng lish engineer and inventor of the hansom cab, was born at York on October 26, 1803. Vasili Vereshchagen, Russian historical painter, who sought to spread pacifist ideals through realistic paintings of the horrors of war, was born on October 26, 1842 Sir Neville Rodwell Wilkinson, English, artist, whose most re markable work was Titania's Palace, which he commenced in 1903, and which was opened by Queen Mary in 1920, was born at Highgate on October 26, 1869. The war between Italy and Abyssinia, arising out of con trary interpretations of the Treaty of Uccialli by which Italy claimed suzerainty over Abyssinia, and during which the Italians were de feated at Adowa, was terminated by the signing of the Treaty of Addis Ababa on October 26, 1896, whereby Italy recognised the com plete independence of Abyssinia. Although Italy had not yet en tered into the Great War, Italian naval forces occupied Avlona, in Albania, on October 26, 1914. Ludendorff resigned the com mand of the German forces on the Western Front on October 26, 1918. On the .same day. Profes sor Heinrich Lammasch accepted the office of Chancellor of Austria Hungary on condition that he be allowed to negotiate a separate peace between Austria and the Entente Powers.