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BROOME, Jill/ 18. — Pearling units are re ported to De doing- exceptionally well. Mr. X'rttl Etvrett's two hand pump boats working off Manin-ove Point raised 3&cwt. 191b. of first

ckuis shell iti one week. Pearlers are of tho opinion that the recent cyclonic dixturbunce liaa disturbed the bottom thereby exposim? many ol the b^ds. The Federal and State grants to the industry have not yet been made avail ablc, resulting in much inconvenience. — On the evening of July 11 Sirs. -LocKe of the Continental Hotel entertained about 100 guests at a party given in honour of her two sons who are spend ing a short vacation with her. — A surprise party to Mr. and Mrs. Fielding, who leave on the next trip of flic Koolinda. was held at their residence on the evening of July 12. Upwards of seventy guests enjoyed a, most pleasant even ing, the proceedings terminating in the small hours of the morning with the singing of Auld Lang Syne. — A two-day cricket match was commenced on Saturday afternoon between the Tenders and the Divers. The present position is Tenders all out for 120, while the Divert; liave lost one wicket for 40 runs. MV. Sam Male, whilst batting, was unfortunate enough to be struck over the eye from a rising ball. He was conveved to the hospital, where Dr. Vickers inserted three stitches in the wound. — Mr. Ber nard Bardwell has taken over the position of Fisheries Inspector whilst Mr. Ferguson is away on leave. — The transfers have been approved of Constable J. Burke of Broome to Port Hedland jnd Constable Lee of that centre to Broome. — Departures on the Koolinda on July 17, were Mesdames Fielding. George, Pryor, and Messrs. Fielding, Locke. Ferguson. Mckenzie and Bishop Frewer. CARNARVON, July 20. — Mrs. Cailes, Girl Guide Gommissionet, who nas been on a visit to the guides here, left by the Kangaroo on Monday for Perth. — -On Sunday last. West Car narvon had an overwhelming victory over East Carnarvon in the game for the football premier ship series by 20.8 to 3.9. The former team now leads by one game. — In response to an urgent appeal to the Health Department, Mr. Nordgard, X-ray expert, arrived by plane last Sunday to attend to the X-ray plant at the hospital which has been out of order for aome time. It was urgently needed to enable the, doctor to diagnose several cases. It has no*1 been put in order. — The Kangaroo on July 16 loaded 1,128 bales of wool and 2.694 sheep for Fremantle. She also shipped 515 cases of bananas, 142 cases of beans and tomatoes and five, cases of pineapples for the southern market. — On Saturday last the associates of the Car narvon Golf Olub played off the last of their qualifying rounds for their championship, those qualifying being Mosdames Hammond, Horton, Angel, Cattermull, Chenery, Chidlow and Lamond and Miss Reilly. The semi-finals will' start today. During last Saturday's play Mrs. Chenery was the winner of a trophy presented by Mrs. Chidlow, and a ball trophy for the best score on handicaps for the day was won by Mrs. Cattermull. — On Friday last, at the Presbyterian Manse, Hiss J. Vasse, of Cot tesloe. was married to MV. Lindsay Skipworth. — A half-caste boy was brought into hospital from Mia Mia at 1 a.m. on Tuesday. He had a fall from his horse on Monday morning, and the trip out and in with a car to bring him to hospital, a distance of approximately 280 miles, was covered over a very rough track in 12 hours. He sustained a dislocated shoulder and had his left arm broken. — Measles is still pre valent among the juvenile population of the town, but no serious results have been reported. — Light showers fell yesterday, but all ap pearance of rain, which is badly .needed in the district, has passed off and the weather is cold and bright. — Work in connexion with the erection of a new Roman Catholic church is pro ceeding satisfactorily. The old building has been practically demolished, and the actual erection of the new one will be commenced in a few days. — Mr. F. Pelrce, Patrol Padre of the Australian Inland Mission arrived from Perth overland on Tuesday evening. — The local campaign in connexion with the Youth and Motherhood Jubilee Appeal has been launched. The quota for Carnarvon has been set down as £50. DERBY, July 17. — The Kangaroo lifted 606 bullocks, made up of 200 Leopold Downs, 204 Jubilee and 202 Brooking Springs, also 243 bales of wool (Noonkanbah 146 and Liverings 07) before leaving for south on the morning of July 11. Messrs. D. McLarty, TV. Jordan, R. Barkle and J. Stevinson, were passengers. Dur ing the loading of the cattle on the Kangaroo, Mr. Ray Russ bad the misfortune to have a bone broken In his left hand. — Mr. W. ('Bul- locky') Johnson, one of the best known and oldest identities of the district, died last Thurs day morning at the age of 83. — Mr. and Mrs. Coverley, who arrived from Broome per car early last week, left on Friday morning for Hall's Creek. — There was a. good attendance at the euchre tournament and dance held on Saturday night last, to assist the library funds. Miss M. M. Ah Chee and Mr. J. Wright were the prize winners in the euchre. — The Minderoo arrived at 1 p.m. on July 14 and discharged six bales of wool packs and loaded 883 Gogo bullocks be fore leaving at midnight for Port Hedland.