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William m. died on March 8, ,1702, from- the effects of a fall from hto horse.

William Dampier, the buccaneer, who subsequently held a commis sion hi the Royal Navy and was' the first Englishman to explore the * western- coast of Australia, died- in London on March 8, 1715. Giuseppe Mario Crescembinl, Italian writer and most influential literary critic of his day, died, soon after becoming a Jesuit, on March 8, .1728. Karl Ferdinand von -3rafe, German surgeon, who. was superin ^tendent of German military hos pitals during the Napoleonic war, and who Is regarded as the father of modern plastic surgery, was born at Warsaw on March 8, 1787. Hans Frederick Gadow, the Anglo-German zoologist who lec tured on zoology In the Univer sity, of Cambridge, and who spe cialised in amphibia and reptiles, was born in Pomeranla on March 8,1855. ' Severe hurricanes in north Queensland on March 8, 1899, caused the loss of over 40 pearling luggers and other vessels, and the death of over 200 people. On March fe, 1915, a seripus political crisis' occurred in Greece, when M. Zaimis declined the task of forming a Cabinet, while the Greek Parliament and people de clared In support of M. Venizelos, who had resigned office as Pre mier because of King Constan tine's unwillingness to declare war cm the Central Powers as an ally ofvthe Triple Entente. On March 8, 1916, the French repulsed a great German infantry attack west of the Meuse in the region of Bethincourt, and a French air squadron consisting of 18 machines dropped 124 bombs on the Meti-Sablon railway sta tion. — - On March 8, 1918, during a Gotha raid on Paris, 13 persons were killed and 50 injured.