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New Plane's First Mission.

KALGOORLIE, July 10.— Carrying Dr. A. B. Webster, of Kalgoorlie, the new Fox Moth plane of Goldflelds Airways. Piloted by Mr. A. Whlthnm loft ir.imvn^

lie at noon today in response to a mes sage from Madura station, about 50 miles west of Eyre, close to the old overland telegraph line, that the manager of the station (Mr. W. CDonovan) was dan gerously ilL The plane also carried a stretcher so that, if necessary, the patient could be brought back to Kal goorlle. The machine reached Rawlinna, which Is 230 miles from Kalgoorlie along the trans-Australian railway line, at 2 p.m. and after refuelling, left for Madura 20 minutes later, arriving at the station at 3.40 pjn. The distance to the station from Kalgoorlie, via Rawlinna, is ap proximately 350 miles. Late tonight- no word had been received at Kalgoorlie of the plane having enmmepwn its re turn journey. Preparations have been made at Kalgoorlie, however, for a night landing ; The Fox Moth was flown from Perth to Kalgoorlie this morning by Mr. G. W. Lewis and shortly afterwards he handed It over to Mr. Whitham for the trip to Madura. This Is the first time that the plane, which has a cruising speed of 105 miles an hour, has been used in the service of the flying doctor scheme. The scheme now has two planes and two pilots at its disposal.