— Passengers on the northbound plane on Tues day morning for Derby, were Mrs. Lyons and Miss G. Rose from Broome. — Eighteen heifers, for Streeter ' and Male, Broome, were landed from the Koolinda, which arrived yesterday afternoon. Before departure 821' bullocks were loaded, made up as follows: — Kimberley Downs, 153; Leopold Downs, 97; and Teeda. 71. The Misses N. Shortland-Jones and F. Bottle (who have been spending a holiday as the guest* of Mr. and Mrs. H. Godbehear, at Myroodah) and Mr. Hut chins joined the vessel. ONSLOW, July 19. — The Kangaroo arrived here on July 13 from her trip north and picked up 398 bales of wool. — The Kybra called here on July 14, discharged 16 tons of general cargo, and picked up 359 bales of wool. — The Gorgon dropped anchor at daylight on the morning of July 17. She discharged 83 tons of general cargo, 20 piles for the jetty and one motor truck. She picked up 42 bales of wool and 33 cases of mother of pearl shell for London. PORT HEDLAND, July 18.— The Port Hed land Swimming Club held a successful danee at which the trophies won during last season were presented. — The sisters at the Australian Inland Mission Hospital have completed their term of service and have received advice that the reliev ing sisters will arrive in August. — The social committee of the hospital met and the treasurer presented the financial statement which re vealed a substantial credit balance. The meet ing agreed to utilise the credit for furnishings. — Father McKay has been conducting regular services and left by the plane for Carnarvon.— Archdeacon Simpson is in town awaiting the ar rival of the Bishop of the Korth-West. They intend visiting the parish, covering some l;000 miles. — It is understood that Mr. Alt Lamond has sold his interest in the Pier Hotel to Senator Johnson, who- has appointed a manager to con trol his interests in Port Hedland. — Mr. M. Ped ler created, a record for the local golf course, making the eighth hole in one stroke. — The local Cricket Club is having difficulty in arranging Sunday matches owing to conflicting interests. There is a suggestion that Saturday afternoon may be more convenient. — By arrangement the local Post Office is being closed on Saturday \

.afternoons. — About 4,000 bales of wool are awaiting shipment. — The West Australian Trus tee Company is offering for sale certain town blocks. — ^Station owners are complaining of gates being wilfully left open and the Road Board in tends taking action. ROEBOURNE and COSSACK, July 18. — A most enjoyable programme was carried out at the Vic toria Hall on July 13, when the Station Peak Entertainers amused a large audience with songs duets and humorous sketches rendered by Misses Pearaun, Hall, Holt, Koblett and party. Miss McCarney accompanied the artists at the piano. A subscription in aid of the local hospital was taken up and amounted to 48/. — The Minderoo going south on July 17 loaded 3*20 bales of wool, and Miss Robinson, who is going to Pyramid Station, disembarked. — Passengers to book for north on the Gorgon on July 16. were Messrs. Blythe, Orr and Stephens. The Gorton discliarged 51 tons of general cargo, seven tons of chaff and 15 loads of timber, and took on 188 hales of wool from Balla Balla. Seven extra quality rams were also discharged for Mr. H. G. Meares, of Warrambie station, from the Bruce Leake stud. — Mr. and Mrs. Leslie were among the passengers to come ashore and are going to Karatha station. A parcel of 26 cases of mother of pearl was loaded for London from Messrs. J. and F. Muramats. — A meet ing of the Roebourne and Tableland Vermin Board was held on July 18, when accounts amounting to £09 were passed for payment and a vermin rate of one penny per 1,000 acres was levied. — Hammersley Eta tion will cut out on July 24 and the 'shear- ing team will proceed to the Hooley. where they will start on July 24. — Mt. Welcome and Karatha are still shearing. — Mr. Barker, Inspector of Landing Grounds, and party passed through en route for Hedland. On inspection, the pro posed all-weather landing grounds on the Roe boume-Pt. Samson-road and on the Andover-road, was not acceptable to him, hills being too close to the ground for the Ions runs required by the planes in n.*-\ Raised runways on the present landing ground are being favoured. — A cricket match between the Karatha shearing team and Roebourne. played on July 14. resulted in » win for Roebourne. — Influenza and severe cold- iire still hanging about although perfect wea (her exists with ' warm days and cool nights. — The need for rain is beinc severely felt in the [m.wtonil areas, especially on the Tableland, where very light scattered summer rains fell.